TIP Justice Clinic Grand Opening

All of our clients check-in up here at
the front windows. We are having a grand opening at the Terros Health clinic at
27th Avenue where we have probation officers co-locating in that clinic. The opening of the clinics, it’s called the Targeted Investment Program and that
money was awarded through the Center for Medicaid and Medicare to AHCCCS and part
of that money was set aside specifically for the justice population. The goal is to really do integrated health care, do it more efficiently and do it more
cost-effective and improve outcomes. What that means is improved health and well-being for all of our probationers and improved recidivism rates. So we have probation officers
co-locating at three of the Terros Health sites and we’ll be doing that up
to five days a week with at least two probation officers at each site. It starts with the PO recognizing, hey this
person has some health needs I’m right here at Terros or Terros is right here with us at our central division. I can walk down the hall and make that referral with a medical assistant or peer support. So they would meet with their physician here in these offices. If they’re suffering with substance use they’re really not taking care of their health
at all and it just exacerbates their health problems and generally the
only way they’re getting care is utilizing the most expensive systems
which is either prison health care, jail health care, urgent care or emergency

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