Tips for Going Home from the Hospital (PSA)

[Music] Nurse: Leaving us today, Mrs. Smith? Mrs. Smith: Yes, you’ve all been great,
but I’m ready to go home. Nurse: We’ll need to go over your discharge
information first. And you have some new medication. Mrs. Smith: Can you help me remember all this,
Darlene? Daughter: Sure, Mom. Mrs. Smith: Do I take this in addition to
my other pills? Nurse: You can take them with your current
medication and you’ll need to follow up with
your regular doctor. Daughter: How long will she need to take this? Nurse: Until the prescription runs out. Do you have any other questions? Mrs. Smith: Yes. When will I be able to go
dancing again? Narrator: To get your copy of the AHRQ guide,
visit or call 1-800-358-9295.

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