Thomas Willson, MD, Plastic Surgeon, University of Vermont Medical Center

Hi, I’m Dr. Tom Willson and I’m a plastic
surgeon. The thing I bring to the practice is a
background in craniofacial reconstruction, which I think opens doors to patients at the University in terms of, you know, complex facial injuries or
complex cancer, you know, removals that need to be reconstructed, as well as kids
who have, you know, facial differences from birth that that would otherwise be
going to Boston or elsewhere can be cared for here at UVM and UVM Children’s
Hospital. Our faces are the first things people
see about us and everybody has something beautiful about them but it’s really
really hard if your face is different from what people are expecting. So I get
to try to make people feel like everybody else and and that’s the goal.
The key thing in my mind is not to try to make people feel quote-unquote “normal,” because that’s not for me to judge. It’s just for me to help with their

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