Too Much Focus on Cholesterol

Has your doctor told you to be concerned
about your cholesterol? And is he or she giving you medications for your
cholesterol? And if you heard things about on the internet about maybe
there’s too much focus on cholesterol, yeah, there’s a lot of that going on. And
the reality is half the people that have a heart attack have a normal cholesterol
value. So there’s more to this picture than you might imagine. Speaking of which, they talk about good
cholesterol and bad cholesterol. It’s just a cholesterol. Cholesterol isn’t it.
That’s true too. The difference between “good cholesterol” and “bad
cholesterol” is the proteins that your body uses to transport that cholesterol
and your blood. Well, what about these keto diets? What about getting healthy
fats? Yeah, I think those are those are appropriate too. Again, there’s a lot more
to just looking at cholesterol and thinking about diet than then you’re
probably hearing on the internet. Here’s one thing. There’s a type of cholesterol
LDL cholesterol called LP little a. Have you ever heard of that?
Up to a third of people have significant risk… increased risk for heart attack and
stroke proven because of their LP little-a values. Yet, doctors usually
don’t get that information. How about familial hypercholesterolemia? Again, it’s
another genetic problem. Just like LP little a, over 90% of the people that have these problems don’t know about it. We can help
you begin to understand and answer some of these questions about yourself.
Do you have LP little a? Do you have familial hypercholesterolemia? Do you
have any problems at all with your cholesterol?
What is your HDL? Is that something that we need to be concerned about? So take a
look. Come to one of our events. We have courses on this information. And of
course, we’ve got plenty of free videos on YouTube to help you understand the
science behind heart attack and stroke prevention. Thank you.
Take a minute, click the link below. You’ll find our membership page. All of
our digital products are there. Lots of free stuff too.

3 thoughts on “Too Much Focus on Cholesterol

  1. Thanks for the VDO Dr. Brewer. Question is what to do against a relative high level of LP(a)? Are you able to answer this question?
    My internist says, your LDL is too high (besides having a CAC of 150), therefor most likely your LP(a) is also somewhat elevated, no need to measure LP(a) separately, I will prescribe you statins anyway.
    Looking forward to your thoughts on this Dr. Brewer.

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