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Let’s see the top 10 vital signs and health
parameters you can measure at home. This is Bertalan Mesko and you are watching
the channel of The Medical Futurist. A technological revolution has been going
on for years. It means that now we can bring devices and gadgets to our homes to measure
almost any kind of health parameters or vital signs. Let’s see the top 10 of them.
First, blood pressure. You remember those old blood pressure monitors with pumps and
wires but now we have smart blood pressure monitors like Withings. Once a week I measure
my blood pressure just to know about this very important vital sign by putting it on
my arm. There is one button, start, it measures my blood pressure, then sends data to my smartphone
application. I can see everything in one very colorful graph.
Second, brain activities. I’ve been using this headset or headband called Muse to measure
my brain activities. It has 7 sensors and by putting it on my head, it can measure my
actual brain activities. Am I calm, neutral or really active brain-wise. With the application
I learn how to call myself down when I want to relax during meditation sessions.
Number 3., focus or attention. I’ve been using this other headband that can measure my brain
activities and if I reach a certain attention level, I can start flying around this little
drone of helicopter. This way I can tech myself how to focus for a longer time.
Number 4., sleep. I’ve been measuring my sleep sessions, how long deep sleep periods I have
with a French device called Withings Pulse. I wear it on my wrist in a small pocket, it’s
very comfortable. And when I wake up I can check the data. How much time it took me to
fall asleep, how long periods I had in deep sleep or light sleep mode.
Number 5., pulse. By wearing Wahoo device on my chest in a chest strip, I can measure
my exact pulse during running sessions. I can also see the data on my smartwatch while
running. And it measures my pulse really accurately. Number 6., temperature. I measure my temperature
with this device called CheckMe. It takes only a second to check my body temperature
and then I get the exact number. It’s 36.3 Celsius degrees and a smiley. It means that’s
a good sign. Number 7., daily activities. I use FitBit,
an American device, to measure my daily physical activities. How many steps I take, how much
distance I can cover, how many steps and floors I could take that day. It also gives me personal
advice about shall I go out for a run right now or that is enough for today. It’s like
a personal coach to me. Number 8., EKG, electrocardiogram, the electrophysiology
of my heart. With AliveCor, by using my smartphone, I can measure my EKG right now in a great
quality. I can also ask experts to give me analysis for my actual EKG.
Number 9., cardiac fitness. I use the Tinke device once a week. I sit down for a few minutes,
I put my thumb on that and it measures several parameters. It gives me one score between
1 and 99 about my long-term cardiac fitness. And number 10., stress. I use the Pip device
to check my electrodermal activities, thus my stress levels to make sure when I can relax
myself stress-wise when I want to get relaxed. Please share what other vital signs you are
measuring or what other devices do you use at home to measure your very important health
parameters! Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Health Parameters You Can Measure At Home! – The Medical Futurist

  1. Micromax launched HealthYu which can measure blood pressure, heart beat, temperature, oxygen levels, ECG, and presperition rate.  It will cost $100 only. 
    It measures everything in just 30 seconds. And sends your details to your mobile and you can share it with your doctor.

  2. This video is very helpful, since our biology instructor gave us a homework to list at least 10 of latest technologies that can help in medication or health purposes:)))

  3. Nice info ! I curious about the EKG gadgdet in this video. Does it record all the leads or just one ? Thank you 🙂

  4. Your videos are great.

    I'm telling you man, in some future video you'll be reviewing one product I am currently working on with my partner!!

    Thanks for all the info.

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