THEY CUT ME OPEN!! Trip to the BEST Medical Clinic in the US! *PART 1*

What’s up YouTube! Bro OMG you don’t even understand how excited I am to tell y’all this, man! Look! Listen check this out. All y’all that have watched my first two videos about how I almost died and all that stuff last year For all y’all that have watched that video then y’all would understand why I am so excited to let y’all know When I was in the military, some..some…something…something tragic happened. I lost my career in the military and all of that stuff A lot of you understand.. a lot of you know that and thank you to the people that stuck by my side through this.. this hell of a process! But look… I’m still standing. I’m standing here today with a smile on my face… smile on my face, it don’t even matter NO STRAIGHT FACE!!! HEY! We getting it, DIFFERENT BREED!!! Different breed. What do I mean by different breed? Let me.. let me enlighten you about what I mean by different breed… Check this out… ya.. DIFFERENT BREED! You’re going to tackle everything with a different mindset! A different mindset. You’re going to be winners! You’re not going to fit in to the status quo! What society puts on you. What society wants you to look like, wants you to sound like, wants you to be like! BEATING THE STATUS QUO! Standing out. Not being afraid to stand out. Not being afraid to be different with how you go about your life! Your goals, your dreams. That is ALL ON YOU! No one can stop you, but YOU! You can win in a different, in a different light. It doesn’t matter about how people look at you or say about you. So look… I’m coming to you, I’m coming to you because I am so excited that I get to share my journey to full health and healing, and increase, and blessing, and prosperity with y’all! And I want y’all to stick by my side through this en… through this…through this entire UGH!!! AHH!! I’m so excited I’m stumbling over my words! I want y’all to stick by me through this process I’m gonna get… I’m getting healed and I’m putting it all out on camera. I’m going to give you the whole process of everything on how it’s going to go down so… SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON!!! SHARE THIS VIDEO!!! COMMENT DOWN BELOW!!! And SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL AND JOIN THE DIFFERENT BREED!!! C’mon MAN!!! C’mon man who! Who doesn’t want to be apart of this journey?! Who doesn’t want to be apart of this channel?! It’s FIRE!!! Aye bro, WE GOT IT!!! We got it. We finally got that… We finally got what we needed! So let’s GET IT! LET’S GET IT GANG BOY!!! YOUTUBE!!! What’s up!!! What’s up! Aye.. I’m hyped today! I’m pretty sure for the people that actually followed us… Road to recovery, road to FULL recovery. WE ARE FINALLY AT THE DOGGONE HOSPITAL TO GET HEALED!!! We’re about to get healed! What’d i say? 2019 new year, new me, new life, new everything! All great! We about to get it!!! We about to get healed! You’re about to see this face be like PURE! Just pure like… like… like coca butter! lol YAAA! So thank y’all for tuning in. AYE! For those of you that are watching. Go ahead and SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON!!! SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL!!! And follow.. follow us on the full journey to full recovery, y’all! Thank you for the support! WE LIIIT!!! WE LIT AYE! AYE! WE LIT WE LIT! WE LIT! LOL GANG!! HEY BAAAABY!!! HEY!! HEY!! HEY!! You better get on camera!! You better smile on camera!!! You better smile on camera!!! YAAAA!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA YA look at the twists! LOOK AT THE TWISTS! Naw my baby don’t have dreads so don’t even ask that. Don’t even put that in the comment section Ya. My baby just got good hair, that’s it. And look who decided… look who decided to show up… THAT’S MAMA!!!!! THAT’S MY MAMA!!! Y’ALL SAY HEY DAVIN’S MAMA!!!! HEY MAMA!!! WE LIT TODAY!!! WE ABOUT TO GET HEALED TODAY!!! YAAA!!! Burnt face and all but WE ABOUT TO GET HEALED HAAAAAAAA!!!!! Aye check… check this camera out. Look at this… Look at that… LOOK AT THAT!!! Look at that… Ranked #1 in the state of Florida! Should be the state. Should be like all… all of everything! The entire like… the US! Ranked #1 in the state of Florida! So what that mean? That means that this mean that you’re looking at right here… for all of you first timers that’s like ewww he.. he kinda ugly In about… In about two weeks, you’re gonna be like DANG WHO DAT?! Ya but look… we here! We here! We here! Oh ya get that sun! That sun feel good on my skin! Out here YA!! Y’all stay tuned! Going up now, finally! Registration done, now we’re in the elevator going up…. time to check in So we are finally checked in… It only took… about TWO HOURS! But we are finally checked in… get on the camera… Say Davin’s mama YOU LOOK SO PRETTY!!! You look so pretty! But ya we are checked in. Now we are finally waiting for the MIRACLE DOCTOR! To help us out. So ya for.. for the people that don’t know… I have CHRONIC ATOPIC DERMATITIS! Whatever that is… It sounds crazy! It is crazy as you can tell from my face Tell from my face and all that stuff… All messed up… Face, no eyebrows….. hair loss… ya its kind of a big deal… it’s kind of crazy! But… road to full recovery starts today, right? 2019 To a new year, everything! It’s going to be better! I’m going to be back to Pretty boy Davin! Pretty boy!… Face clear as cocoa butter! So now we’re on the second leg of this appointment… We just got done with the biopsy and everything like that, they had to take some samples.. So now we are about to get labs done So we’re on the last leg of this appointment… gotta wait a couple weeks before the results get back but now… road to full recovery We in here, we’re almost done with this thing now it’s just a waiting game after that! Finally leaving! We’ve been here… we’ve been here since about 10 am and it’s… About 2:30 (pm)… been here for a while! But we are done! I’m all stitched up, look at me! Took blood! I got stitches and all that stuff aye, but that’s what it takes right? YAAA!!! Mama on the cam again!!! Yep, yep! Follow my boy! Y’all subscribe to the channel! I know y’all gonna like it! You know it’s a lit video! Taking you on my journey inside my personal life that not many people do But it’s ok… because I want to take y’all on this journey. I want y’all to follow this full recovery So y’all. Subscribe to the channel. Like.. Smash that like button… Comment down below… get better soon… do what you… do what you do! I like when you say smash that like button! Ya SMASH IT! SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON!!! Like Jesus be smashing Satan’s head everyday, YA FEEL ME?! Alright, NO TEXTING AND DRIVING!!!

8 thoughts on “THEY CUT ME OPEN!! Trip to the BEST Medical Clinic in the US! *PART 1*


  2. I Love It! For People who struggle with Atopic Dermatitis this journey is for you! Your Experience May be slightly different but follow this channel! It could help!!

  3. That’s what I’m talking abooouuutttt! Yes!! Finally time for recovering and good vibes and healing to begin. I’m so thankful you guys finally got there. I love you guys, always keep pushing and I can’t wait to share this journey with you guys.
    P.s. I love you mama! I hope you can forgive me.

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