The Wave Clinic – Carmel’s Testimony

My youngest daughter who is now 33 has an eating disorder,
which is called bulimia, which led into an alcohol problem. I reached out to so many people. We had counseling, my
husband and I had counseling, my daughter had counseling, but she was at such a very young age that I don’t think she wanted to accept all the information that was given to her. This beautiful woman, her name’s Fiona, she called me and I
could feel the compassion and the wanting to help
and this is the first time anybody has reached out to me. The openness of the
whole, of everyone there, was just fabulous, and I
knew deep down inside then this was going to work. My daughter’s amazing and they’re amazing, this Fiona and Malek
and Mo and all the team, they’ve embraced her and they
love her and she loves them. She’s now been eight months sober and I never, ever thought
we’d get to this stage. This is truly the best thing that we did. I actually said to my
husband, if we don’t do this, we’re gonna be paying for a funeral. So this monster that
was so loud in her head eight months ago and
through this eating disorder, it’s been talking to
her, is now a whisper. At The Wave, they’ve got her to a point where she can control this monster, and as a mother and as
a parent, it’s not easy. But never give up because
there are people out there that really wanna help. And The Wave, they’ve got
this commitment that they want and they treat every
person as an individual and they embrace them. I can’t speak highly enough
of them, and the whole team. And my daughter is part of that family and I’m just so very, very thankful.

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