Thousands of Toys for Sick Kids at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles!

♪ It’s Vlogmas time ♪ ♪ I said, it’s time to celebrate Vlogmas ♪ (lighthearted music)
– Good morning, everyone. And Merry Christ-ams. We’re going to a charity event right now called Project Hollywood Helpers. We’re going to be getting
in an assembly line, and packing up, I think,
like 500 bags of presents. And all those presents are gonna go to kids at the Children’s
Hospital in Los Angeles. We are so thrilled to be a part of this, we’re so honored to be invited. We have the opportunity to just give gifts to kids at the hospital, and I’m so, so glad to be a part of this. I’m really looking forward to today, and I’ve been looking
forward to it for months. And I’m so happy that it’s
an event where the kids are going to be doing
the work along side us. And I’m so glad to be able to instill that spirit of giving in their hearts. Our whole family is going to be getting in a giant assembly line, and stuffing gift bags
with toys and games, and those gift bags are
going to be delivered to patients at Children’s
Hospital in Los Angeles. Excited, dude?
– Yeah. Duncan might be, too, you wanna see him? Can you cheese? Can you smile?
– Daddy. – [Jacob] Daddy? Duncan, how old are you?
– One. – [Jacob] Peekaboo, where is Duncan? There he is. Where is he? Oh, (chuckles). He must be somewhere around here. There he is. Peekaboo, I love you. Oh, that thing with the glasses? (gentle music) – [Christopher] Did you see those two big tables of toys?
– Yeah. – [Christopher] We’re gonna stuff those bags so full of toys.
– Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, I
can’t wait to help kids. – [Christopher] This is
gonna be fun, isn’t it? – I just want them to
have a good Christmas. – I’m so happy to help these
kids who are in the hospital because I can’t imagine
what it would be like to stay in the hospital for Christmas. – So, today, we’re
supporting the organization that helps children from Los
Angeles and all over the world more than 528,000 times every year, and that’s Children’s
Hospital Los Angeles. – [All] Five, four, three, two, one, go! (lighthearted music) – Loading up! – I need help.
(lighthearted music) – [Christopher] Last one, Bailey. Last one, how’d that go?
– Good. – [Christopher] How was that? – Cool, I think we won. – [Christopher] Whoa, look
at all these gifts, yeah! – [Woman] Two, three, squeeze in together. Show the holiday squeeze. Ready, guys, one, two, three. – Did they give you a bunny? Can I see it, can I see the bunny? Oh, my goodness. (lighthearted music) – I’m gonna get my hair dyed. – [Christopher] What color? – Baby purple. – [Christopher] Lavender. Are you excited? Me too, it’s gonna look so good, right? – [Man] Oh, I love it. (Christopher laughs) – [Christopher] Oh, my goodness. Your hair is so lavender-y. So baby purple.
– Thank you. – [Christopher] Oh, my goodness. – That looks great. He looks so good. I love that the kids all had
a chance to help other kids. It’s so great seeing just
a giant group of kids coming together and doing a good thing, and doing it during the holidays, and just being able to
love on some children who are in the hospital right now. When Parker was Duncan’s age
now, so he was 18 months old, he was in Children’s Hospital at Orange County for pneumonia. We have a video up on it if
you want to check that out. But it was such a hard time for us. And with him, he was stuck in a ward where he wasn’t even
allowed to leave his room because they were worried
it could be infectious. To have a gift or something
that he could play with during that time
would’ve been so precious. I’m so glad that we get to be a part of sharing these gifts
during the holidays with kids in the hospital at Children’s
Hospital Los Angeles. – I’m so happy that we get to help kids. I’m really glad that we get
to give them a little treat for them to play with
in their hospital rooms. – [Jessica] What was it like on the assembly line
with all of the gifts? – It was stressful, there had
to be two different people. My job was making sure it was tight and putting it in the bag. But they were all coming
at me like super fast, so I’d have to be like. (Jessica laughs) I’m really glad I did it though. – [Jessica] What was it
like on the assembly line? – It was really rough, I went super fast. I was like putting them in and
then giving them to Parker. But Parker, oh, no. He had like, a ball, like. We need to slow down.
(Duncan giggles) Double tickles. So, my job was to like to
put little toys in the bag and then give it to my brother. And then, he would put like,
Disney toys in the bag. It was a race, that was a race. – [Jessica] What was it
like stuffing all the boxes? – It was hard, I was just like,
do, do, do, do, do, do, do. But I couldn’t do it so fast. So, I had like giant stack. And then, at the end, I had a giant stack, and I had no (pants) of
the toys I was giving. So, I was like, “Anyone, can you help me? “I don’t have any toys, “and there’s like a stack of this stuff. “Please, help me.” And then, daddy just came
along, and he’s like. He was whoa (chuckles).
(Jessica laughs) And then, I stuffed all of them, and they stuffed all of them. – [Jessica] Nice. – Yeah, that’s how it was like. (energetic music) – All right, we are about
to our advent calendars, and we’re doing two days today because yesterday got a little hectic. And so, we didn’t open one. – Yay, we’re gonna do seven and eight. – [Jessica] Did you already
start getting into seven? (gasps) Oh, another ornament? – (gasps) I can’t believe
my ornament’s on the tree. – [Bailey] The real tree now. – It’s a trombone.
– Oh. I thought it was like an
elephant with like moose antlers. (Jessica laughs) – [Christopher] Is it clear now? – Yes, it’s clear now. – (gasps) Cindy Lou’s friend. – [Christopher] Wow, your
hair matches that character. – (laughs) The lavender.
– Oh. – [Christopher] Oh, yeah, same color. – I got my hair dyed today, so. – I can do seven and eight. – [Jessica] Here, Bailey, put them up. – [Jacob] Some pieces,
surprisingly, pieces. (gentle music) – [Bailey] Oh, I know what it is. – [Jessica] Oh, Bailey! – [Bailey] The Eiffel Tower. – Jacob, look. (screams)
(Jessica laughs) (gentle music) That’s cool.
(lighthearted music) – That’s really big.
– Yeah. – Will like, on Christmas, will this whole entire thing be filled up? – [Jessica] I think so. – Wow.
(gentle music) – Boom, it is going. Got the motor here. – Duncan is taking a nap,
so he’ll open his later. But we wanted to make
sure we did it today, so. – Merry Christmas. – I wanna take a nap.
– Yeah, we’re tired. We spent a lot of time at Colleen’s house, and it was great, it was really fun hanging
out with the family, and with JoJo and Jayden, but
we stayed up a little extra. And then, we had to get up early to do this thing this morning, which was also super amazing. So, we’re just kind of trading
sleep for life experiences. – And now, we are home, and we can rest. – [Christopher] Duncan’s
got the right idea. – We actually have like
a zillion thing to do, but I am going to just rest. – What do we have to do? – Well, we have to get
ready for Parker’s surgery. There are a couple more things he wants. He wants like a tongue scrubber, and I think he wants some sort of gum, ’cause he’s gonna have really bad breath. Then, he also wants to make some Jello-O. He wants to be the one that makes it, and I have these little cute molds, and I’m really excited about it. And I don’t know how we’re gonna have the time to do that,
but we’re gonna try. We’re also Secret Santa with some friends of ours on YouTube. So, we need to go shopping
for our Secret Santa gift, and I’m so excited about it. And I don’t even know. I don’t know if I’m gonna
get to any of that today. I don’t have a lot of time tomorrow. And then, the next day is
Parker’s surgery, so (groans). I don’t know, and all I wanna
do is lie down and rest. – And I was wondering we
could see The Grinch movie. – (laughs) I feel like you didn’t even listen to a word I just said. We have a lot on our schedules. – Like, the latest it shows. – I feel like you didn’t
hear a word that I said. Like, I have to go to sleep.
(both laugh) – Well, like, maybe you wouldn’t come. – [Christopher] Bailey’s driving. (Jessica laughs)
– No, daddy is. – Daddy feels like mommy right now. Daddy wants to go to sleep also. (gentle music)
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