Thor Wakes Up In Hospital Scene | Thor (2011) Movie Clip

Name? He said it was Thor? T-H-O-R. – And your relationship to him?
– I’ve never met him before. Until she hit him with a car. I grazed him, but she tasered him. Yes, I did. Hi. Just taking a little blood. How dare you attack the son of Odin? I need some help! Call security! Security to ER 3, stat! You’re no match for the Mighty… You don’t think
this was just a magnetic storm, do you? Look, the lensing around these edges is characteristic
of an Einstein-Rosen Bridge. A what? – I thought you were a science major?
– Political science. She was the only applicant. An Einstein-Rosen Bridge
is a theoretical connection between two different points
of space-time. It’s a wormhole. – Erik, look. What do you see?
– Stars. Yeah, but not our stars. See, this is the star alignment
for our quadrant this time of year, and unless Ursa Minor decided
to take a day off, these are
someone else’s constellations. Hey! Check this out. No, it can’t be. I think I left something at the hospital. It’s not possible! He was on drugs or something.
He just went nuts. Oh, my God. I just lost
my most important piece of evidence. Typical. – So now what?
– We find him. Did you see what he did in there? I’m not sure finding him is the best idea. Well, our data can’t tell us
what it was like to be inside that event, and he can. So, we’re gonna find him. Okay. So we’re gonna look
all over New Mexico, right? Exactly. What? I’m so sorry.
I swear I’m not doing this on purpose.

35 thoughts on “Thor Wakes Up In Hospital Scene | Thor (2011) Movie Clip

  1. 0:22 how dare you attack the son of Odin
    0:44 you’re no match for the mighty
    (Thor gets a Needle in the back or butt)

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