100 thoughts on “The Twelfth Doctor Has Arrived | Deep Breath | Doctor Who

  1. Strax: knocks Hello? Exit the box and surrender to the glory of the sontaran empire!
    Doctor: opens door Shush! closes door
    Me: laughing
    Strax: Doc….torrr???

    (scene at 0:21)

  2. I loved the slow motion effect they had in this scene. They should have added it in other episodes, maybe dramatic scenes…

  3. What if it happenend like this:
    Doctor: How do i look?
    Clara: You look…old…ish
    Doctor: OLD?!?! Oh sorry about this, its just that before i exited the TARDIS, i had a very chinny young face

  4. This scene is kind of weird because he's never had this big of a problem after regenerating, at least not in the new series, but it would make sense since he's technically breaking the rules by regenerating because Matt was technically the last life he had, so he's basically a completely new being at this point.

  5. Aww, the Doc's always so cute directly after regeneration…I mean, they're always adorable, but there is something especially endearing about post-regeberating/still regenerating Doc

  6. Love this scene. I actually love capaldi as the doctor. Now that hes gone. The doctor needs this. Male charisma. And at least a writter who knows how to write good female lead.

  7. As much as I really like, that we got: 'Peter Capaldi,' I can't help but wonder, what it would have been like, if: 'Matt Smith,' had stayed.

    Inter-Dimensional Travel! Get On That!

  8. 0:17 Commander Strax: "Hello. Exit the box, and surrender! For the glory of the Sontaran Empire!"

    12th Doctor: "Shush!" (LOL)

  9. 3:43 tense music and shot of a new Doctor

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  10. Having purchased the full Eccleston/Tennant, Smith and Capaldi collections, something like 31 DVD's in all, I'm just starting on Capaldi with this one. Interesting how the age difference between Clara and The Doctor is played in this one.

  11. This is an old post, nobody would notice this any but either way

    I found out "well the, here we go again" is just a quote taken from the old doctor who series

  12. I am totally confused, the new doc was a lady and haven’t seen much of her at all. Guess living in the US ruins the opportunity to view her or any other series.
    Anyone got any ideas?

  13. What I love about this scene is the subtle call backs Capaldi makes to Matts Doctor. The frantic speech, the hand movements, all little things Matt would do and given he has JUST regenerated, it makes sense.

  14. Will Wheaton said once that whenever the Doctor regenerates, you can see flashes of the previous Doctor there and I kind of agree. With this scene, you can see brief flashes of the 11th Doctor as the 12th Doctor’s personality begins to come in, like in his reactions and mannerisms as he tries to recall Clara. In a way, it’s like a way of easing viewers into everything; what made up one Doctor slowly goes away, while everything that makes up the new Doctor slowly comes in. Kind of like the show is trying to ease you in to such a big change.

  15. Interesting premise, the setting is pleasing to the eye, interesting villain, and Capaldi’s performance is great, it’s unfortunate that the writers couldn’t shut up about the lizard woman and her maid being married.

  16. was the trex launched through time the same way captain jack harkness was launched through time? if yes shouldn't the trex have the same effect? i haven't watched this episide in years so i don't remember

  17. I love how Strax immediately recognizes the Doctor, because he's so bad at human anatomy he must recognize the eyes / the soul / or heh… maybe just the big blue box.

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