100 thoughts on “The Truth About Cracking Your Knuckles | Responding to Comments #15

  1. Does bone go back into to place after it is misplaced by a fracture?
    If the doctor didn’t already do fracture reduction.

  2. Actually when you crack your knuckles tissue builds up and your finger becomes crooked that happened to my cousin that is why I have never cracked my knuckles the only time they crack is on accident

  3. How much does it typically cost for Asthma medication in America? I’m wanting to move over there for a year but I’m a severe asthmatic

  4. Hi I have 2 questions DR Mike How old are you ? Where was your first kiss and how old were you when you had your first relationship?

  5. Hi! I've been having this on and off chest pain (left side) not exactly at my boob but kinda what's happening inside if that makes sense? It happens randomly and when it happens it would last abt 15 – 30 minutes. Every inhalation feels like a sharp pain. And worse when i sneeze or cough. I do have asthma but havent had an asthma attack for years. Also, sometimes, it feels like a needle poking my left chest and that one will only last for a few seconds.

  6. When I was in school for EMT, we were told that if ribs get broken during CPR it is irrelevant. At the point where you are doing CPR, the patient is already dead, you can't make someone more dead. If you can't revive them, then their ribs won't matter. If you do revive them, I seriously doubt the patient or their family is going to care about their ribs being broken.
    Also, I'm allergic to latex and I had an oral surgeon use a latex mouth guard without telling me, and I broke out with canker sores and they hurt SO BAD.

  7. What can be the cause of arm and leg pain, to be precise in the thigh and generrel upper and lower arm?
    Another question is, what might be responsible for a strong jaw and neck pressure. My wisdom teeth's are already pulled.

  8. Thank you so much for that knuckle thing because my dad really bugs me about it because he says it’ll damage me
    I showed him that clip and now I’m free to crack as much as I like

  9. all my fellow asian-americans deffff know what she was asking when she said "dragon's breath" HAHAHA. Shoutout to the 626 <3

  10. I love bear. I love big dogs I had a German Shepherd from age 8-9 ish to a few months ago and she was the most loving dog in the world she jumped up on people her whole life like a buffoon except me because she knew I had a pain condition so she would really gently put her head on my lap and wag her massive tail and it always made me smile. I have a Chihuahua now (I got her a year before Jazz died) and I adore her too but Jazz was my first dog and will always have a special place in my heart.

  11. Hi, i have a question so the area i live in is pretty cold so my body should be cold too right? but my hands and feet gets pretty hot and i think due to this one of my fingers from feet or hand get swelled real bad and it start hurting me idk what to do help me please.

  12. Oh please, there are plenty of dumb questions.

    Example: a couple of thousand houses lost power, so did ours. We have no back up (this happens like once every few years, it's extremely rare), we went to her mothers house. At a certain point she tried to see if the power was up, by checking the outdoor lights through our camera. She showed me the image and asked if it looked like the power was on…

    The camera both requires both power and internet… Yeah I really wonder if the power is on… So yes, dumb questions do exist.

  13. Doctor mike pls answer me. Idk why but when I get hot/sweaty my body starts itching to the point it hurts until I cool down. Help me

  14. Best way to get off sodas and energy drinks is by drinking other but healthier carbonated drinks. I used to have a bad addiction to sodas, then I went cold turkey, and bought drinks like ICE, a carbonated flavor drink

  15. #askdoctormike
    What are the situations when you shouldnt do chest compressions, like i know you shouldnt if they say not to or if they are very consious and just tripped but what else?

  16. My cousin said that if u crack ur knuckles too much then you cant move ur fingers and that when you move it mqkes a rusty noise

  17. Liquid Nitrogen stays in liquid state at negative degree temperature… It is never safe to drink a liquid which can break ur tongue(with crisp sound)

  18. What should you do if you want to be a doctor/nurse but your really dumb. Also I am in year nine so is there any advice if I want to be a doctor

  19. Veghans do not eat protiesn…when they swallow their parnerts egaulent it is equivalent to eating 10z of protien..so um are the clost protient eaters

  20. If you can eat but also breathe out of your nose. The dose food go threw your lungs? Or are we breathing threw are stomachs?

  21. What does it mean if like your itchy on your back a little then your like itchy all over your chest? Just curious

  22. @DoctorMike when i first started to crack my neck and back, they didn’t crack very much and now, after a couple years, they crack sooo much at smaller movements than they used to. why? is that normal? and should i stop?

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