Therapy for Peanut Allergies

♪ Number four, therapy for peanut allergies. Turning a doorknob, sitting with friends at lunch, eating out. Some everyday actions can be life-threatening for a child with a peanut allergy. Not to mention parents living with anxiety with every move their child makes and every bite their child takes. But a new immunotherapy is bringing fascinating data and hope to the food allergy arena. In September, an FDA expert panel recommended approval of a first-of-its-kind treatment, a capsule with a minuscule amount of pharmaceutical-grade peanut protein. Over time, the dose is increased and the child builds up a tolerance to peanuts. In a recent study, nearly 80% of the patients reached a daily maintenance dose, the equivalent of one peanut. Though not a cure, the breakthrough treatment lessons the worry of accidental exposure, easing the minds of parents who live in constant fear. ♪

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