The Truth About Drinking Celery Juice Daily Doctor’s Opinion

I want to talk about celery juice you
want to talk about celery juice in fact hundreds of thousands of people want to
talk about drinking pure celery juice every day and its potential benefits so
much so that it’s become an internet phenomenon in the past few years I
personally believe that the merriam-webster dictionary needs to
induct the phrase celery stalk er into its dictionary because it’s become such
a phenomenon now I’ve personally tried it in fact I first
tried it about 12 years ago for a couple of weeks I’ve tried it since I found it
to be not an unpleasant and experience it is mild and taste I certainly felt
the detoxification effects from it my skin looked great but I was only able to
sustain it for a couple of weeks and that’s the feedback that I hear from
most people now because I’m a trusted source of research I recently got a
question about celery juice and drinking it is it real is it for real or is it
all hyped up so I doubled down and I looked at the research about what the
potential benefits are compared to what might be over Flay ting
now let’s talk first of all about the history of celery celery the scientific
name is called apium graveolens it’s in the a PACA family of vegetables and
plants many of which have beneficial effects historically orally celery has
been used to treat rheumatism gout hysteria nervousness headache weight
loss exhaustion celery is also used as a sedative as a diuretic as a urinary
antiseptic a digestive aid an anti flatulence so it helps with gas and
aphrodisiac and some cultures it helps with stopping lactation for regulating
bowel movements stimulating the production of hormones from glands for
blood purification for high blood pressure for PMS symptoms and for
hundreds of years of course it’s been part of a trifecta in French cuisine
mirepoix that includes celery onions and carrots part of a delicious trifecta
that is the base of so much French cuisine now I do want to point out that
most of the research on celery has been conducted on the seed and that’s because
the components and compounds are most concentrated in the seed there are some
studies on celery stocks and celery juice and I’ll get into that in a moment
the most important compound of celery is called apigenin
it’s a natural flavor it’s widely distributed in plants such as celery and
the ABAC a family research has shown that higher intake of apigenin can
reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases dietary or therapeutic apigenin
has value as a good cellular regulator in cancer especially cancers of the
gastrointestinal tract but again these studies have been done on celery seed it
may reduce blood glucose levels in one mouth study celery leaf extract or
celery stalk extract ie celery juice reduced blood pressure cholesterol
triglycerides and improved risk factors in mice for cardiovascular disease a
really cool study was done on mice on a chemo therapeutic agent called
doxorubicin and that’s among one of the most potent and toxic chemotherapeutics
drugs commonly used in the treatment of cancer and what they did is they gave
mice doxorubicin and they gave another group of mice celery juice and the
celery juice with doxorubicin seemed to protect against damage likely due to
increasing a powerful antioxidant called glutathione and other anti
accident effects some again even celebrities and medical medians have
called it a miracle juice and there’s recently been a craze on the internet
about drinking pure celery juice anecdotal and testimonial evidence is
clear most people like it but again it’s it’s not sustainable that’s what most
people give me feedback and that’s what I found myself you can do it for a
couple of weeks maybe a month but it’s it’s not a sustainable practice in my
opinion it does stimulate bile production from the liver and and the
gall bladder so it potentially can help break down fat and help with weight loss
it has anti-inflammatory effects it’s high in vitamin K so it’s good for bone
health and heart health it’s a diuretic and it’s high in nitrates so it can help
dilate blood vessels and as a diuretic you can lose water so it potentially can
help with high blood pressure and increase blood flow to muscles if you’re
an individual that works out a lot with resistant exercise its purported to be
an antibacterial antifungal agent specifically for the urinary tract
though those studies again have been mostly performed on celery seed it does
seem to be good for skin health and the components are caffeic acid for Ehrlich
acid apigenin lutein saponin ‘he’s camp roles and
coumarins phytosterols which help to fight free radicals and help the skin to
look more youthful now you can achieve celery juice with a
juicer that’s pretty easy you can also achieve it through a blender I would
recommend that you chop it up first so those celery strands don’t bind up the
blender so chop it up and a little bit of water to the blender blend it up and
then you’ll have to pour it into a muslin bag or a hemp bag and squeeze out
the juice now personally I have found that making a juice cocktail was more
been a for me including celery a little bit of
beet a little bit of carrot just a slice or two of Apple adding some ginger I
have found to have more powerful effects than pure celery juice now as the case
with all juices it has no fiber but that’s okay with celery because it’s low
glycemic and the juice itself should not cause any kind of spike in blood sugar I
would recommend that you sip it drink slowly start slowly start with only
three or four ounces you can work your way up because in my experience and
thousands of other people if you chug it or if you start with quantities that are
too high it can be quite the detox it can be quite the laxative so you may
experience loose bowels initially it typically only lasts a day or two now
there are some cautions it is safe for most people but there are some cautions
to drinking pure celery juice it may actually prolong the activity of certain
medications like acetaminophen or Tylenol and certain antidepressant
medications like effexor it may have anti platelet activities due to some
compounds in celery so if you have bleeding disorders proceed with caution
it is a diuretic so it can have anti hypertensive or lower your blood
pressure and so as a diuretic losing water if you’re on lithium or high blood
pressure medications you need to be cautious
it does have bile stimulating activities so if you have no gallbladder proceed
with caution it is curiously one of the vegetables
that have the highest known allergic responses so if you know that you’re
allergic to celery please do not drink pure celery juice and again if you
proceed too quickly and consume too much early on it can be laxative and
certainly that is detoxification processes but if you’re prone to
diarrhea if you have IBS or irritable bowel syndrome it may
worsen those symptoms so that’s what the research shows again most of the
research has been done on the seed but there has been some research on the
juice itself is it a miracle juice is it a miracle cure no but I found it to be
effective for short-term use and thousands of people out there
anecdotally testimony have found the same thing I believe in the original
meaning of the word doctor they’ll carry which is teacher if you have questions I
want to know what those questions are so that I can inform you of what the
science shows so that you feel comfortable and confident with some of
these health fads that are on the internet if you have experience drinking
pure celery juice please let me know I want to know what those experiences are
so that I can broaden my scope and understanding of health fads I really
appreciate your time and attention I know you’re doing this to learn more
about your health and well-being at Zenith labs we actually have a
supplement called pure greens it contains several foods from the APA CA
family I encourage you to check that out it’s actually 57 super foods you can add
to your smoothie and tastes great and it is powerful in its antioxidant effects
we have a website zenit labs calm we have a Facebook page Instagram check
those out make sure that you subscribe to this page share it with your friends
and loved ones so that you are more informed and they are more informed
about some of these health fads that are on the Internet thanks so much for your
time and attention my name is Dr. Ryan Shelton

100 thoughts on “The Truth About Drinking Celery Juice Daily Doctor’s Opinion

  1. If you have one in your area, I find organic celery at ALDI'S and Walmart that isn't too expensive.

    If you still can't afford it and use regular celery…it grows upright, so some of the pesticide slides down to the bottom/base of the stalk, so be sure to cut that area off and wash off extremely thoroughly.

    Organic still much better.

  2. I find it effective for me especially that i have PCOS infertility problem. I don't menstruate regularly. When i used to drink celery juice the irregular period became regular now.

  3. While I have only watched about a dozen videos on celery juicing, I have found yours to be the most objective, science based investigation so far. Thank you! I tend to stay away from faddish trends but have juice fasted in the past and had good results. I like your personal “recipe” and will try it. It should be an interesting two weeks.

  4. While I have only watched about a dozen videos on celery juicing, I have found yours to be the most objective, science based investigation so far. Thank you! I tend to stay away from faddish trends but have juice fasted in the past and had good results. I like your personal “recipe” and will try it. It should be an interesting two weeks.

  5. what the hell a doctor promoting poison , celery juice is one of the most toxic of all the juices
    you sir are a doctor of bullsht
    people need to need to stop listing to people on you tube research for yourselves celery juice is toxic

  6. Man. Could you be a bit more professional in your description of it being “not sustainable practice” ? cause if it means you and “thousands of people” are not persistent…. well…..

    Second. Please say “doctor” less, it just makes you less believable. Free tip there. 😉

  7. Interesting perspective/opinion. Helping to round out my thoughts on the celery juice 'fad'. You did okay until you plugged your supplement at the end. Huge discredit to you in my opinion. I'll take my chances with the celery juice 'fad'. The most the 'medical medium' plugs is his book. More info, recipes and food ideas. I'm going with that.✌🏻

  8. As soon as you stop, you lose all the benefits. It doesnt cure anything. It just takes out the symptoms while you drinking. I have a number of health issues including digestive problems, low bile production and chronic fatigue and a drug resistant uti. I went onto celery juice for months. And I felt fantastic. They all went away. But as soon as I went off it, months later, they all came back immedicately. In my experience – its not a permanent cure.

  9. Celery, kale, dandelion root, green apple, lime and ginger juice. Is very very powerful. Please always use Organic to avoid the pesticides.

  10. There are 3 ways to use juice therapy ( any juice: beetroot, carrot, cabbage, spinach, green pepper, tomato): 1) for preventive use- 2 glasses( a glass of 250 ml) per day; 2) for digestive system- 8-12 glasses for 3 days max.; 3) as a remedy for a health problem- 2-4 glasses per day for 2 weeks. You can find about this therapy in the book " How to live 150 years" by Mikhail Tombak. An example of cocktail of juices, mix carrot juice with spinach juice 1: 2 (250 ml + 500 ml) per day. This cocktail is for constipation, rheumatism, high blood pressure or low blood pressure, migraines.

  11. Hello nice video I have been drinking organic celery juice for the last two weeks it has been amazing for my health my body my skin my hair and it moves through my digestive system very quickly so after I drink it I make sure I stay home for a couple of hours because it hit you within an hour or two after drinking it it gives me energy and I feel great

  12. This is a 100% business interest. Celery is just another food product. Added to a balanced diet it just adds flavour and color to a salad. On all things Juicing search Robert Lustig first. Be warned – Don't Juice , always eat the whole produce.

  13. When I eat the stalks I was told in the mornings on a empty (which is 4) it gives me a headache. Why? R there any changes should b made?

  14. I started drinking celery juice today I’m over Wight by about 115lbs and would like to incorporate healthy eating more. I decided I will be walking a little and the juicing the celery juice. Wish me luck I will update in four weeks. Also I do take Seroquel and don’t have a gallbladder 🤷🏽‍♀️

  15. Did I hear him say "medical medium" in his video. He must have heard of the Medical Medium in order to say it so quickly in his video. Suspicious, unfortunately there are a lot of WRONG information in this video about celery juice that goes against ANthony Williams information which is totally 100% accurate. Sorry Dr. I don't buy your talking……you are dangerously teaching people the wrong thing.

  16. CAUTION : PRODUCT PLACEMENT in the input.
    This is misleading – no truth in here about a "daily celery juice" consumption. No service to the people.

    No clear distinction between studies referring to celery ceed and celery itself,
    … what to speak of celery juice.

    This presentation gives no clue either what the reasons are to suggest "short time use".
    Speaking about sicience – this is not scientific at all. It is worse than O p i n i o n.
    It is Doctorś Opinion… with PRODUCT PLACEMENT in the end –> the whole purpose of all being said in this format of a COMMERCIAL SPOT. Trying to reap benefits of the actual benefits that celery juice is offering to millions of people.

  17. Celery is especially good for people who are overweight, diabetics and people with high blood pressure. Is not recomiendes for people who have an ideal weight or people with low blood pressure cannot take it.

  18. Hi Dr. I loved it. I'm trying it for 10 days. First day in and I slept so good and didn't have so many aches and pains today…which was nice coz I'm a massage therapist. I'm so glad you have this info on her. Appreciate it. It really feels good for me to drink it . Not any wierd side effects yet lol.😊


  20. I have high blood pressure and cholesterol I'm taking medicine for both if I decided to do the juice would intervene with the medication

  21. By accident I found out how awesome celery, carrots, onions for my ability to perform at the age of 56 on two bp medicines. Amazing!! About to go DEEP into this now. Thanks doc.

  22. THERE WE GO AGAIN !!!!!!!!!
    REAL BULLSHIT !!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I was hypothyroid. 6 months of celery juice as Anthony Williams suggests in his books and I was no longer HT. I also am no longer afflicted with cankers as was my Dad (a pharmacist)
    A friend I turned on to CJ has lost most of her MS issues after about 6-7 months and recently bought a bike. The list of PPL who have found relief from a huge number of illnesses including all of the PPL on the covers of his books from the entertainment community speaks volumes on the efficacy of this program.

    Dr Shelton suggests adding water to the CJ. DO NOT do this.
    Dr Shelton suggests adding other ingredients to the CJ DO NOT do this.
    Dr Shelton suggests you should go to him first so he can inform you what the science shows. I am not so sure that he is a good source of info as he dos not seem to be aware of the info that AW suggests and has added rules that he made up. This appears to be shameless self-promotion.

    This Doctor has not read the books by Anthony WIlliams (who started the CJ public awareness campaign) which clearly state that you have to settle in for the long haul. AW clearly says that you have to drink a minimum of 16 ounces (2 cups) with nothing else added (period) first thing in the AM.

    This Doctor hides behind the apron of the term "evidence medicine" when it is quite obvious that the little farmer that grows celery, does not have the time or resources to hire a lab to study the numbers of PPL in order to get the evidence to prove anything in the ways that the drug companies can with the massive profits they get for little outlay of cash.

    My sister and Mom have been taking the useless sinthroid for years and are not healed as it was designed to be a long term source of revenue for the medical community. My sis has started now. Mom is no longer with us.

    Ayurveda the holistic ancient medical system from India considers CJ as a blood cleanser.

    Read The Medical Medium's books and listen to his podcasts on iTunes etc.

  24. Hi.. My wife wants to try this celery juice but she is worried, because she breastfed our baby.. Is it safe to drink this?

  25. I started drinking celery juice to help with my digestive issues, IBM, and it miraculously helped me. I add ginger, lemon juice, and a splash of water to make it more palatable! I drink it three to four times a week.

  26. All these benefits, surprised it would not result in sustainability. I should be drinking it every day because I have high blood pressure, even though I am on a low fat plant based diet. I don’t though because the price of celery has gone through the roof. At my local supermarket they were selling organic celery stalk for $6.99 CAD each! It finally came down to $3.99 recently when people stopped buying it at that price. I have it a couple of times a week, but also like your idea of perhaps mixing it with beets, carrots and apple, but than that brings up the sugar factor.

  27. I suffer from severe hypertension 190/130 on 5 different tablets is it a good idea for me to try as tablets don't work too good

  28. Hi, I'd basically be trying it out for the purpose of losing weight since nothing else has seem to work. I'd stay out with small portions due to IBS. What can be used if I don't have the bag to strain it with.

    Hope it'll help with so many other conditions I have like osteoporosis, fatigue, hair, skin and nails, energy, memory to name a few.

  29. Thank you for this video. I was contemplating drinking celery juice to heal my gut. I suffer from IBS-D and now know to not drink this. Thanks again!

  30. Celery juice did nothing for me , I wanted to get rid of h pylori bacteria and gerd symptoms , I did fresh celery juicing 16 ounce every morning for three months but did h pylori test came positive..

  31. Does it work just as well if you don't strain it and keep the fiber in it? That is always my preference, and whole foods are generally better for you than some strained or processed version, right?

  32. I've been drinking celery juice for a year now , I was suffering due to gut issues after giving birth and taking antibiotics , it wiped away all my good bacteria. I started to malnutrition , lost over 20lbs within 2 months , fatigue, depression. After a couple months of celery juice I gained almost 10lbs back, I have energy , and I crave it every morning. Mine are not organic but I wash them very well. I also do less then 16oz because I'm small but the benefits for me were life saving .

  33. Celery juice has saved my life! It lowers my Blood pressure with out meds. It will heal a urinary tract infection and it will relax you so you can get a good night sleep. I can't say enough good things about this celery, it is a miracle and I have been drinking it almost every day for 17 years.

  34. Excellent video, very informative!
    You might want to get a lav mic or something to improve the sound quality of your videos though. It's a bit thin, boxy and generally rough on the ears, which is a shame as it took focus away from your otherwise awesome video. Cheers!

  35. Have you ever tried celery juice?

    What Positive Benefit Could Drinking Lemon Water Daily Have ? (DOCTOR RESPONDS!)

  36. When you talk about detoxifying properties of foods, can you please refer to the peer-reviewed studies that provide these empirical evidence for this statement? Thank you very much.

  37. I also juice celery daily but I add green apple, kale, cucumber, beet and ginger and that’s my breakfast drink. My question is regarding organic versus not organic. If your celery is not organic and you’re juicing celery only, is it harmful?

  38. I started celery juicing a few weeks ago. I have celiac disease so my bowl issues go from one extreme to the other. I didn't notice any change with the juice. I don't drink coffee when I juice & I noticed that I have a bit more energy. I have chronic fatigue and pain. When I fast these things improve. The juice seems to have an even more positive effect.

  39. Hi Doc I have been drinking celery juice for a long time near year it helped from blood pressure and gastritis and acid reflux and even bed I'm changed man …i don't take no medication completely

  40. I am curious about trying, but I have had my gall bladder removed, and I have IBS-D. Also, I have undergone gastric bypass approximately 9 years ago. I have fibromyalgia and I am overweight (still, in spite of the gastric bypass).

    So, should I avoid the celery juice, or is it safe to try?

  41. 🤔💭Why people when they promote anything always they put the celebrity , Hollywood celebrity , and what they eat , and doing … just give the information , and stop promoting celebrity ,, Those people are good for nothing , thanks , .. anyway for the video , and OUR LORD JESUCHRIST bless very much , Amen 🙏.

  42. You said that the beneficial effects of daily drinking wont last long, But didn't explain why its benefits are not yielded after a month or so. Why. Is it because body develops tolerance to the celery juice or is it that the stomach starts to absorb less of the nutrients as the weeks pass ?? Actually what is the cause. Pls explain

  43. Day two of celery juicing. Much more energetic, like all day. Not craving fatty and bad foods, I'm less depressive. Good bowel movements, bp went down a bit, but I have great bp already. Tastes good to me, some say it tastes salty, not to me. I really really feel much more energetic. I think I will do this about 4-5 times a week and try to do it in the morning instead of around dinner time. I also started juicing beets, carrots, apples, and other non acidic produce due to the fact I found out I had ulcers, hens why I started juicing and going 90% vegetarian. I still love my butter though! Regular salted or unsalted butter is not bad for you when you compare it to McDonald's, and the like. Just my to cents. Thanks, for once an informative video. You presented facts, studies, results, etc. but I wish you Incorporated real statistics in terms of before and after blood pressure cholesterol energy weight loss gut feelings bowel movements etc

  44. Had minor acid reflux and started using celery juice, roughly 4 oz in the morning and 4 oz. at night. Helped quite a bit with the symptoms.

  45. Well I drunk celery juice by one month early morning and some positive effects in my body: lost 2 pounds, my skin was shiny and clean, going to the bath most frequently [ but not diarrhea], and that it!!! But some day right now maybe 3 days per week add ginger and haven't tummy is good but isn't a miracle juice- personally I'm search about what kind of food is the best for me and don't have any issues with my health

  46. LISTEN..



  47. I just started 4 days ago but feel the effects already, so I will keep going for sure. I add a big chunk of fresh ginger into the mix 👌🏻

  48. I have a question so I'm 10 weeks pregnant and my blood pressure been a little high so I want to start this SJ how much juice or how do I make this

  49. I find it better if I go to the store and buy the celery juice already juice because its just to many steps after blending then I have to put it in a cheesecloth to squeeze the juice out so I think it's better to go to the store and buy the celery juice and they have the celery juice with cucumber which I think is very refreshing also

  50. Someone said that celery juice helps men in bed🤷‍♂️ that they can help someone keep a strong erections is that true?? @doctor tell me

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