Time-restricted eating may help the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

[Satchin]: So I think on a daily basis, like
for example on a daily basis what would healthy, another definition of healthiness while going
to be bed at night is not to have this acid reflux or heartburn. Which is essentially a gut sodium…sorry,
the proton pump working differently. And what we find in mouse studies is this
expression of the level of this proton pump goes down on the time-restricted eating. So this is one example where many of our myCircadianClock
users reported saying, “Oh, well, you know, the first benefit we found is our acid reflux
has gone down, we don’t get that much heartburn.” And then we got curious, we went back to what
are the targets of all the acid reflux drugs, and we found this proton pump. And interestingly this proton pump expression
goes down in mouse gut. [Rhonda]: That’s awesome. That is so awesome. [Satchin]: So this is another example where
we would never ask about…we don’t have even the means to ask what is acid reflux and heartburn
in a mouse, but we have a means to actually get this response from users and go back and
ask the mechanism in a mouse.

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  2. For many of us there is no cure cut time restricted eating helps if you don't eat after 2 PM. Many people have a hiatal hernia so other than taking PPI's or sleeping sitting up right (inclined) NOTHING works.

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