This is Our Story

look at this thing flat your rims old
bent no what are you doing you robbing my ladder
hopefully bashes his window with that dude that thing is gonna fly off on the
highway almost caused an accident luckily nobody got into one and then a
pool it was a mess you don’t know you do it out looks good yeah they’re calling
me oh yeah you look like a home phone problem came it’s a Franklin pollute
behind whatever it’s all worse than me rename like Rocky you could swim what’s
the Mariner aim to or worse let me spend it over for you what do you got your
mother’s socks on what you put too much in there
I didn’t even move yet made it through a Harley Davidson place ray Lucas on bikes belt-driven
back in the day we have a harley-davidson dream oh well what’s
going on what’d you do meatballs over here again
the cop was on the edge like this I didn’t do that you did that I hear you
yes you did those probably Lance I did it you did that car right Nina’s always
dropping things good you thirsty wow I’m done how many times a day she
say I’m done but you’re never officially done
you’re still cleaning yeah we’re setting up today for Sabrina’s 25th birthday
excited Nina to get delivered a lot of decorations I
called in some troops to help me out my friend D is here she’s helping me open
up the wine bottles she brought me a lovely strawberry salad boots in the
oven spring is here so today has been a crazy morning already I’ve been up since
3:00 a.m. I had to take my mom to the hospital as you can see all this laundry
when I asked Bruce to help he just takes the clothes out of the dryer and throws
them up on the counter for me to fold so as you can see I have like four loads of
clothes fold it in another one on the floor to go but yeah this is pretty much
my life because I work from home and because I’m such a control freak I have
to do the laundry Bruce tries to do the laundry I don’t like the way that he
does it and he works really hard outside of the house so I do this what I love
about my shower is that I have a jet so but I’m gonna wash my hair I just put up
a funny that I didn’t you suggest on the side and I have a bench in the morning
after he gets out goes to the bathroom and mommy makes the bed and sleeps in
mommy’s bed say hi J oh you want a belly rub okay if I go to bed with a wet head
this is kind of what my hair looks like and now I usually clip my hair back up
and then I have a smear that magnifies so I could see it bigger cuz I don’t see
that well I’m gonna start off with my name is Aryan sunscreen it has it go
little tint to it as you could see I need the sunscreen because I am a Sun
worshiper and I damaged my skin so bad over the years I’ve brown spots so my
makeup clinic is very simple I use a little bit of a foundation to cover up
my pimple area and another my eyes I’m no makeup expert and I know there’s
people out there that are phenomenal makeup artists I am NOT one of them I
really never wore makeup when I was young even when I got married on my
wedding day my makeup consisted of lip liner and lipstick I don’t even think I
wear mascara I was always very natural I didn’t really like makeup it was just
too much of a hassle to put on so my bronzer is my thing I goes everywhere on
my face time for me to head downstairs and figure out what’s gonna be for
dinner tonight if I feel like cooking or doing all the way out to dinner whatever
mommy does Geo’s I’m standing up here and he won’t go come on G let’s go
downstairs you’re coming with mommy I’m oh you look better well you’ve been
image AMA since your surgery so yeah somebody sneaking over here hi honey
mommy’s been doing tutorials all morning well people asked about my life so I did
like my morning routine and all that and I go
games like just woke up I just every morning I don’t care how I look
just wake up eat breakfast and go residens yourself on a side note you
know Aaron fan found like the Becky’s underneath the cabinet there yeah you
must have dropped them right here yeah you must have dropped them by accident
but I found them alright have fun at the gym baby what up to me time family how
he’s doing everybody’s been asking questions here are today’s shoutouts of
the day to get a shout out turn on our notice and leave a comment below how do
we read it was sunny and bright may 16 what year 1993 we met 1991 what they
know this sunny embroider so what day did we May 16 oh there you go okay we met her mutual friend
yes I whatever to refresh I was invited to my friends
that they were very complicated the little baby so she has to come over and
hang out with her because her husband was going out with his friends so I get
to her house and her mom’s there and I’m like oh why is your mom here she said
well we’re going out with my husband and his friend on the motorcycle and I said
I don’t do motorcycles and she’s like there you know a choice you’re going
I wasn’t even dressed I have to tell you my shoe look I’m Topcats
bobby socks like I remember bike shorts and like a actually t-shirt like this
yeah what yeah I wasn’t really dressed Tina is always in black yeah so anyway
we went on the bike ride I was trying to be gracious I really don’t do bike and
the whole time he kept looking for his mirrors they smile plastered on my face
my family would yeah your hand on my leg first date line babe
the next day saw mystery oh we went back to our friend’s place and then I asked
her drive you you’re like no I’ll Drive you home but I like drug mule try to
kiss me tongue action you asked for my number and the very next day you called
me and I’m like what do you do when it’s at 12 o’clock in the afternoon you took
off work or something and I go you want to go do something and I work a lot but
they’re going on it our first official date I think I think every single day he
was caught coming to my house taking me somewhere like two weeks later we were
at greenfinch dawn rise for anybody that knows me I get sick
I to play as well I have a heart condition
and I passed out he tricked me telling me that this roller coaster was like the
Train thing that goes across the top and it was like a roller coaster so I
actually do you want to go out with me and you say woof you keep me occupied
what she meant a lot of things by that I don’t want to see anybody else how about
you and I said well if you keep me occupied again have time to say yes so I
kept you occupied good night what says oh cool
I say your you said Mikey went from the first thing he met me and he told my
in-laws and he was gonna marry me which was an ongoing joke and I was
again this nice crazy I told my mama right ok he’s nice he’s such a nice guy
or whatever you really want well along with me well she liked that you were a
nice guy I like bad boys but you weren’t a bad boy and it was different so it was
cool cuz we’re decided expect to fall in love and I did and we were engaged after
6 month do that guys it works 28 years okay
let’s stop stalking I work I would go out for a lunch break easy out there
anymore go to lunch why are you not at your job I liked it I feel like it’s why
our years later right still like what I’m saying that’s cool that’s it funny
thing about Saturday night and Bruce and I we had mutual friends where he’s four
years older than me we went to the same grade school we only lived like three
blocks to one another but we had all the same mutual friends but we didn’t
personally know one another on our first date we get off the bikes and we’re
walking up staff Street I’m gonna see through with people that we both know
and they’re like hey drones take me and they just looked at were complaining
they were so confused because we write a different circles of people they do but
they didn’t expect us to be together and everybody was just so confused for
like the first summer we went out people would call don’t so what do you do what
is it oh my god oh yeah
Sabrina cracks up about 30 years later you still wanted it bro one time on
Thanksgiving right after we got engaged and everybody was busy and I was sitting
there the girl but she was like okay and you are oh well I I just wanted to see
if he was home and what I liked okay well broke I don’t notice it but I
thought maybe it was a family no nothing like really true and honesty what
everybody said hey it won’t work out yes I’m literally the combination on YouTube
I got my smarts for mom and I got my dumb goofiness and dad so it’s literally
like the best combination you could ever ever one web mr. Bremen she’s all
Stewart I think your mom Ryder in their stomach
layin out that’s another video yes that Surrey will be another video that’s
actually a very interesting topic because something happened my sister
when she was younger and I think everybody would have a better
understanding yeah probably so that’s that for next to exactly if you guys
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