Thin Endometrium: Its Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Hi, I am Dr. Sweta Gupta, Clinical Director
of Medicover Fertility. Today’s topic of discussion is Thin Endometrium:
Its symptoms, causes, and treatment. What is a thin endometrium or thin lining
of womb? The thickness of the endometrial lining is
important for women who are trying to conceive or undergoing IVF cycles. For an Embryo to go and implant in the endometrium,
it should be thick, receptive and nourishing. An endometrium thickness of 8 mm or above
is considered normal for successful embryo implantation. And a thickness of less than 7 mm is considered
as Thin Endometrium, which decreases the chances of a successful pregnancy. What are the symptoms of a thin endometrium? The symptoms of a thin endometrium are: Abnormal menstrual cycle Reduced menstrual bleeding Painful periods Infertility Or can be without any symptoms and detected
on Ultrasound. What are the causes of thin endometrium? The causes of a thin endometrial lining may
be due to: Low Oestrogen level Inadequate blood flow to the uterus Poor health of endometrial tissue like:
• Endometrial Tuberculosis • Pelvic infections D&C, or any other surgeries leading to adhesions
or scarring Use of birth control pills Use of fertility drugs like Clomid How can thin endometrium be treated? Proper evaluation of the endometrium should
be done and treated accordingly to make it thick and nourishing so that it can accept
an embryo. Firstly, an Ultrasound is done to check for
the thickness of the uterus. In some cases Hysteroscopy is required, If during the procedure we
find any intrauterine adhesions or scarring or adhesions then they are removed. Infections like endometrial tuberculosis,
or any other pelvic infections should be treated with medicines. Oestrogen tablets– Oestrogen hormone is
vital in maintaining the endometrial lining thick. So, a woman having a low oestrogen level canbe treated with oestrogen supplements either orally or as a suppository. In addition to this, some newer techniques
Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor, which is a growth hormone and its intrauterine
infusion has been seen to increase the thickness of the endometrial lining. Lastly If during an IVF cycle it is found that a
patient has a poor endometrium, then it is recommended to freeze all her embryos in that
cycle (FET), and transfer later once the endometrium has thickened and ready to accept the embryos. We can also check the receptivity of the endometrium
through a molecular diagnostic test which helps to locate the implantation window, so
a personalized embryo transfer can be done to reduce the chances of implantation failure. How can medicover fertility help women deal
with thin endometrium? Medicover fertility is a renowned european
brand with 23 years of experience in the field of infertility. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced
doctors who help couples to deal with fertility issues. We have successfully treated many women who
had recurrent miscarriages and many failed IVF cycles due to thin endometrium. Thin endometrium is the biggest challenge
faced in the IVF industry, but with advanced techniques and careful evaluation and treatment
these women have been able to conceive successfully. And in women who have severly damaged endometrial
lining, surrogacy can be an option. Thank you for watching this video, if you
have any questions or concerns regarding thin endometrial lining you can drop your questions
in the comment section or call us on 7862800700.

16 thoughts on “Thin Endometrium: Its Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

  1. I have a problem with endometrial lining thin so we did ivf it was faild and my doctor said they did our best i don't know. So please can you tell me any natural way to improve my linning thickness

  2. suggest foods to take for endometrium lining increase doctor please am having less then 7 and my age is 25 unmarried.

  3. Dr. I'm 54 year old.I took. Scan of utres.Result
    Endomatrial hyperplasmaia .is that surgery need are by treatment get cure please reply Dr.
    I'm worrying lot.

  4. Mam i face problem for thin Endometrial thickness.its 6.5 so my dr suggest me to do metroplasty histroscopy .is it help

  5. Meri age 28 hai n meri recent tvs report main endometrial thickness 7.5 mm ai hai kya main pregnant hosakti hun ??? Is this normal ???

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