Top 10 BEST places for addiction rehab. Auto insurance does not cover drug rehab..just sayin.

What is going on everyone how about we switch things up a little bit on this channel? We do lists about locations for the most part. It’s in the United States this year in 2019 We’re going to do some branching out If you will to different types of locations not just cities States and towns new things like most haunted best places retire and Expensive kind of like last week when we did airports this week. We’re gonna look at places most of us really never think about Until we need to kind of like nose hair you really never think about your nose hair till you need to like someone pointed it Out or something starts. Tickling your upper lip You know what? I’m talking about everyone on the planet needs help every now and again with their life most the time It’s minor life events, like watch my dog while I’m out of town Help me move drive me by my ex girlfriends house because me and my car can’t be in the same neighborhood as her Yes, I’ve actually had a friend asked me to do that form and really what are friends for if not You know help you stalk your ex-girlfriend right other times Some of us need bigger health the type of help you need when your life has started to spiral out of control And your spouse takes you out to dinner and when you come home There’s a bunch of your friends family and co-workers in your front room sitting there you say what’s going on and someone you don’t know asks you to sit down and then it hits you you’ve just walked into an Intervention and you’re the guest of honor next off the addiction center alcohol drugs gambling There’s a bunch of reasons a person might end up and Rehab most of the time it’s drugs and alcohol It’s just a fact but if you gotta go you gotta go and you might as well go to a good one right now That’s what today’s list is all about and I got this list from a few different consumer websites that kind of rank these places and I found ten that always seemed to be Places to go on the different websites the recommendations from the different websites. So that’s what we’re gonna do So before you call your insurance to see if they’re gonna cover it. You should watch my top 10 best places for rehab Number 10 tree house recovery tree house recovery in Portland. Oregon is a facility for mint that offers partial hospitalization Intense outpatient care and aftercare. Now this one is here where I live in in Portland And if you ever walk around Portland’s Chinatown section, you’ll get to see a bunch of their future clientele I’m sure I guess they have to have these places everywhere because the drugs don’t just get done in sunny states But if I had to choose a place to get some help like this, I’d want it on a beach someplace They’d have to be really good at what they do. They’re getting great reviews and they’re doing it in a very gloomy City It’s like handicapping them right there They’re still pulling it off the facility offers one-on-one therapy and Family Therapy. Just all the stuff to get you better other Therapies include holistic fitness camping hiking and addiction education no word if you get to stay in a treehouse or not But I saw pictures of their gym and it looks pretty cool Number nine Chateau recovery Chateau recovery is a somewhat secluded treatment center located in Midway, Utah I’m not sure if I would have used the word Chateau I mean when I hear that I start thinking about getting glass of wine anyway The location is amazing Midway was just on my most beautiful town list just recently like a couple weeks back Chateau recovery is a great facility with views of the mountains making for a very peaceful feel and vibe to the place the facility works With individuals through interpersonal skills recreational therapy and holistic methods just like all of them I doubt wined has anything to do with the holistic methods Well, okay. I’m sure it doesn’t I mean it’s a treatment center and in Utah of all places It’s hard enough to get a drink in that state without being in a recovery center Number eight Hope Canyon Hope Canyon recovery is in San Diego, California Now here you go. If you’re gonna get clean you might as well do it in good weather, right? This is a luxury drug rehab that actually is in a San Diego neighborhood sort of makes the patients Feel more like they’re at home and less like they’re at a facility someplace. Now. This one does look like someone’s house I’m sure one point it was someone’s house. It’s more like a private type of fair here It’s not like you went into a place with thirty people all getting help at once you’re there with very few other people the facility offers a medical detoxifying program holistic therapy and dual diagnosis treatment Number seven seasons in Malibu seasons is located in Malibu, California Which is already a beautiful place that you won’t need drugs to enjoy the center offers one-on-one therapy behavioral treatment and a comprehensive family plan The center even goes a step further by offering therapy through surfing meditation beach walks cooking classes acupuncture and a lot more I’m not addicted to anything But I am willing to go here and spend a week or two every month or so just saying I don’t know if they offer just relaxation packages But I’m in willing to try it for free if anyone gives me a call. My numbers below actually my emails below I don’t know if that’s a problem with this place people Just wanting to hang out you go there they give you a drug test They throw you out cuz you you ain’t on anything. That could be a problem if you’re in Malibu I imagine Number six Sunflower wellness retreat the sunflower wellness retreat is located about 40 minutes south of Olaf, Kansas the places in, Kansas So I’m sure they have a lot of potential customers A lot of people start doing drugs because of boredom Kansas has plenty of boredom to go around the facility offers a holistic approach to drug recovery by offering the smart for point program Which is designed to help all kinds of addictions The facility also will offers creative arts therapy and a client family support group They’re on 12 acres out in the middle of the Prairie So there’s plenty of places to roam around and take a walk. They are really high reviews very high Number five choices recovery choices recovery is located in South Bend Indiana right where Notre Dame is the facility is able to meet the patient’s Individual needs by offering choices during treatment. Hence the word choices in the name whether your choices art exercise music therapy yoga Spirituality this facility offers it all and they’re willing to work with each one of you to get you clean Indiana ranks seventh in the country in opioid addiction. Yeah. So the good news is they have a facility like this Maybe someday they’ll get out of the top ten Number four United recovery project United recovery project is a drug rehab based out of Hollywood Florida that works with individuals to make specific treatment plans Tailored to their needs. I imagine. The only real need is getting off drugs or alcohol. I’m sure there’s more to it anyway the like I said the place kind of adjusts and tailors to The treatment to the way, you need it to be which I guess is kind of cool They have different places for different people like the male House and the female house and the mature mail house I don’t like the word mature I prefer being called old myself mature makes me sound like I should be acting a certain way that to tell you the truth I I’m really not capable of doing that. I don’t I wish they’d just call it the old dudes house No old guy’s gonna really have a problem with it. Trust me on that one Anyway, this place gets nothing but glowing reviews. I was reading them on the Consumer Affairs website they had a Single one-star review and it was some guy complaining about how the line went dead while he was on the phone with them I’m not sure if he’s aware, but sometimes calls drop Number three the alternative to med center the alternative to bed center is a luxury treatment center in Sedona, Arizona I’m not a desert person, but this place is beautiful great mountain views The facility is designed to treat both addiction and mental health issue Which is great the center ensures that the patients are better in their lives by introducing them to things like better nutrition and exercise You know There’s an old saying that goes once an addict always an addict So why not get them addicted to salads and weightlifting sounds like a better plan to me It’s just too bad this the middle of the desert the heat in there must be horrible in the summer I mean Grande I’m sure they have air-conditioned inside but you’re gonna go outside eventually and I would find it hard to focus on my sobriety if I had to worry about my junk sticking to my thigh all Day, anyway, they also have a really catchy slogan here. It was on their website Holistic means we treat the whole person. It’s kind of poetic and that’s opposed to some other companies rehab slogan in, New Jersey It says if the check don’t clear you ain’t here which you know, you gotta love, New Jersey Number two awakenings by the sea awake means by the sea is a drug and alcohol facility for women in Seaside Oregon This Center is located within the neighborhood giving it that whole home feel like that San Diego place the treatment center succeeds by providing medical Detox a 12-step program Individualized treatment and all the aftercare support you need. I have a friend who went here. She claimed it saved her life She’s doing really well now. It’s been a handful of years this is another place that gets nothing but great reviews and it’s also in Seaside Oregon which is a cute little Oregon coastal town. I mean, how could you go wrong with that? I mean during winter the Oregon Coast sucks kind of you know, jump around in the water a little bit in your knees It’s freezing and there’s a chance you might get hit by a log in the surf. That’s never good And Number one the exclusive Hawaii. The number one on this list is the exclusive Hawaii. This is a luxury rehab in what? I am sure you’ve already guessed Hawaii. The facility is secluded It’s only a small eight bed treatment center with oceanfront views and offshore winds. It’s right there near the ocean now This is a perfect place to fix your life. It’s like rehab and paradise rehab and paradise That sounds like it could be the title of Charlie Sheen’s biography anyway The facilities based on a non 12-step program with holistic therapy and scene rate that will change your opinion on things like reality I’m sure you’d make it a couple days into your detox. Wake up one morning Look out of the ocean and turn into that kid from that viral video David after Dennis Sitting there staring going is this real life? Will it last forever? And you think no it’s only gonna last as long as my insurance keeps paying I imagine or I’m fixed one of the other This place has a great track record and great reviews if I need the services of any of these facilities I would be heading to the exclusive on Hawaii as long as my insurance covers it like I said most of these rehab facilities always show what insurances they take and honestly it kind of look like Most took all insurance and stop typing car insurance doesn’t cover rehab unless you have some weird auto insurance I don’t know about no Allstate. No Geico, they only cover your car your boat and like life insurance renter’s insurance Maybe no rehab insurance. So stop typing All right, so that’s my list. It was kind of a little different kind of little odd I hope you guys got some information out of it, you know in honest reality No joking aside. If this is something that you may need don’t be afraid to get help for something like this I’ve had some friends go down this road. They’re all doing better and it was from places like this So that’s kind of why I did this one. It’s hard to make jokes about rehab but I gave it a shot Like I said, hope you guys enjoyed the video. I’ll leave some links below Everybody have a great day. Be nice to each other

56 thoughts on “Top 10 BEST places for addiction rehab. Auto insurance does not cover drug rehab..just sayin.

  1. Self Love and Self Acceptance. In order to love others one must first learn to love and accept themselves first. Most addicts have a problem with "Acceptance". Addiction is like an "Acceptance problem".

  2. Yeah go to one of these take a vacation using a bunch of insurance money. Get on subs,lower your dose and do it yourself

  3. Here's how to beat addiction: Whatever you're addicted to; stop doing that. Drugs, booze, porn, exercise, video games, whatever. Just stop. It's really that simple. I just saved you $25,000/month. You're welcome.

  4. Pretty well done. The best one is going to be the one that works for the individual. You cover some great places, but making a major change in life doesn't always mean that getting used to a lifestyle that you can't afford when insult steps paying, can create more stress. There can be something that is too nice. There needs to be a consistent criteria for assessment too do this rating.

  5. You need suggestions for haunted or at least haunting places, spent quite a few years in Germany. At one time lived in the area where Bergen Belson concentration camp was, eerily quiet, now walking in the woods at night not for the front of heart.

  6. Briggs the word mature does not describe me either. I love the word old. It means I got to this age despite drinking cheap liquor in my 20s. Sorry, didn't mean any disrespect to those who are recovering.

  7. Briggs, are you trying to tell us something? LMAO! Sincerely, just wonder if you do stand-up. You have great line delivery and I would love to come and see you onstage. You know how to use a pause.

  8. I don't know if this is still true, but 5 or 6 years ago you could Google "drug treatment center", and nearly the entire first page of results turned out to be Scientology front groups. If you find yourself in one of these facilities, walk out. You're better off drinking and drugging.

  9. I wonder if i would lose weight if i went to rehab.. Every time i stop drinking, i gain weight. I trade alcohol for food 😣 i need a place that will kick my ass

  10. #1 9:04 – The Exclusive Hawaii
    Location: Kamuela, Hawaii

    #2 8:17 – Awakenings By The Sea
    Location: – Seaside, Oregon

    #3 7:14 – The Alternative To Meds Center
    Location: Sedona, Arizona

    #4 6:09 – United Recovery Project
    Location: Hollywood, Florida

    #5 5:36 – Choices Recovery
    Location: South Bend, Indiana

    #6 4:57 – Sunflower Wellness Retreat
    Location: Osawatomie, Kansas

    #7 4:07 – Seasons In Malibu
    Location: Malibu, California

    #8 3:30 – Hope Canyon
    Location: San Diego, California

    #9 2:47 – Chateau Recovery
    Location: Midway, Utah

    #10 1:50 – Treehouse Recovery
    Location: Portland, Oregon

  11. like i said do top ten reasons not to move to a certain country. its ur decision but my suggestion is to do it with canada first

  12. I'm surprised the Betty Ford Center in Palm Springs, Ca. didn't make your list. 
    Also Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, Ca. is very good and in a great location.

  13. Do most Most Conservative Colleges/Universities in the US.

    Give Conservatives a list of schools they can go to without being worried about Liberal bias. They won't shut up about it, so give them a reason to shut up.

  14. There have been many exposes about all these places they are horrible facilities in regards to actual rehab. They charge astronomical amounts of money yet help no one. This is a dangerous list because these places exist to make money but help people. Holistic rehab is bullshit

  15. This may come in handy for someone I know someday, but isnt something I will normally watch for lists. But I do support you Briggs and wanted to watch it to show that support.

  16. Breathe Life Healing Center in LA is one of the best! They have a special program for meth as well as eating disorders & trauma.

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