‘This is a PR stunt’: medical student confronts Johnson during hospital visit

Basically, I just came out of clinic and
I was told that Boris Johnson was coming and I was like, oh my goodness. As a normal person, you never get that
opportunity to say something to someone like that, I really want to ask
him what’s next and I was told I wasn’t allowed to ask him any questions,
which I think is a really good sign this is a PR stunt. People who work in this hospital know
the reality of cuts. I’m a medical student, I don’t the reality
of cuts in the way these people do. They were all really angry to hear that
he’s coming here for a PR stunt because we know what cuts have
done to our NHS. We know the NHS is being privatised
even if it’s not explained in explicit terms. – What’s the mood among staff at the hospital,
having had Boris Johnson come in? – Ooh OK, so we weren’t told that he
was coming and I think that’s a really big sign because I think as prime minister you should
be proud of how you’re leading your country. We were told that we weren’t allowed
to know that he was here. But I think it’s one of frustration
because as doctors, we practice evidence based medicine
and politics should be evidence based too and yet the health outcomes from
his policy changes show evidence wise, that doesn’t work and we
shouldn’t keep doing that. And he’s too much of a coward to actually speak
to any real members of staff, rather than just some random medical student
who happened to get in front of some cameras about the reality of those cuts.

89 thoughts on “‘This is a PR stunt’: medical student confronts Johnson during hospital visit

  1. So now politicians are banned from going into any public place in the country ever. Right. She won’t say the same thing to Corbyn

  2. It is standard operating procedure that the Prime Minister’s movements don't have to be cleared in advance with this young woman…

  3. Yes it's the start of the election campaign 👏… what else would he be doing? Also he is the Prime Minister and he can't just announce everywhere he is going or talk to everyone 👍

  4. This little girl is misguided. If the Prime Minister had to stop to answer every question thrown at him, he'd never get any work done! That's why there's the media to do that job for her. She shouldn't be so disrespectful to the PM either, and should grow up. This is the real world, missy. Sorry if you don't like that. Most young people don't because in this modern age, they want instant gratification, instant answers, instant solutions. The Guardian gave her the platform only because she was ready to disparage the PM, which is basically encouraging the same disrespect. BTW, I'm not British so I have no vested interest in making this statement. I don't live in the UK either. I'm from Malta and a former journalist myself. In my time, we used to do things differently. Even when I didn't agree with the current administration, I showed respect in my line of questioning and actions.

  5. ‘The reality of cuts’ is that they are necessary when resources are limited. Do you honestly think that Boris or Conservatives WANT people to not get healthcare?! Grow the F up.

  6. PR stunt? People are so cynical these days… I saw Boris wearing an NHS lab coat that day Ergo Sum blah the NHS is clearly safe in his hands.

  7. NHS too many people taking out not enough paying in. 220 billion paid on WELFARE in the last 12 months? That's the biggest priority more money than NHS MOD etc etc. The NHS is NOT free! But when the Torys tried to cut welfare they were accused of taking money from the disabled! Always the same political NHS debate, remember when millaband was going to weaponise the NHS?

  8. Unfortunately it does not matter how much money you throw at the NHS and Education it will never be enough and they will always be able to spend it and say they're not receiving enough funding. £162 Billion a year goes to the NHS second only to pensions.

  9. things are building and building for a wicked time in politics! Know which whose ideologies are what, especially the Tories', DUP's and BNP's BP's .

  10. There you go, getting your information from some nobody who only believes the UN report. Why don’t ya read the UN report from 10 years ago and see what they got right then?

  11. Well said.
    brexit was funded to crash the pound and a brexit crashed pound wont afford the withered NHS that we have now thus forcing 'essential' privatisation to 'save' it.
    Face it the conservative party has never forgiven the Labour Party for building the NHS.
    The conservative party plan is to sell off the NHS to foreign interests.

  12. Have you ever seen anyone so hyper and pumped up on their own self importance? She literally can’t stand still she’s so high on her moment.

  13. Your told your not allowed to ask questions .It becomes more of a farce .The reason is hes hiding things from you .Where has free speech gone?.Bigger bonuses for the management.Well hell get a wake up call soon enough .

  14. I agree Johnson should be held to account every minute of everyday, especially over the cuts to the NHS, but saying it’s a PR stunt is obvious.

    That is the nature of politics, BJ can’t visit ordinary people and talk as a private citizen.

    Everything he does is under scrutiny and he will play every advantage from that that he can. He wouldn’t be a politician if he didn’t.

  15. 'Cowardly' Boris Johnson booed on Cambridge hospital trip ► https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/oct/31/cowardly-boris-johnson-booed-in-cambridge-hospital-trip

  16. Guardian neoliberal rant. Why not cover the Lib Dem leader. Jo Swinson and her non liberal undemocratic hypocritical election stunts.? No interest!

  17. PR stunt definitely he could of stopped and answered her shows how arrogant he really is and why was the staff told they could not ask questions Don't like him at all I have voted conservative always thought he would make the best prime minister ever but he has turned out to be a liar and Hypocrite ..Not the guy I thought he was and not the party I voted for … He has lost my vote ..

  18. I've noticed that on the Sun videos you get a lot of rightards and on the guardian you get a lot of rightards. Anyone would think they have a bee in their bonnet.

    Commenting on YouTube vids doesnt change the fact you have 0 sense of reality.

  19. He won't talk because he's still being funded by Vlad!! There is a reason why he is sitting on the Russian interference report into brexit, which had been cleared by security services to publish. Sorry to break it to you brexiteers but you have been doing Vlad's bidding. Now time to wait for the brexit mob to start scrabbling about how to defend this Buffon as well as their other glorious leader farage. Both now with proven connections to Russian interference haha

  20. I don't think putting more money into the NHS will save it. The whole management of it needs to change. If more money goes into where is it all going. Every year NHS needs more money.What can the NHS do with the money so they wont need more in years time?? What do I know I haven't read the IPCC report like every one else on here.

  21. There's a shortage of qualified NHS staff because of the Brexit process that has raised crimes related to xenophobia by 500% and created uncertainty for valuable qualified EU medical staff. This is leading to a privatised NHS where American pharmaceutical companies call the shots. Paid hardcore leave campaigners lsupport this outcome..

  22. Boris Johnson, proving yet again, he is not only not a man of the people, but happily refusing to listen to thier concerns.
    REMEMBER THIS PIECE everyone come election day

  23. It's pointless voting for the Tories thinking they will deliver Brexit when most of the Tory mps will vote against Brexit, it's madness any leaver voting Tory

  24. Operation expose the Charlatan. These politicians cannot face real people, or the truth. The NHS safe in Tory hands.? LMAO.

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