The Young Living 5×5 Pledge: Empower

Laddale: People feel that they’re doing small things,
but small, persistent steps create a bigger impact. I am Dr. Laddale Borreo Sy, I am a pediatrician here in the Philippines. I have been with Young Living since 2017. My family inspires me, but as I go through my profession,
with all the personal experiences that I had, with all the things that I saw here in the Philippines,
especially for mothers and babies, I wanted to be more than a doctor. A lot of people ask me why I sacrifice
my clinic time for pro-bono works. I’ve learned that, in the clinic, you
can help improve a life one at a time. But when we go out, where there’s plenty of children,
you can change at least 30 lives at a time. Empowerment is very important for me,
because it’s like giving a voice to the voiceless. When I first knew that Young Living is
trying to empower 5 times more people, I felt proud and eventually, when more people are empowered, it will be a better, better world for everyone,
especially for our children.

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