Top 10 Scary Abandoned Hospitals – Part 2

What’s up top 10 fam hope you’re having
an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video. Doing this video is going against the very
fibre of my being you guys, if there is one thing or trope i hate and am scared of more
than anything it is abandoned hospitals and asylums. They creep me out on another level and so
do all these stories, but i have put my heart rate aside to host this video so please please. If im going down, im taking all our viewers
with me lets go, these are the top 10 Scary Abandoned Hospitals – Part 2. Starting us off with number 10 is The Trans-Allegheny
Lunatic Asylum. Located in West Virginia, the beautiful estate
opened up in 1863 and was originally meant to house 250 but ended up housing close to
2500. The asylum was problematic from day 1, i mean
it had a separate wing just for black people. Like ? either way by 1881 it was disastrous,
the hospital was infested with patients, rooms meant for 1 now housed 4 or 5 people, the
farm and dairy couldnt meet the demand of so many people and patients soon began to
starve and their mental conditions declined. The patients were uncontrollable, they wouldnt
listen to the staff, most wild patients were actually locked up in cages to save space
and save the staff. When investigating the hospital, a reporter
found a body cooler open with a body inside, they found patients sleeping on the floor
and freezing due to lack of heat. Sanitation was at an all time low, by the
time the place closed its cemetery had been expanded to 666 acres to make space for all
the dying people. When visitors go there now they can feel the
rage, they can feel the bad energy in the air, the asylum was abandoned and nothing
was removed from the inside so it looks exactly as it did. Ripped wallpaper from the patients, visitors
have even seen the wallpaper peeling off in front of their eyes. Screams and howls from different wings of
the building, cages rattling like someone was taking their anger out on them. It was a lot. Coming in at number 9 is Old Changi Hospital. This one legit just looks like the set of
the horror movie of my nightmares. Crumbling corridors, peeling walls, the abandoned
hospital located in Singapore was built way back in 1935. It was used for the British RAF and when they
withdrew 7 years later, the Japanese used it as a prison camp for British soldiers and
anyone they deemed to be ‘anti-Japanese’. Its said the Japanese secret police had their
base there and were known to be ruthless, many prisoners were tortured tirelessly till
they died. Some say they used to impale the severed heads
of prisoners on stakes and put them out in public. It was bought in 2006 to be turned into a
resort but that fell through. Some say it was because of financial troubles
while others blame it on the hauntings. Visitors have heard screaming on the property
and seen shadow people during the night and the day. Some have even seen the apparitions o bloody
soldiers walking through the hall and the creepiest one for me the ghost of a little
boy that just sits and stares into the distance. A movie was shot in the hospital and the cast
and crew said they heard loud noises and voices and saw a floating woman with a black aura. Groups that go in there tend to have a member
disappear and when they reappear they all tell the same story. They were following another member away from
the group to a desolate part of the hospital when a figure would tell them they should
never return. Upon exiting the hospital that member would
disappear completely. At number 8 we have Beechworth Asylum. Located in Victoria, Beechworth was surrounded
by 106 hectares of farmland making it self sufficient for one but also extremely isolated
2. And it was very very easy to get put into
Beechworth, all it took was a signature from a doctor saying you were unstable and in you
went my friend. If you went in there, chances are you stayed
in there till you died. Only a third of the patients actually got
out. Physicians who worked at the hospital always
spoke about brutal treatments, very troubled patients and no hope of escape for anyone. It opened in 1867 and during its 128 years
of being open, around 9000 patients died on the property. Treatments involved isolation cages, straight
jackets, restraint chairs, lobotomies and electroshock treatments. People who go there have seen the ghost of
a young girl who tries to communicate with you in any and all means possible, theyve
seen the ghost of nurse Matron Sharpe in the halls. The Grevilla Wing where the electroshock therapy
took place is especially creepy, visitors report feeling icy cold in that area and that
a woman was pushed out of a window in that ward because another patient wanted her cigarettes. People have reported seeing her body on the
ground where it fell all those years ago. Others have heard children laughing, one visitors
son was found talking to himself and when asked who he was talking to said James a little
boy that lives at the asylum. Filling our number 7 slot is The Athens Lunatic
Asylum. Contrary to popular belief this one is located
in Ohio not Athens Greece. It opened its doos in 1874 and housed violent
criminals, children, war vets etc, and performed lobotomies on the daily pretty much. It was known for lobotomies and that is not
a good look. A lot of employees were trained to do these
kind of procedures but a lot werent. The asylums first ever patient was a 12 year
old girl with epilepsy who was thought to be possessed by a demon. Im so glad our mental health knowledge has
developed this much so that doesnt happen anymore. The asylum itself was beautiful yknow it had
gardens, livestock, a dairy, it was like a retirement home, not a hospital. All patient and staff information was kept
strictly under wraps and it stayed mysterious like you cant access any information about
who was there unless you file paperwork with the state of Ohio. 1930 people were buried on the property but
if you thought you could find out their identities that way, youre wrong. Each headstone is simply marked with a number
and nothing else. Rumours of staff killing patients were rife
because of that and these rumours werent helped by the fact that in 1978 a female patient
disappeared only to be found dead in an abandoned ward ages later. Even till this day you can see the stain on
the ground where her corpse was. Now at number 6 is Taunton State Hospital. This type of hospital was kind of like a self
contained city and honestly the architecture was gorgeous. It looks like the estate of a very wealthy
british man that wears a monocle. It was meant to give patients a chance at
occupational therapies, let them have fresh air instead of isolating them in dark small
rooms. Built in 1854 the psychiatric hospital has
a very colourful history, they used to do frontal lobotomies often, in the 1870s they
used to put patients in water tanks and then put them in extreme cold to try and shock
them out of their ailment, later on electric shock therapy was used on thousands of patients. Jane Toppan a sociopathic serial killer was
one of its most infamous patients. And if you dont know who jane is, she confessed
to killing at least 31 patients while working as a nurse. Its said staff at the hospital used to conduct
satanic rituals in the basement, they used to take patients down there and they were
never seen again. Most of the buildings closed down by 1978
and became a mental health facility for convicted juveniles but 97% of staff said the conditions
of the hospital put everyone at risk. They didnt go into what they meant by conditions,
did they mean the decrepitness of it did they mean the hauntings? Staff later came out saying they always felt
uneasy on the property especially if they went near the basement, one was driving back
there at night and saw screaming patients in the windows that werent there. Coming in at number 5 is Nocton Hall. located in England, during world war I it
was used as a hme for wounded American officers but by world war 2 it was a military hospital. By 1957 it was open to the general public
and closed down 48 years later. However things were bad not when it was a
hospital, but when it was a home. Its said the ghost of a young girl roams the
hall and enjoys being in one bedroom in particular. Staff staying that room used to get woken
up at 430am every night by a young girl crying by their bed. She would say things like a devilish man had
done this to her and other things like that. The story claims the ghost is a servant girl
who became pregnant after being with the owners son, he then later murdered her. The apparition of a grey lady has also been
seen around the hall but god knows who the hell she is. At number 4 is The Ararat Lunatic Asylum. Said to be Australia’s most haunted building,
this mental institution is the largest abandoned asylum on the continent. It opened its doors in 1867 and 100 people
died yearly whether they were staff, patients or prisoners. Now youre probably like what dyu mean prisoners? Ararat used to house the most criminally insane
evil people in the country and a place for people suffering from mental illness. It houses around 1000 patients and 500 staff
and in the 130 years that it was open there was around 13,000 deaths. These days the asylum is used for ghost tours
and boy oh boy is this place haunted. Visitors have been known to faint unexpectedly,
have waves of nausea and pain hit them out of nowhere and methodical banging sounds can
be heard. Most likely the sounds of patients hitting
their heads against walls. But the J Ward is where it gets bad. The J Ward housed the asylums most infamous
patients like Bill Wallace. Bill shot his friend over a cigarette and
then was declared insane. He died there after being held there for 67
years. Another was Gary Webb who mutilated himself
70 times and would say nothing but shout get out. When guests go into J Ward they feel like
theyre being shoved and bitten. The sound of ticking clocks, the desperate
shrieking, the shouts of someone getting get out, its literally an invite into hell. Get out? Boy you do not need to tell me twice. You dont even have to tell me once. Filling our number 3 slot is Pennhurst State
School and Hospital. Previously known as the Eastern Pennsylvania
State Institution for the Feeble-Minded and Epileptic. What a mouthful. The hospital opened its doors in 1908 and
housed around 10,000 people and went through 79 years of controversy before officially
shutting down. The campus was literally huge it couldve been
a mini town on its own, it even had its own railroad. Patients sent there were seen as too unfit
for citizenship and the Commission did not want them to intermix their genes with the
general population. The hospitals chief physician believed every
person in there couldve been a potential criminal. The hospitals reputation declined rapidly
when many residents came out saying they had been neglected and abused. 9 employees were charged for slapping and
beating patients, many wheelchair bound and forcing patients to assault each other. Patients would have unexplained bruises on
them rom the staff it was horrible. Nowadays many of the buildings have been torn
down but paranormal activity is still rife. Voices, footsteps, screams, abrupt temperature
changes, wheelchairs moving on their own, items thrown out of nowhere. Its like the building and the spirits are
working together to show you how bad they used to have it. Audio recordings have picked up on voices
saying go away and ill kill you and why wont you leave. Now at number 2 is Kuhn Memorial Hospital. This has to be one of Mississippi’s most haunted
buildings for sure. The hospital was open for well over a century
before being closed down in 1989. When it initially opened it was for the smallpox
outbreak but later tended to Civil War soldiers and then later the yellow fever outbreak. Wow we have a lot of outbreaks dont we. the
hospital itself is a maze of rooms and walls, some are knocked down, most are spray painted
its just a lot. And despite being abandoned pretty much right
after it closed down, many paranormal teams have been inside and have seen shadow figures
climbing up the walls. Yes up the walls not just floating around
in the hallways. UP THE WALLS. Their cameras captured disembodied voices
saying omg and the voice of a little girl saying want to come play with me? Why do dead kids always wanna play? Like leave me alone. The worst discovery happened in 2015 where
a group of ghost hunters ventured inside the hospital to check it out. They ended up finding the murdered body of
a missing woman near the entrance but her blood trails indicated she had come from inside. Her body had been dragged from the second
floor in the middle of the hospital to a grassy area outside. Most of her blood was found on the steps And finally at number 1 is Gonjiam Hospital. Located in South Korea, its said to be one
of the most haunted buildings in the country, CNN even called it the freakiest place in
the world. The hospital was randomly and abruptly closed
in the 1990s and people only found out why ages afterwards. They werent making money, the conditions were
beyond unsanitary, there was no proper sewage disposal and worst of all the doctors themselves
were mentally ill and the patients were murderous. The story goes that patients and staff alike
would randomly die wihtout cause and would later be found at their desks or in their
beds. Its said a doctor on the staff was mentally
ill and he was the one killing everyone inside. The bad juju they left behind was so bad that
visitors who go in have come out screaming after hearing moans and seeing shadows and
being scratched by nails that arent there.

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