Tony Lucarelli’s Success Story | Mountain Valley Regional Rehabilitation Hospital

It was the night before the Super Bowl, and
I took a nasty fall. Hip fractured on both sides, pelvis fractured
twice, and a cracked coccyx. So they took me to Yavapai Regional Medical
Center. I was there for four or five days, and then
they transferred me here to Mountain Valley. When I got here on the sixth of February,
I was an unholy mess. I could hardly move for the pain. Here we are on the 22nd… I’m ready to go home. The therapists here are nothing short of miracle
workers. They have a vocation much the same as a priest
or a nun, theirs is to help and help they do. They get up at some ungodly hour in the morning,
every single morning to come in and help us. We’re the ones who benefit from this. In order to work with them, you show them
that you want to go home. Your goal is to be able to do things here
that you need to be able to do at home. Now, I hope none of you ever winds up here,
but if you ever do you need to understand that you are in the best of hands. These folks are nothing short, as I said,
of miraculous. They don’t harangue you, they don’t tell you
you’re not working hard, none of that. They’re the most pleasant people in the world,
the most patient. Talk about deep wells of patience my goodness every single one of them! I can’t say enough for the administration,
for everybody here. “What about your doctor, who was your doctor?” Dr. Nambiar, yes, he’s a fine doctor. The nurses are all wonderful. There isn’t one person working here who isn’t
working for me and for every other patient here to get us out of here, home and on our
own. “How confident are you about going home now?” Oh, very confident. We had a home visit just the other day with
one of the occupational techs, everything was found fine. I was able to do everything I need to do at
home; I flopped myself into bed, I worked in the kitchen, I did everything I needed
to do, and it all worked out well. So as long as I’m here, we’re in the midst
of an unbelievable snow storm. The person who needs to give me a ride home
can’t get out of her own home! So I’m here probably two more days, after
which she’ll come get me, take me home, I’ll be on my own once again and one happy, independent
soul. “What do you think of the food here?” Oh the food is delicious. It’s prepared very, very well, there’s lots
of it. “Good, ’cause you never know when you go to
a hospital everyone’s like, ‘oh my God, the food was terrible'” Well you know, I think that’s an old thing,
because it was the same over at YRMC. The food there was quite good, and there as
well as here, you can order what you want. I live in the Prescott Country Club in Dewey,
AZ. “Okay, are they talking to you anything about
home health or outpatient?” Oh, yes. I will have outpatient home health,
yep. “Are you going to do that with our agency?” Oh absolutely! Why am I gonna switch horses in the midst
of a stream? “Wow, anything else you want to add before
we wrap up?” There are no superlatives of which I can think, and I love this English language of ours I’ve always loved it, but I can’t think of a superlative
that really fits. These people are that good. I wish you, as I said, never have to come
here. But if you do, know you’re going to get well. Thank you for listening.

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