TMS therapy Portland, Oregon – Active Recovery TMS – Testimonial 1

– I decided to look into TMS
after speaking to my therapist. And I found Active Recovery
TMS as the only option in Portland outside of
one of the local hospitals that didn’t accept my insurance. So I called Dr. Horey
and had a nice conversation with him and he alleviated some of my fears. And I went back to my therapist and mentioned that I looked into TMS. I’ve been an athlete in
my past life as I saw it, and I felt like I was very
successful within my profession, and I just had a really hard time being at the top of my game. I tried many different types of medication and none of them seemed to
get me back to my old self if you will. So I thought I might as
well look into things that were alternative to medication. I’m so glad I made that
call to Dr. Horey because Active Recovery
has really set me on a path and I feel I’ve got some good
momentum going forward.

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