Tips for preventing falls in the hospital

(acoustic guitar music) – The hospital can feel
like a very weird place for kids and families. Some things that your child
can do very easily at home can be a much different
experience at the hospital. – For example, the risk
of kids falling here is much higher than it is in your home. – All the following things
can increase the chances of someone being hurt from a fall. – New and different equipment. – Feeling sick, the effects
of medicine you may be taking. – And all this stuff in our patient rooms that you probably aren’t
used to having around. – We wanna make sure that all of our little victors are safe. Together we can prevent injuries caused by falls in the hospital. Here are some things you can do. – Your nurse will give
you some non-slip socks. Wear them! The floors are more
slippery than they look and these socks really help. – Walk with your child
when they are out of bed, even if they normally walk by themselves. – [Girl With Braids] Be
especially careful of equipment your child might have to travel
with, such as an IV pole. – The risk of falling out of bed is higher here at the hospital too. Keep the side rails up
whenever you’re in bed. – [Boy With Cap] If your child is less than two years old,
we’ll provide a crib. – Even if they’ve transitioned
to a big-kid bed at home. – Sleep chairs are meant
for parents and caregivers, not children who could fall
more easily and be injured. – Co-sleeping, or sleeping together, can also increase the risk
of falling out of bed. Infants should not sleep
with the parent or caregiver. When your child is ready to sleep, place your infant on
their back in their crib. – Keep your bed in the lowest position so it’s easier to get in and out. – And make sure to lock your bed in place. – Make sure your call light is in reach and easily accessible, so you don’t have to reach
out of bed to get help. It’s easy to be distracted by the bustle of the hospital, TV and cellphones. – Be sure to pay attention, your child might need help getting around. – [Girl With Braids] Keep
the floor clear of clutter so you won’t trip over toys or shoes. – And make sure you have
lighting to see things when you’re getting out of bed. – Buckle up, this is
important, even for older kids. Whether you’re in a wagon,
riding toy or wheelchair, a strap will keep you safely in place. – Getting on and off the toilet can be tricky, even for older kids. – It’s a good idea to ask for help when you need to go to the bathroom. – [Boy With Cap] Tell
your nurse if you’ve had any prior falls as a patient. – Patients who’ve fallen
in the last six months have a higher risk of falling again. – Share these tips with
other family members who may be spending time
with you in the hospital. Together – Together – Together – Together we can keep our
little victors safe from falls. – Go blue!

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