Tiffany Kolniak, MD | Tufts Medical Center Primary Care Framingham

I’m Dr. Tiffany Kolniak. I’m a Primary Care Physician at Tufts Medical Center-Framingham. Growing up I was always intrigued by my physicians and what they were doing. I also like to watch surgeries on TV. And I really enjoyed studying science in school, so I wanted to join a profession where I could connect with other people and possibly have a meaningful impact on their lives. As a primary care physician, you’re very important to your patients and their lives. You’re the person who’s really helping to guide them through the sometimes confusing world of medicine. I think a good primary care physician is someone who’s willing to work with their patients to identify health goals together and also willing to work with their patients to develop strategies that are customized to that patient to help them achieve those health goals. We’re constantly evaluating the way we do things and looking for ways to improve. And we are very willing to make changes if necessary to provide even better care. In my spare time, I like to run outside if the weather’s okay. It’s just a great way to get some exercise and de-stress, unwind after a day There’s a lot of things that I like about this practice. I think everyone here works well as a team and we’re all committed to providing the best possible patient care. Everyone’s also very friendly, so I think that’s an added bonus as well! I really love my job because I like to think that by helping patients be they’re healthier selves I indirectly play a role in helping them live life to its fullest potential.

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