Thieves steal furniture from Letcher County medical clinic

FROM A MEDICAL CLINIC … GOOD EVENING, I’M TANNER HESTERBERG … AND I’M ERIKA GLOVER … FIRST ON MOUNTAIN NEWS AT 11, POLICE ARE LOOKING FOR TWO PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR TAKING BRAND NEW TABLES FROM A MEDICAL FACILITY IN LETCHER COUNTY. THE THIEVES STRUCK MOUNTAIN COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH CORPORATION IN WHITESBURG TWICE YESTERDAY … GETTING AWAY WITH NEARLY 500 DOLLARS WORTH OF FURNITURE. TODAY I TALKED WITH MOUNTAIN COMP’S SECURITY DIRECTOR, WHO IS HOPING SURVEILLANCE VIDEO HELPS CATCH THE THIEVES. 00 24 49 Surveillance video shows a man parking his silver Dodge Dakota behind Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation in Whitesburg around 5:30 Wednesday evening and looking for discarded boxes to take. b-roll of boxes A few minutes later, his passenger appears to alert him to three boxes containing unassembled tables … And one of those boxes ends up in the back of the truck. 43:58 WE WERE TRYING TO LOOK AT IT AND GIVE THEM THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT – MAYBE, MAYBE NOT – BUT ONCE WE SAW THE SECOND VIDEO, THE SECOND PART WE THING THEY KNEW WHAT THEY WERE GETTING :08 That second piece of surveillance video shows the thieves returning four hours later and stealing the other two tables, which were supposed to be set up in Mountain Comp’s new dental office. They even keep the truck’s lights off until driving away. 38:26 AS FAR AS THEFTS THAT OCCUR IN THE LETCHER COUNTY AREA, WE’VE HAD QUITE A FEW HERE LATELY :05 Standup 54:02 POLICE SAY THE STOLEN FURNITURE IS WORTH 455 DOLLARS, MAKING THIS CRIME 45 DOLLARS SHORT OF A FELONY AND CARRYING AT LEAST ONE YEAR IN PRISON. :09 45:26 A LOT OF PEOPLE WORK FOR WHAT THEY GET AND IT’S HARD TO WORK FOR IT AND SET IT UP AND GUARD IT ALL NIGHT, TOO. AND IF WE CAN SOLVE THIS IT MAY SAVE SOMEONE ELSE FROM BEING A VICTIM OF A THEFT. :11 But for now, Watts and police and relying on the public to help identify the people responsible. IF YOU HAVE INFORMATION, YOU CAN CALL THE KENTUCKY STATE POLICE POST IN HAZARD AT 606-435- 6069. ONE KNOX COUNTY MAN IS ACCUSED OF MAKING METH IN HIS HOME WITH

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