Tia Mowry’s Hospital Bag Checklist | Quick Fix

– Hi guys! So, I am in the home stretch. My back is packed, I am
ready to go to the hospital, and I wanted to show you guys
what’s in my hospital bag. (upbeat music) I know that a lot of hospitals will already have diapers for you, but I think it’s just really important to just have some sort of look how tiny these are (laughs). This is so cute! You forget how tiny their
little bum-bums are. All right, so what I
have here is a pacifier. Pacifiers are important
to bring because babies, they love pacifiers. So you don’t want to forget that, and then, swaddling. It’s really important. It is a lifesaver. So I think it’s important
to bring some blankets that you can swaddle your baby in. It could also be used as just kind of like putting a blanket over your shoulder when you’re burping your baby, or if you want to breastfeed your baby. This is all organic,
it’s made out of bamboo, which I absolutely love. I love for things to be really soft, but not only that, you don’t know if your baby has allergies to cotton or wool. So I always love to bring
a variety of things, and the swaddling blanket goes
with this adorable onesie. How cute is that! (laughs) You actually forget how tiny they are. I think it’s important
to pack several outfits, with several sizes, too. Because you never really know, I mean, they give you a projection of how big your baby’s gonna be, but you can buy newborn clothes, and the baby’s a lot bigger than that. So I think it’s important
to get different sizes, but let’s move on to clothes. That’s like a fun part, right? So I thought this was really cute. Who knows, this may be
her going-home outfit. And look at the back, you guys. We have, like, a pocket. Can we put a little graphic,
a little bottle, in there? Like she has a bottle hanging
out in the back of her pocket. She needs storage, too. And then I have some really
cute socks to go with it, because you have to keep them warm. And then of course, you
wanna have a little beanie to put on their head. You have a cute little bib; so adorable. Also, I think what’s important
to pack in your hospital bag are just these little simple onesies. Sometimes you’re just gonna want your baby to just hang out in this. But, I don’t know, these are just so cute. And when spit-up gets all over these, and you just throw them in the washer, it’s easy as one, two, three (laughs). That was the baby stuff. All of the stuff that your baby needs. Now on to mommy! Mommy needs some stuff, too. So what I think is important are snacks! We all know hospital food
can be disgusting (laughs). Let’s just say hospital
food is not always the best, and whenever you’re away from home, you want to be reminded of home. So my favorite are these chips; I freakin’ love these chips. So I have these chips, and then I have some trail mix, some nuts to give me energy, because I’m gonna need lots
of that once the baby comes. Snacks, snacks, snacks! Snacks are important. And then, blankets. I think blankets are
really important to have, just to make your
environment feel comfortable. You know there’s gonna be
hospital blankets there, but as we all know, hospital blankets kind
of feel a little sterile, should I say? Just a little, you know, not warm. Another thing that I
pack for my hospital bag are just toiletries, and I wanted to get
travel size toiletries. I think that’s important. I don’t want to bring things in bulk. I already have enough stuff as it is, and I’m only gonna be
there for a few days, so just the essentials. When you’re in the hospital, like I said, you’re away from home, so you want to feel as comfortable, and feel like you’re at
home as much as possible. And not only that, you’re gonna be tired. Your baby’s gonna be waking
up every two hours to feed. You’re gonna be on some meds, painkillers, and you just wanna feel
and look your best. I can’t wait to show you guys
some of my little secrets. So what I like to do is,
number one, let’s do this. I have this stuff, and
it’s from HATCH Mama. This is called Renew, and this is just eucalyptus,
and it’s a pick-me-up. So you just kind of rub it on your neck, you can rub it on your wrists, and it just kind of gives
you a natural pick-me-up, because, like I said,
you’re gonna be tired, okay? (eyelids clinking) I have this really cool stuff, and I’ve actually used it on my belly. It’s called Belly Oil, and it’s just a great moisturizer that you can use on your belly. A lot of people, they tell you
to put some oil on your belly throughout your pregnancy, but I think that it’s really important for you to still use the oil on your belly after your pregnancy. This is safe for baby, and safe for mommy. It’s all natural. Then I have something called Relax, to kind of help you relax, and this is just lavender. So you can put this on your pillow, you can put this on you, and you and the baby
can just chill (laughs). Hopefully, chill as much as you can. This right here is my favorite facial oil. It just makes you look like
you have that nice glow, it makes you look really
nice and refreshed. I’m telling you, as a mom, to my son Cree, one of the main things that I realized is you probably won’t
take a shower (laughs) for the first few days. But again, you wanna look refreshed, and you wanna feel great, not only for other people
visiting you and your baby, but just for yourself. And this is just a spritzer
that I put on my face, just to make me come alive (laughs), and there’s ginseng in here. So it will just kind of give me that little natural ding! pick-me-up. Then, of course, hand sanitizer. When you’re handling a baby, you always have to make sure
that your hands are clean, because they’re babies, and their little immune systems
are not the best just yet. So you just wanna make
sure your hands are clean, so hand sanitizer is really important. Like I said, you never
really know how long you’re gonna be in the hospital. Of course if you have your baby naturally, some say you go home the next day. If you have a cesarean,
you’ll stay in the hospital three to four days, so you wanna make sure
that you’re prepared and you have enough clothes
for whatever the occasion is. So, I wanted to pack some
comfortable clothes for mommy, and I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t tight. It’s very airy, and it’s very comfortable. So this is a cute nightgown, and what’s really cool is you can actually breastfeed with this. They have some clips on
here to help you with that. The next thing you wanna have is a robe, because most likely, the nurses are gonna
ask you to walk around, especially if you end
up having a cesarean. So you don’t wanna be
exposed to everybody, and be like, “Hi, here I am!” (laughs) So I have another outfit here, and there’s this really cute, kind of like lace robe that goes with it. And I wanted to just bring things, again, that made me feel sexy, and that made me feel comfortable, because after you have a baby, you definitely do not feel sexy (laughs). You may feel empowered, “Yes, I am woman, hear me roar!” But you definitely don’t
feel sexy (laughs). Another thing that’s important
to bring are some slippers. The hospital normally
provide socks for you, but, again, it’s about your comfort level. You want to feel comfortable, so bringing your own slippers. (Tongue clicking) I didn’t think about this the first time I was pregnant with my son, Cree, but now that I went through the process, and I was breastfeeding, I totally forgot to bring
my breastfeeding pillow. Sometimes you can breastfeed,
and sometimes you can’t. And guess what, if you
can’t, that is okay. Another pillow that’s important to bring is your own comfortable pillow! As we all know, hospital beds
are not that comfortable, so bringing your own pillow
will definitely help with that, and also it kind of reminds you of home. And what’s also important is to make sure that you put a pillow
cover that doesn’t blend in with the rest of the hospital, because you’ll end up leaving it there, or they’ll end up taking
it and switching it out, so you wanna make sure that
your pillow stands out. Another thing is a bonnet. So I have this little bonnet. When I go to sleep, I can just put it on, feel comfortable. I’m gonna have my hair in braids
when I go to the hospital, so I don’t have to even deal with my hair. I think that’s like a really good tip. Put your hair in a hairstyle that you don’t necessarily
have to fuss with or deal with. So that’s everything
that’s in my hospital bag. I am headed to the hospital, but not to worry! I have you guys covered. I have filmed some pre-recorded segments that will keep you entertained while I’m on my maternity leave, and you’ll also see some special guests. People that are dear to my heart, that’ll be filling in for me while I’m on maternity leave. And the next time you guys see me, I’ll have my little baby girl in my arms, and you guys will be the
first ones to meet her. So be sure to subscribe, because you don’t wanna miss any of this. (upbeat music)

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