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Here at Stanford, we are an internationally
known, leading academic medical center. We bring together the best and the brightest
and some of the most talented people there are in the world. We have an amazing culture
of innovation, and we take that innovative spirit, and in everything that we do, we try
to think about what does tomorrow bring? One place we’ve really excelled is in multidisciplinary
care. When one comes to Stanford, one doesn’t just have one doctor, we have teams of doctors
and that leads to our ability to take care of very complex cases. Cases that might not
be as well taken care of elsewhere. All the patients and laboratories, and the
clinical trials, they’re all made within a stone’s throw of each other. So, you can meet
someone in the parking lot, and cook up a new collaboration or you can see a patient
and ask how they are doing. At Stanford, we’ve got everything within a
few hundred yards here. We’re a community of scholars. What makes Stanford such an incredible place
is we truly have the opportunity here to literally help heal the world. We can do that through
our leading edge research and innovations and we’ve had cutting edge breakthroughs developed
here at Stanford that have propagated around the world. The cyber knife, endovascular treatment, endoscopic
treatment through very tiny openings, the use of computer directed navigation. Dr. Shumway in 1968 did the first heart transplant
here at Stanford, LVAD therapy, balloon angioplasty, and other major discoveries. We have the unique capability of taking some
of the world’s leading science and applying it clinically. Many people have called it
“bench to bedside” but it’s actually much more than that, it’s also taking those observations
on patients, taking those observations back to people who are doing basic investigations,
and really, understanding mechanisms of disease. We have a remarkable opportunity to truly
center our care around our patients, delivering outstanding, compassionate care, 24/7. The doctors, the nurses, everyone’s involved
to make sure that you’re safe and you’re cared for. We all strive to provide excellence in patient
care. We want the overall patient experience to be phenomenal. Having that unique experience with patients
can be powerful, it can be motivating. And when you’re sick and when you’re thirsty and
when you’re tired, you want somebody who’s going to be able to recognize that, and help
you along the way I cannot say enough about the Stanford people.
The care I’ve received has been outstanding. Going to Stanford…just the reputation of
the hospital and the school was enough to put me at ease, to be honest. The way I was treated at Stanford was wonderful…it
was as pleasant an experience as something like that could possibly be. The care at Stanford…just awesome. You couldn’t
ask for any better. When I was first told that I needed a double
lung transplant, I didn’t know if I would live or not. A lot of people don’t get second
chances and I did. Stanford of course is a teaching hospital
and you know, I think teachers are born, not made and I just felt as if I was in very good
hands. I just feel so lucky and so thankful that
I had great doctors. They did a miracle…because I was given the worst sentence and I ended
up having really, a result that no one expected. Patients come to Stanford Hospital because
they are confident that they’re going to get the best treatment in the world. We pride ourselves in taking on the most challenging
cases, patients with the most complex diseases. Having the outstanding people here and the
motivation to do something that will make a difference is what makes Stanford special. We’re all working toward the same goal, and
that’s to get the patient the best care that they can receive. It’s a very unique thing
to be a part of. We need to make sure that the next patient
who walks through the door, gets the absolute best inpatient care with the highest quality,
the highest level of safety, with great compassion. If we do that, then we will make a big impact
one patient at a time and collectively, we’ll make a significant impact on healthcare here
and around the world.

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  1. Stanford extended and kept me alive! Fighting Amyloidosis and a destroyed heart. The cancer treatments controlled disease to where I got a new transplanted heart and new life. Love you Dr.. Wittles, Dr Mikaela Liedtke, Dr. Sally Arai, Dr Yasuhiro Shudo and Dr Hittinger, Dr Teuteberg, and Dr. Khush.

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