The Upstate University Hospital Rehabilitation Center

Welcome to The University Hospital
Rehabilitation Center, where we specialize in getting you on your way
to recovery and independence. Our state-of-the-art facility is
the most comprehensive inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation
center in Central New York. And it is matched only by our excellent team
of professionals, who will work with you and your family, one-on-one,
to help you achieve your goals. Here at the University Hospital
Inpatient Rehabilitation Center, you will continue your hospital stay,
working with experts in various fields who will focus on your individual needs. We are a hospital within a hospital, providing
a comfortable environment where you can work on recovering your independence and
confidence to move on with your life. Once we’ve determined what specific areas
you need to improve on, we will work with you and your family to develop a plan to gain skills
that will benefit every area of your recovery. With our expertise and your hard
work, your goals can be achieved. Everyone’s circumstance is different, so we
plan a daily appointment schedule to guide you and your family through therapy and
educational sessions tailored just for you. Our Center uses the team approach, where each
member brings their particular expertise, providing you with organized
and well rounded care. Leading this team will be a doctor called a
Physiatrist, who specializes in Rehabilitation. All of your medical and educational
needs will be taken care of. Our excellent Nurses will work with
you and your family to teach you about your medications and
how to maintain your health. They will give you round the
clock support and encourage you to reach your highest degree of independence. One of the areas we may work on is
to increase your ability to move with strength, balance and coordination. Our top notch Physical Therapist
will show you effective exercises, both in your room and in our gym. Many everyday activities might be
difficult for you at this point, like eating, dressing or remembering things. Our Occupational Therapist will provide
therapeutic activities and adaptive equipment to maximize your ability to take
care of yourself in daily life. Having trouble speaking or thinking clearly
is a common problem that we can help you with. Our Speech Language Pathologist
will work with you to find new ways of communicating and problem solving. They will also coordinate
with a Registered Dietician to help you with chewing or swallowing food. And the Registered Dietician can
help you with planning your meals. We understand that being in
Rehabilitation can be stressful. That is why we provide emotional and spiritual
support with a knowledgeable and helpful staff. Our psychologists, social workers
and Pastoral Care staff will be there to support your whole well being. We also offer unique programs which allow
you to visit with dogs or participate in your favorite recreational activities to
relieve boredom and make you feel better. And if it’s nearing time to
get back to work or school, a Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist will
prepare you to make that a smooth transition. Through it all your Case Manager
will be working with your whole team to coordinate your eventual discharge. Remember, the most important team
members are you and your family. Only by working together will we
achieve the highest possible success. So, on a typical day, you will work with us
on the activities you need to get better. We will help you learn new ways
to get from place to place, to express your needs and
to perform daily activities. You will be surrounded by caring people who will
support you through times when you feel the need for a helping hand or a ray of hope. Our goal is to help you reach your goal. In choosing University Hospital’s
Rehabilitation Center, you are selecting the most comprehensive care
available in the Central New York region. You reaching your full potential
is what we are all about.

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