The University of Oregon Large-scale Vaccination Clinic

[music] Volunteer>>Hi there. Are you here for the
vaccine? Student>>Yes. Volunteer>>Great so if you grab a clipboard
and pen, have your I.D. card and insurance ready. Go through the registration. They’ll
verify your eligibility. And then you can fill out the form around the corner. Okay? Student>>Thanks. Volunteer>>So I will start out your form
with a label. Student>>Thank you. Volunteer>>Thank you. Around the left. Volunteer>>Looks like you’re all good. Have
you had anything to eat today? Student>>Yeah. Volunteer>>Okay. So if you’d like you can
still take a granola bar with you. All right, go ahead and, go ahead and take this information
with you. Go ahead and go straight to the wall right there, follow it around to the
next open station. Volunteer>>Hi. How ya doing? Student>>Good. How are you? Volunteer>>Good. So we’re asking that you
have a seat for about 10, 15 minutes to make sure you don’t have an adverse reaction to
the vaccine. Here we’ve got some granola bars and water for you that’ll help you pass the
time while you’re waiting. Okay? Thanks.

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