The TRUTH about BREAST IMPLANTS – Breast Implant Illness (Before/ After Pics)

It’s so easy to be yourself, but
still put on this mask of “everything is good, everything’s okay” and it’s always
positive and it’s always happy when in reality- it’s not always that way. It’s
life and it is so much easier to hide that when you aren’t physically here in
my life because if I start crying I’m gonna cut the camera and you don’t see
that, you don’t see what’s behind that… it was actually like the most painful thing I’ve been thru in quite a while It was painful to watch it I need to take like crazy anti-inflammatories which totally sucks because you guys
know I hate much I hate taking meds. I don’t even know why I’m getting so emotional about this… I think that it’s I think that it’s because I’m so passionate about living a healthy
life and I spend so much time on self-care and my diet and my exercise
I’ve been really really having problems like I said with my digestion stuff and
it has made it absolutely excruciatingly awful… I don’t even know if I gave me
sharing this because I don’t know if I’m just in my head or if this is actually
what’s happening or I don’t fucking know it is the 29th of July 2017 and I have
been struggling for months with food intolerance foggy memory having problems
carrying conversations in ways that I’ve never had problems before I’ve had on
and off blurry vision I’ve had my body hurt I feel like I’m an old woman Glenn
and I always joke about me being like a nine year old because I just I have hip
pain or I have back pain or I have digestive issues or fucking like
intolerances and I just I I don’t understand why I feel so old and
debilitated at 26 years a little of what the fuck is wrong service I don’t know
why I’m nervous to film this I’ve looked sweaty palms it’s been a while since I
fell and if you’re new to my channel this is
could be a doozy of a video to introduce myself to you my name is Carissa pookas
and I’ve been doing YouTube videos for almost eight years which is wild to me
because it’s kind of like growing up online this adventure in my life is
something that I never expected to deal with and I never thought that I would be
making a video about but here we go I pride myself on living a healthy
lifestyle it’s something that I don’t see as a fad or a trend it’s something
that I genuinely enjoy living that way so that’s what I do I’ve been vegetarian
for I believe almost six years and I like to cut out dairy as much as
possible I make an effort at moving my body and being aware of what to eat what
not to eat what to do what not to do and I also invite professionals into my life
to help me build a better version of myself and by professionals I mean
doctors naturopaths chiropractor acupuncturist nutritionist the list goes
on and on but with that said I’ve been dealing with the most perplexing
enigmatic situation that I’ve ever experienced and it was that I was
continuously getting chronically more and more sick regardless of how healthy
I was living it made absolutely no sense over and over and over I am being told
by professionals that I’m doing the right thing and that my tests are coming
back normal but I still am sick it just didn’t make any sense given the
lifestyle that I lead and given the priority that I put it I obviously
didn’t tell you guys every single thing that was happening in my life because it
is personal and putting yourself in a vulnerable position online isn’t the
most easy thing to do and I don’t want to feel like my channel and social media
is me complaining or me talking about being sick all the time because it gets
old and I totally realize that but when it becomes such a huge part of your life
that you’re dealing with every single day dumps impossible to not address it
so after really struggling with a lot of health issues in April I believe of 2017
I did a gut health video letting you in a really vulnerable moment in my life
where I had just gotten a lot of testing back and they weren’t able to find what
the issue was but I was reacting to pretty much everything that I was eating
and I was terrified and it was really frustrating and I shared that with you
guys and in the comments of that video I had a few comments saying have you ever
considered breast implant Elemis and i remember reading it right away and being
like yeah whatever it’s it’s not gonna be that I’ve never had problems with
capsular contracture which is like your breasts moving up and out of place when
you have implants I’ve never had any symptoms of problems of my boobs
physically so why would be that and I just kind of ignored it and so I left it
for a few months until I kept getting comments and kept getting direct
messages about breasts and finally it was almost a year ago today that I
checked my ego and I looked into it and what I found absolutely changed my life
last night I just was so frustrated with not knowing what the fuck has been going
on with me that I decided to look a little bit more into breast implant
illness and I just I couldn’t pull you for like I had such distressing night
reading all of these women’s stories and it’s not like these random people it’s
it’s a lot of fucking people and all of these women share exactly what I have
been experiencing symptom is I can’t believe that more people aren’t
talking about this when you have a breast augmentation your body starts to
have an autoimmune reaction to the foreign object and starts trying to
protect itself from that foreign invader any type of breast implant be it
silicone saline cohesive gel it doesn’t matter if you have saline implants you
still are dealing with silicone because even though the filling of it may not be
silicone the outer shell is silicone your body’s form of defense against that
foreign invader is to build a scar capsule around the implant
the embody does not recognize that as a part of itself so it begins to attack
not only the implant but the capsule itself
so regardless of what type of you have your body naturally has a
reaction to it your body is consistently trying to fight itself so while all
that’s going on in your body is trying to deal with a foreign invader the
foreign invader itself the actual implant is made up of some pretty
disgusting things if you actually look up each of these individual ingredients
you’ll see that they are not only a harsh irritants they’re carcinogenic and
neurotoxic it’s kind of disgusting many people are told that their implants
are impermeable and that there is no problem because their medical grade
silicone and none of that will eat into your body but science is so pressing
that shell is not it’s not impermeable to things so the first thing you notice
is the difference in the color of the implant so this is a normal implant this
is the problematic right side so this is a mentor foreign cc silicone implants
both of them are the same so in this side the capsule sac as you can see is
very fairly thin normal some areas you can look right through it
so because there really was nothing going on so this was just sitting around
sitting on top of that like that this side if you look is you have this yellow
implant here is a very much thickened capsule compared to this one so if you
stretch it out you don’t see this transparent thin normal capsule look on
this side and also it has all these little yellow particles which is kind of
the same as the fluid which is same as the implant with that same material
inside the implant so the question really is how does an implant that
started out like this either through an infection on the outside get that inside
the implant if this shell is completely impermeable
then you nothing can get through or on the other hand if this came from
the inside how did that get outside onto the capsule and cause this kind of
significant irritation of the surrounding tissues so really this is an
example of yes this keeps the bulk of things in but certainly when there are
microscopic sizes involved it will get through and this is an example of
something somehow got in there or started out inside and got outside and
then the other thing is you know if this kind of shell can’t keep this kind of
material from going in and out house human tissue going to prevent that from
happening so clearly this probably had an effect on her well-being and
hopefully getting rid of all this will make her symptoms better when I got
these I was told that I would have less of a chance of creating a scar capsule
around the implant which I’m naive Lee believed but as years passed and more
studies were done they found that textured implants are not only a problem
because they start to flake over time but because your body has to work twice
as hard to try and create a capsule which makes one that is either tougher
or sometimes has even been shown to make a double capsule around these not only
that women with these particular implants have the increased risk of BIA
a ALCL BIA ALCL lymphoma is found in these cells between your implant and the
capsule it is like a fluid that builds up in between and it’s only in those
type of implant patients the Daily Telegraph in Australia just releases
statistic that in the past 18 months ALCL lymphoma has raised an alarming
56.5% more than half of the 20,000 women who have been implanted from 2010 to
2015 were implanted with these rough textured cohesive gel implants and they
have a much higher chance of having that cancer something to also remember is
that your implant ages when you are a worm human being against this plastic
shell it is going to constantly degrade there’s already been study
yes in 1997 dr. Lou Jean Fang did a study of thousands of breast implants
and found 60% of implants developed some form whole tear or leak within that
10-year lifespan so if that information has been available for so long why did
it take the FDA until 2006 to recommend MRI screenings for women with breast
implants after three years of having them you’re meant to have an MRI every
two years after your third year of having breast implants but did your
doctor tell you that when you got them so speaking of the FDA they decided that
they needed long term studies done for breast implants when they reintroduce
silicone implants back to the market in 2006 the FDA required the manufacturers
to provide that testing and then they never followed up it’s been over ten
years since the silicone implants were reintroduced back onto the market and we
still do not have long-term studies for them in contrast there is tons of
studies that show that silicone and breast implants are not safe for your
body there is no science lacking in that aspect the science is lacking is showing
that they are okay for your body if you’re interested in reading up on any
of these studies I’ll be linking a lot of them down in my infobox for you to go
through I’m also linking a ton of different resources a breast implant
illness if you want to look into more of this but the craziest part about all of
this is the breast implant illness is not a
recognized thing by the medical world this is still a known topic that there
is issues there is the science to back it and yet the FDA and other surgeons
claim that there isn’t enough information of people getting sick it is
a completely biased thing you even if you have implants and you’ve
never shown symptoms you are not immune from having problems and that is
something that I didn’t really realize until I looked into it more because
regardless of you showing autoimmune symptoms your body’s still trying to
protect itself 24/7 and it’s spending its energy trying to protect itself
against that implant so with all of that said what were my symptoms so the first
signs that I was having problems actually showed up about six months
after getting my implants put in though like I said I had absolutely no idea
that it was all connected the first things that I was really noticing was
fatigue all day every day with that fatigue came a lot of anxiety and
depression and I’ve never dealt with that in my entire life
I have had periods of being sad and struggling because everyone does but I
felt like I was just hit over the back of the head with depression and it was
awful around that time I started to develop a really nasty body odor and I’m
not talking like Bo I’m talking like metallic acidic stank and I couldn’t
understand why I went to the doctor they didn’t have an answer it predominantly
was coming out of my left side and I would full-blown go in the shower scrub
myself until I was almost raw and spray on deodorant and walk out of the
bathroom and Glen would still look at me and go you stink
it was disgusting and I was so embarrassed to leave the house and at
that point I just didn’t even want to leave the house because I’m sad and I’m
smelly and I’m dealing with fatigue all the time and it just felt like it was
not me but whenever I went to a doctor all of my tests came back totally normal
and I was told that I had situational depression I started getting really bad
night sweats as well to the point of like soaking the bed I would be getting
up in the middle of the night and putting a towel down over top of the bed
to just go back to sleep because I’m soaking wet and shivering because I
sweat so much in the middle of the night so those are the things that kind of
happened within the first year of getting implants and since then little
sporadic things had been happening and again they were so off the board vent
none of them really made sense in a linear fashion and it also never wrote
everything down it’s just one of those things of like oh look this is happening
I wonder why that sucks and then the next month oh well this started
happening – I guess it’s agent I don’t know is this what it’s like to get older
all of these things started popping up and I’m talking like multiple periods a
month heart palpitations I was having things like sternum pain cost up and
rightous having things like adrenal fatigue and brain fog my pee started
smelling weird I was having vertigo I was having hair loss I started having
adult acne which was so strange because yeah I got the occasional zit but like-
if you’ve been following me, you saw my struggle! It has been relentless! Things
like my gut health and having chronic diarrhea every single day having joint
pain and having it be so unexplained why, at 26 years old was I waking up in the
middle of the night in so much pain that it woke me up in my hips all of these
things made me feel like I was living in a 90 year olds body? Within the past
two years it just started mounting and mounting
and mounting through working with my naturopath I discovered that I had a
hormonal imbalance as well as I was having issues with madrina ‘ls and I was
pretty much in fight-or-flight mode all of the time after I read those comments
and after I did a deep dive on breast implant illness it was like these light
bulbs just started going off in my head and I I started bawling you can see in
the footage I was so distraught that this is something that nobody ever
mentioned to me previously could ever be an issue and yet every single thing was
something that made sense my timelines of when things started
happening made sense reasons for my body being disrupted in certain ways made
sense and I wasn’t the only person that kept having the same problems and I
think that that was the biggest thing for me is that the more that I started
digging the more women with implants had the exact same symptoms as I did and
that could not be a coincidence and it was so hard to not talk to you
guys about this the time because I really wasn’t sure if
this was something that I was dealing with I felt like in my heart that this
is it and this is the reason but I didn’t want to start talking about it
and share my story until I had already X planted and seen a difference from
myself and that’s why I’m here I feel like I got my life back I can’t explain
what it’s like to seek medical professional help and for them to tell
you that you’re fine and for you to deep down know that I’m not fine and I’m
dealing with things every single day and I don’t know why and nobody’s helping me
oh snap out of it I had to take a leap of faith because it felt like no one
believed in me it felt like I was crazy but I knew that something is wrong and I
had to take action so after all of the research that I did and very careful
consideration of there is no definitive way to test for a breast implant illness
but in my gut I knew that this is something and that this is very likely
the reason why I’ve been feeling so gross I came to the conclusion that I
would be getting an X by surgery there is a growing list of surgeons that
properly perform a breast implant removal surgery or an X Planet surgery
as you’ll hear me referring to it as but the reason why you need to go to
somebody who knows exactly what to do is because doctors don’t typically believe
in this being an issue and a lot of the time when implants were removed
doctors would just slice it right open and just take the implant out leaving
the scar tissue inside of your body still and that is a massive issue you
need to remove the entirety of that scar capsule because it will not disintegrate
in your body the patient has health problems related to the implants you
have to change the capsules out completely if a patient has a tumor
would you leave the tumor any amount of tumor inside the body you will not get
well unless the capsule is totally removed hey guys it is Monday January
29th and I just had my first consult for a breast
I’m currently in Abbotsford BC and I just saw dr. Aaron Brown he straight-up
said look I can’t guarantee that your implants are what’s making you feel this
way but I will say that about 95 percent of the women that I explant come back
and tell me that they no longer have the symptoms that they previously had
he’s like make about what you will I didn’t ever think that I’d be taking my
implants out I’ve never even considered it but the more research that I’ve done
the more people that I’ve spoke to about this the more all signs are pointing to
get them out so that is what I’m doing and I hope that by sharing my journey
with you it causes you to at least think about the implications of what you’re
doing because at 22 like I said I didn’t ever expect to be doing this I really
truly thought that it was the right thing for me at the time I love boobs I
wish that I was born with big breasts I do I really like boobs but if this is
what’s been making me sick this is so not fucking worth it there’s nothing in
this world that is worth feeling as crappy as I have been and deteriorating
over time so I guess the biggest thing that I want to reiterate is that
everyone thinks that this is not going to happen to them everyone thinks that
they’re gonna be fine and they’ll be the 1% that doesn’t have a problem at some
point you very very likely might have an issue with your breast implants and
don’t wait around I don’t want to scare people I just want you to be aware that
that is a possibility and also recognize the symptoms don’t be like me and not
put two and two together and go why are all these weird things happening to my
body recognize what it possibly could be right away so that you’re not chasing
your tail doing all these tests seeing all these specialists and getting
nowhere with it maybe you’ll be someone that doesn’t react for 10 years maybe
it’ll be somebody who reacts in six months you don’t know until that foreign
object is in your body and why risk it it’s not worth it it’s just it’s not buy
yourself a padded bra get on with your day guys I just wanted to give you a
live update as I just received some pretty shitty information I had tried to
book my excellent surgery for Apryl as that was kind of always the
plan as I updated you guys last I had my consult with dr. Aaron Brown in
Abbotsford at the end of January and I received an email back saying that dr.
Brown is apparently no longer going to be operating and that they have had to
cancel all of their current surgeries and that they will not be booking until
next fall so needless to say I’m absolutely devastated because I already
have had so much anxiety and health issues surrounding this and especially
as of late it’s just been one thing after another after another um I finally
felt like I was comfortable with doing the removal and I was excited to just
get it over with and now it just feels like I now have to start from scratch
because I can’t I can’t wait until fall to do this I feel awful I don’t know
what’s gone wrong with that or if he’s had a medical emergency or if the
clinic’s just shutting down or what the deal is but apparently he’s no longer
doing explant at least until later on this year
so with that news there is not very many people in Canada that do what I need
done so it is now left me with very little option locally to have my
excellent done so I’m kind of freaking out a little bit
traveling for surgery is hard enough to begin with as well as it is going to be
about three times the cost having to travel pay for airfare pay for a hotel
pay for the surgery in u.s. dollars so I’m kind of freaking out to be totally
honest that’s where I’m at I thought that I would update you guys this
vacation that we’re on has not been much of a fucking vacation I will say that um
yeah I just I thought I’d update you guys so when I have more information
I’ll share that but this is where I’m at so at that point I knew that I wasn’t
going to be able to go local for my surgery and I started to look into some
of the top excellent surgeons the United States I decided on dr. Chang
because of two things the first being that he is regarded as one of the top
surgeons for that as well as he was the closest surgeon for me to visit it was
much closer than going across to Ohio where dr. Fang was located and she was
my first choice so I had a phone consultation with dr. Chen and after
that consultation I decided to put down a deposit and book a surgery date and my
surgery date was actually four it was in September of this year but I asked to be
put on a cancellation list and I absolutely recommend that you ask that
because I was bumped up to April the 24th I’m so incredibly thankful and
lucky that I have a very supportive partner and parents who were able to be
there with me for my surgery so we took my parents motorhome and we drove to
California all right we are off to California made it all the way to Newport after
three full days of driving just settling in Lola is just hanging out on the beach
I’ll Drive so it is my day of surgery it’s like 9:45 9:15 in the morning my
surgery is at 11:00 o’clock I’m nervous I am a little bit scared I know that I’m
in good hands I know that I’m gonna be okay but it’s still major surgery I was
saying to Glenn I found it so weird that when I got implants for whatever reason
I just waltzed into surgery it didn’t even occur to me that there could be a
problem it didn’t even occur to me that that I should even be scared the day
today’s day I am currently sitting outside of the Jay Hospital and I am
really excited and it’s so strange approaching it from my late 20s I hate
saying late 20 27 silikal’s his late 20s I hate approaching it from I guess I’m
more mature part of my life because I see more risks and I see more things to
be scared about I guess so I’m just trying to stay as
neutral as possible I’m gonna go and do a meditation I’m gonna have my mom braid
my hair so that I have my hair out of my face and out of my way for the next few
days because I will not be able to shower or do anything with it I’d rather
it not just he in a gross little ponytail I am wearing a zip front hoodie
so that it is easy to get in and out of after surgery I’ve been told also that
I’m able to wear my sweatpants so I got my sweatpants on already apparently I
don’t have to take those off for surgery so it’s just kind of upper-body thing
what else I put a patch behind my ear that is for nausea I don’t believe that
I’m able to take my cool dressings off until my first
post-op appointment which will be in two days from now on Friday
so I believe I will have to wait until then to kind of see how everything has
gone I am nervous I will probably miss having a fuller bust and a little bit
worried about skin sagging and wrinkling as I am not planning on getting a breast
lift along with the explant because I plan on having children in the next year
two three I don’t know soon and I plan on breastfeeding if I’m able to so I
just thought it was kind of counterproductive to get a lift and then
breastfeed and then packed and potentially do that all over again
so yeah I I really hope that today goes well I am looking forward to my soft
natural tiny boobs again and feeling like my back isn’t constantly like
pulling forward because of the weight on my chest and being able to sleep on my
stomach without feeling like a freakin water balloons underneath me I’m ready
I’m scared and I’m ready trash maybe I haven’t spoken to
anesthesiologist or dr. cha yet but they and after I got all the really update that have you never really
say this back thing is like it’s really far
laughs look at my boobs from here it’s about 20 minutes later she’s alive I
started crying and I recovered his feeling Kasich Hospital up and this is the
reality of after surgery hello friends it is time for my first
drain emptying we’ve already done one to get the hang of it and here’s my other
one this is the liquid that’s accumulated in the cavity of my breast
it is rather nasty Glen is going to help me empty that you move the camera away
from my chest now he’s gonna help me emptying this one so we pretty much have
to squish all of the liquid down and into that bulb and then pour the bulb
into a cup and then there’s measurements on the cup and we mark down how much I
have drained on each side pretty much the amount of output determines when I’m
able to get the drains out if there isn’t very much it’s draining in the
next few days and I can get them up earlier or if there is a lot that’s
draining I have to get them in and it’ll just be longer so here’s hoping that I
drain what I need to drain and then that’s it you take is so good like this
right no measure this hi guys I’m checking back in it is about 7:00 p.m.
the day after my surgery today went really well I don’t really have any
major pain I just kind of have more dull achiness especially through my sternum
and where my ports are where the drains are I’ve also been using the vaporizer
that I purchased I have a strain called ACDC in here and it’s basically like a
one-to-one THC CBD ratio it doesn’t give you very much psychoactive experience it
just kind of helps dulling your pain and hopefully it helps cut down on some of
the inflammation that’s still in my body but that’s been really nice it doesn’t
completely get rid of all of my pain but it definitely takes the sharp edge of it
off so that I don’t have to take painkillers throughout the day also I
can’t get over how white my eyes are it’s absolutely crazy I’ve posted a
before and after as well on my Instagram stories I probably will insert those
photos in this video so you can see but it’s just incredible for that to be a
one day difference it speaks for itself so I just had my post-op appointment and
I got my drains out which I’m so happy about I don’t have the
uncomfortableness of trains and having to deal with them now and I got my
implants back these are the fuckers that were ruining my life what’s up guys it
is Saturday three days post-op and I am feeling
awesome I felt better and better every single day in the mornings I have a very
clear head no more brain fog and getting like excited butterflies in my stomach
again just feel myself way more myself that I have in a long long time this
morning I took my first shower and it was awesome I feel great
it was kind of strange having jiggly boobs again like they’re tiny but like
they move it’s really different and they look way better than I thought that they
would have so I’m very very pleased we are leaving our Airbnb today to go back
and stay with my parents in the motorhome and I believe that we’re gonna
start driving back up coast to Canada so I’m pretty excited hopefully I continue
feeling better and onwards and upwards because this is a very promising start I
wrote down a little recap of what was happening week by week after surgery and
on week one I was able to wear regular shirts over my head as long as they were
kind of large enough to get into I couldn’t really wear anything tight I
was wearing a front closure bra as well so it was just much easier to maneuver
in and out of the first week I was moving slowly but I was still able to
move I went on lots of walks my breasts were tender and quite numb and there was
quite a bit of swelling down my sternum and the incisions were still closing and
left scabbing in some areas and they were still like raised at that point I
noticed within the first week that I was having substantially less brain fog
substantially less fatigue no heart palpitations which was incredible
because I had been suffering with that for a couple of years at this point and
it feels gross anybody that has them knows how awful that is I didn’t have
any body odor I didn’t have any weird smell and I peed I didn’t have vertigo
or I blurry or any night sweats and that has
continued since explan I haven’t experienced any of those things which
thank God at the two-week mark my breasts were noticeably less numb it was
easier to dress and move I had less inflammation and swelling through here
my shape had changed a little bit it was less flat between here and became more
curved underneath my breasts at week three I walked ten kilometers in one day
and I didn’t have any aches in my hips and I wrote that in all capitals because
it was such a big moment for me I called my mom the next morning because it was
the first time in the better part of a couple of years where I haven’t been in
massive pain after exercising which was pretty cool
I do also want to add that I was sleeping inclined using a wedge pillow
for up until the four week mark which was easier than I thought it was going
to be if you have a proper wedge pillow that sits you up it just can help with
your body not collecting all the fluid and like inflammation up in your chest
because you’re basically sleeping sitting up so I chose to do that some
people choose to do for longer some people choose to do it for shorter but I
stopped at four week mark and I was very happy at that decision and pretty much
from week four onwards I was back to normal life I still wasn’t doing any
like upper body exercising but I went back to the gym at about six weeks and I
started just with like lower body and cardio and things like that I waited
until about week ten to integrate any chest or upper body stuff and I’m still
very aware of doing it I’d do it slowly and I make sure that I’m not doing crazy
fast movements but I feel absolutely normal
healed wise as to do with the chest when I woke up from surgery it was like I can
breathe again and I don’t know it’s not that you can’t breathe and you have
implants in but there’s just that threshold of where when you do a deep
breath it just kind of feels if you have to push a little bit more to breathe
deeper and they’re just that didn’t happen anymore and it was just such a
liberating feeling to feel whole yeah I can’t really explain it any other
way I was so proud when I took the bandages off the first time and I got to
see my breasts it I was overjoyed it was something that it was emotional it is
emotional because it’s just it’s been such a journey I thought that there
might be loose or wrinkled skin and there definitely wasn’t the only thing
that I have noticed physically is that my shape is a little bit different as
well as my nipple slightly indents the tiniest bit when it’s just flat and like
normal but like when it gets hard or when it’s cold it totally perks back up
like normal but if I’m like raising my arm I can definitely tell that my nipple
kind of just caves in at the bottom just a little bit but all that may change in
coming months so I’m going to show you some photos of how my breasts have
changed since getting an excellent and I have absolutely seen massive change over
the past whatever it’s been twelve thirteen weeks I’m excited to see even
six months from now how they look because they are constantly changing and
tissue is fluffing up again and it just is settling into itself more and more
every day and for shits and giggles here were my 22 year old breasts before I had
a breast augmentation here is my breasts immediately after getting a breast
augmentation here is my boob job settled in and here’s my boobs directly after X
bun and here is my boobs today so originally my breast size was a 34b
with implants I was a 34 double D and now without my implants I was measured
at a 32 B but I comfortably fit a 34b so I am back to exactly what I was I feel
about the same size I look a little bit different because my shape is a little
bit different but at the end of the day I am so grateful and proud that my body
is still looking pretty damn good and I feel so frigging awesome I feel more
confident now in my body then I did six months ago because this body is one that
is getting healthy and this body is one that serves me I’m not dealing with
health issues every single day I know that this is something that was not an
overnight fix and things like my digestive and hormonal will probably
take a while to balance and my body to detox and to feel a hundred percent but
to already feel this good after only 12 or 13 weeks has just been such a guts
and I feel so grateful that I did it and that I was brave enough to do it
regardless of people saying that it will make a difference and I will be gross
and have saggy boobs and extra skin afterwards it’s not true I guess the
biggest thing that I wanted to do with this video other than pointing out that
yes this is something and that regardless of the medical community
acknowledging it at this point in time this will be something that is
acknowledged soon because more and more people are speaking up about their
issues about it and it’s only a matter of time it was just like smoking smoking
used to be totally normal doctors used to prescribe it for things like anxiety
it’s not good for you to have plastic sacks sitting on top of some of your
most important organs and glands in your body and it doesn’t take a rocket
scientist to figure that out a lot of people have asked me what I would say to
women who are thinking about getting implants and honestly
since I’ve been there and I’ve been in your position I know how much he thinks
that you want these and how much he thinks that this will change your life
in whatever way that you want it to change your life maybe you want it so
that your breasts are symmetrical maybe you want to feel more feminine maybe you
want to be more attractive or more confident or whatever just because you
think that it’ll make you feel that way it isn’t this that makes you feel that
way it’s your changing of your entire thought process these don’t make me any
more of a woman and not something that I wish that I had really truly thought
long and hard about it’s something that you will have that decision made and
have to live with it for the rest of your life for the rest of my life I will
have enormous scars on my chest because of a decision that I made at 22 years
old if you’re somebody that has implants and you haven’t had any symptoms I hope
they never get them I really truly do but I want you to know that if you start
having things happen that just don’t really make sense and if your body isn’t
seemingly working as well as it should or could or if you just can’t really
explain what is going on don’t waste your time look into breast implant
illness it is a thing regardless of the medical community
acknowledging it at this point I really hope that having these conversations and
sharing this information really opens some people’s minds to at least start
the conversation I’m not a doctor I do not study this this is my own personal
experience with this and I can’t stress that enough it’s not going to be
everyone’s story I realize that but I do want to share my story in hopes that it
may help other people that are struggling like I was because I felt
like I was just going in circles for the longest time I’m so grateful that I got
this shit out of my body and that I am on the road to feeling healthy again and
then I wake up in the morning and I feel good and you can too and you’re not
alone and you’re not crazy if you’re having the same problems and have
implants and there’s other women and other people that have had these
problems and if you keep looking for it more and more information is there for
you so that was a fucking good that’s all I have for you guys today I
hope that this was informative and helpful and that even if you don’t have
implants that maybe you could share this with somebody that has implants or if
you know somebody that’s struggling or you know somebody that’s about to get
implants this is information that people should have I hope this video is
received well because I have the most genuine and pure intentions I’m not
trying to tell you what to do or not do with your body I just really want to get
information to you and I really don’t want anybody to ever go through what I
had to go through emotionally physically monetarily it’s been a huge thing in my
life and I never thought that it was something that I would ever have to deal
with or be my story and it is and I’m really hoping that some of you can learn
from it I’m hoping that you walk away from this video feeling like you have a
little bit more information or at least you know where to look for more
information because a lot of it does get buried and it does get dismissed and it
doesn’t have to and this could be a conversation if people are brave enough
to speak about it I want to close off this video by reminding you again that
this is not me it is just the shell that I’m walking around in and that it does
not make me any better or worse of a person of what size I am or where my fat
deposits are or what acne I have on my face none of those things make up Who I
am or who you are you are enough as you are and you don’t have to prove anything
to anyone and it’s okay to be imperfect because it
doesn’t dictate who you are or the kind of person you are just because you have
these in your chest just a reminder there’s a ton of links down below in my
info box for you to check out also I’ve shared a lot of my pictures and personal
story on my Instagram I have a highlight titled bii journey if you want to check
that out I’ll leave with that again in the infobox I hope that you enjoyed
today’s video thank you so much if you’re still here and watching this I
hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and I will see you much much sooner
than the last time I did a video all right bye guys you

100 thoughts on “The TRUTH about BREAST IMPLANTS – Breast Implant Illness (Before/ After Pics)

  1. I'm nervous to be sharing something so personal with you guys today- but I really think it's important to speak my truth.

    Please share this video- you never know who it could help

  2. Not to be a dick but I don’t think it’s the implants it sounds like a lack of fat Soluble vitamins and saturated fats and it sounds like all the issues I had when I was vegan/vegetarian
    People think being vegan is healthy and being vegetarian
    And it’s completely not and 100% not healthy at all long term take it from an exVegan who wanted nothing more than for the vegan diet to work 🙁

  3. Thank you for this, I know it was hard. I deal with breast asymmetry and was seriously considering some type of augmentation, but I think I'll just learn to love my body instead.

  4. I was implanted in 2000 with textured saline implants and developed a constellation of bizarre symptoms less than a year later. Lymphadenopathy, panic attacks, fatigue, heart palpitations, IBS, hair loss, etc.
    I spent the following 3 years searching for an answer. I went to the best physicians in the country, had every medical test imaginable, no one could conclusively figure it out. Leading even my family to believe it must be psychiatric in nature. I spent over $150,000 on medical professionals and was "diagnosed" with everything from fibromyalgia to M.S. I researched like crazy trying to solve this mystery when I read a book that gave me my answer.
    I was on a wait list for a year to see the specialist who wrote "The Breast Implant Controversy", Dr. Frank Vasey. He confirmed that I was showing all the signs of my body trying to reject my implants. I was on a plane the following day and was explanted (implant and capsule with mastopexy in 2004) by Dr. Lu Jean Feng. I started feeling better almost immediately.
    I bought a Brava breast machine and used it (and Mederma for the scars) diligently and it actually helped me grow breast tissue .
    I love my natural breasts now and you can't even see my scars unless you searched for them with a microscope.
    I recovered 90% of my former health. I too thought I was going to die so even though I'll never be who I was pre-implant, I'll take smaller breasts and a life.
    When you get closer to my age (52) you'll be surprised at how truly irrelevant boobs really are and what's genuinely important in this one life we get.
    Getting implants left me financially devastated and destroyed my marriage. I was even forced to sell my business to pay for everything. My kids lost me while I was so ill and I can never get all that time back but getting them out, saved my life.
    P.S~Hugging your children is so much nicer without those fucking things. That alone makes explantation worth it. Wish everyone the best. Peace and love. Lisa

  5. Hey I found your video through a comment on Kalels new video lol I’m happy you’re doing much better and thanks for educating me on this topic because it’s changed my mind completely on wanting to get breast implants thank you ☺️

  6. In the photos comparing how much whiter your eyes are I also noticed the difference in your skin tone you look like you got some color back

  7. Growing up I’ve always had naturally big boobs but after having a baby at only 20 years old, and breast feeding, my boobs have “deflated” compared to how they were before they’ve sagged and it makes me feel bad about myself because I miss my pre-mommy boobs so much and the fact I entered mother hood at a young age and lost my perky boobs younger than I wanted, I really have been debating getting a boob job before I turn 25. This video is making me second guess it, on top of that my step father lost his wife years ago from a very painful sickness she developed because of her implants 😭 maybe I should just leave my boobs alone :/ thanks for sharing this info btw and I’m so sorry you went through this!

  8. This is terrifying and I can’t believe it’s not recognized and talked about it. The whites in your eyes immediately becoming more clear after I feel speaks volumes

  9. I have so many complicated feels around this I mean on the one hand I appreciate the courage and concern you must have ha to post this an tell your truth an I thank you for this but I also know that this has been a serious dream for me an I have actual body dysphoria because of my boob size so I don't know I wish there were a better way or this because I still want them but the Risk sounds to big….in the end thank you for coming forward, but I still feel a little angry and sad Bout the whole situation

  10. Hi Karissa Pukas, since you have done so much research on this topic about silicon or foreign object inside the body. do you think that a nose implant or a chin implant would or may likely to have the same side effect. or somewhat similar side effect

  11. I had saline breast implants for 19 years. A month ago I had them replaced with silicon. I've never had any issues and all the women I know with breast implants haven't either.
    A small percentage of people react to foreign objects being placed in their bodies. It doesn't matter what it is,their body reacts. The implants don't cause problems, it's the body they're being placed into. Your body would reject a hip replacement the same as it would breast implants.
    I hate seeing women scared to get something they want based on a small percentage of people.
    I'm extremely sorry for your health problems,but the implants themselves didn't cause the health problems.
    Anyone interested in getting breast implants, I encourage you to talk to a board certified surgeon.
    Also, if you're that worried about implants (there's absolutely no need to be) there are other options too. You can have your own fat transferred.
    Don't give up on something you want that will make you feel better about yourself, just because someone else didn't have a good experience. Nothing wrong with having as much information as possible, but know that this type of outcome is very rare.

  12. I'm just so happy for you❤️ I'm so happy you are getting better and recovering❤️ I have paused and cried for you and your pain multiple times during this video💔 I could just feel your sadness and your frustration and I'm just so happy that you are on a happier path☀️ this video is the first I've seen from you and I'm so glad I watched❤️ thank you for educating so many on an illness that not many know about❤️

  13. Thank you that was a very useful video, I have always wanted to go through breast implants…but i also knew that i have a very sensitive body, this video helped me to make my decision.

  14. Such a beautiful structure of the video first of all, probably a lot of hours and effort went into this.

    You glow, sister! You deserve it so much!
    It’s my first video I see of you, and I don’t even have boobs implants or considered to get any done. But still, as a naturopath, I loved all your process and how you shared it.
    And second of all, welcome to the small boobs club! 🙌🏼 We are all gifted with such divine bodies, celebrate it in its natural healthy state and it will keep giving its best to heal and function as a divine vessel.
    Love from Germany!

  15. I have to admit I am heart broken to find this video and hear your story but I am also thankful. I am a stage 3 breast cancer patient with a recurrence that is forcing me into a left sided mastectomy and the only thing keeping me going is that at age 42 and 3 kids later…I will at least have the option of an implant and right side lift and still feel like a woman. I hate the idea of going flat on just one side or cutting both off for symmetry…now I need to soul search and I have 2 weeks to make this life changing decision!!

  16. I am crying seeing your video, you described exactly every single symptom I have had AND GETTING WORSE. Thank you for making this video, I finally find a name and cause to all my unexplainable pains, I literally feel like I am a 28 year old living in an old woman’s body. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  17. This really scary me because I been thinking on getting a breast augmentation. I even have an appointment for consultation coming up. I was truly born with nothing don't even fit into AA cup and all the women in my family have D's.

  18. I have been going absolutely crazy crazy obsessed with trying to manage my failing health. I am sensitive to so many things anymore it's a miracle I am not starved! I also had to give up my exercise routine. I was injuring myself constantly. I have Hoshimotos with a hypo thyroid. So all of those symptoms are super magnified. I cannot lose a pound. I was told a few months back my a muscle testing chiropractor that I was allergic to them. I dismissed it….. SO SHOCKED! No idea why this video popped on my feed. Divine messages

  19. Mutation is a part of survival:
    it's about getting ahead,
    It's about changing your persona,
    It's about fitting in,
    It's about hiding the imperfections,
    It's about making everyone the same..

  20. Karissa, I salute you for being brave, removing your implants. Be who you are are and live life to the fullest everyday.

  21. Honesty thank you for sharing. You have dramatically changed my view. Most of all I'm seriously happy your free from that pain

  22. My mother just had an explant. I hope she feels better. She had nearly all the symptoms and Drs couldn't figure it out what was wrong with her. Breast implant illness fit all her symptoms perfectly though.

    Oh and by the way, when she had them taken out, one was ruptured and the other one was leaking. OF COURSE it was making her sick.

  23. I generally feel sorry about us women willing to risk our health to please others…why do we get boob job nose job ass job botox lip injections or try out crazy diets…for what?

  24. Watching this on 7/22/19 and just made a call to a plastic surgeon for a consultation for explant. Now I know I am not going crazy having symptoms such as yours and test coming back negative and perfect. THANK YOU!

  25. 15 year augmentation patient… 10 year diagnosed Autimmune.
    Same as you, I am tired of no answers… this was brought to my attention today after I had thought for years that saline couldn't have this effect. Your video has been amazing and I am looking into it! You are fucking amazing…

  26. My sister got huge ones so she'd look like me. She's 65, had them for a year or two. I've had a breast reduction and am very glad. Thank you for doing this.

  27. Could you please tell me where you got your explant done? I live 30 minutes from Newport, CA and want a reputable doctor who knows what they're doing

  28. To be fair this sounds like normal implant rejection? Any implant can cause this, my SO had this same issue with a metal plate placed in his shoulder that has body rejected. Idk if it necessarily has anything to do with the implant fluid that caused the issue.

    You have to remember, the symptoms of illness come from your immune system not the potential contaminant. That's why allergies are a thing- your immune system is overreacting to something it was exposed to that is not actually lethal… And that immune reaction itself can actually be so severe you die.

    The rest of the stuff tho def makes sense. nothing in this world is truly safe tbh

  29. But I need to do it anyway, my husband said he doesn’t feel for me because my breasts are small. He doesn’t touch me for two years. he dreams of girls with fuller breast. I am shattered and think only this surgery can fix my life

  30. After having my two beautiful babies, one of my breasts is bigger then the other. Looks like two different breasts. I hate it! I cry sometimes because I want to look normal. I really wanted implants, but after watching these videos I don’t think I want it anymore and risk my life! THANK YOU xoxox

  31. Thank you for sharing your story… It is weird.. you never think about taking them out when you put them in. I always feel like crap and now having issues with one of mine (18 years old Saline) now so I am scheduled for an Explant Dec… Terrified (of the surgery itself) but ready!

  32. Thank you for sharing. Am from indonesia. Your video is so helpful. What about fat transfer to breast. Is it saver for our body?

  33. I have been seriously considering breast implants, I never heard of all these symptoms. Thanks for this. RIP big boobies for me tho

  34. That is amazing. My father named dr. bernard patten has written the toxic effects of breast implants. You did the right thing.

  35. Thank you so much for this video. I was planning on having breast augmentation with silicone implants,and now,I won’t proceed with the procedure.

  36. Quick question for you, during the time you had the implants in where you taking birth control at the same time? Another Girl who got implants said she was getting all the symptoms you described and they all went away once she got off birth control. She ended up keeping her implants because of it. Just wanted your thoughts. Thanks!

  37. I’m sad. I have tuberous breasts and I finally decided I wanted to get my boobs done and feel feminine and pretty without clothes and padded bras on. But I care deeply for my body and health (hence why I couldn’t phantom gettin implants) so now that I know about BII, I feel stuck. You can tell yourself you don’t care or shouldn’t but it is still something I am so sad about

  38. ballerinas have perfect bodies and none of them have big breasts…carry on detoxing and exercising and you'll feel healthy and confident and beautiful <3

  39. Thank goodness you are well and whole again! I've had very similar symptoms and have never had implants. I had metal put in my head because of an aneurysm! Something I can't have removed!

  40. You are a true inspiration. It must’ve been so difficult to share your story. Your bravery is saving lives. Wishing you endless health & love!

  41. 👑💗🙏🏼💐Blessings on your healing and success in it all!!! You’re such a beautiful badass lady!!! Thank you for sharing!!! Big air hugs from New Mexico!!! Mona💋

  42. Thank you so much for share with us. You're so brave and throughout your experience you helped many other women to prevent those kind of health problems and to love themselves like they are. Naturally.

  43. Hi guys. Do you think this illness could be causing serious depression and anxiety? I’ve never been so ill in my life and I’m at a complete loss. I look sick 24/7. My mental health has completely deteriorated for no reason. 😭 I just want to get better.

  44. just be yourself and rid of that shit, i would never want my girlfriend to have implants i know i was right all along

  45. I’m now a true believer that we should leave our bodies as God intended them to be. It took me a long time to realize this but it just makes sense!

  46. I'm sure it didn't seem cool, but it was kinda cool that you drove all the way to calfornia, it was like a magical life changing road trip.

  47. You seem to have the same issues like bonny rebecca, raw alignment, rawvana and many more. I mean like THE EXACT SAME! You should check their videos on that. They followed a similar diet. To me, the problem seems not to be in the implants but in the diet.

  48. im glad you found the root of your issues and were able to make your way towards recovery ♥ theres a lot out there that advanced medical professionals/companies dont want to address, leaving a lot of people suffering from random ailments that cant be tested for or arent taught to medical professionals.

    i can relate on developing health issues out of no where. for me, i suffered fluoroquinolone toxicity. FQs are commonly prescribed antibiotics that are actually very potent, dangerous, and unpredictable. they are failed chemotherapy drugs with a handful of anti-cancer actions. unfortunately, those actions are taken on healthy cells of healthy people, disabling them temporarily, long term, or permanently. i took only 4 pills and my health was turned upside down. unfortunately, theres no cure, i just have to wait for my body to fix itself. its been a year and im doing better, but i have a lot of issues still. theres no test, no treatment protocol, and hardly any education for doctors. i empathize with the frustration of failing health. again, im super happy to see youre doing better ♥♥♥ thank you for sharing your story, as it will help others realize whats wrong with them and encourage others to be more mindful about receiving implants.

  49. I felt the exact same way with my silicone iud. Exact. Same. Way.
    Night sweats, brain fog, palpitations, extreme exhaustion, felt 80 in a 28yr body. I think they should just get rid of silicone. It’s poison.

  50. Why would you NOT think it was your implants??? You hear these horror stories all the time. Glad you woke up before you killed yourself slowly and painfully.

  51. You are beautiful naturally. But if u want to enhance do some manifestations and sublimials, they mostly work!!

  52. You don’t realize the impact you just made in my life! After 2 kids and loosing almost 90lbs my boobs are extremely saggy and my lift with implant surgery is for next year! I now know I only want the lift and Im ok with that! I love my life and health too much! I’m so happy you are doing better and feel better you even look like you’re glowing now!! Thank you so much for this video I will be sharing with a couple friends who have breast augmentation planned! 💖

  53. Well I have breast and gluteus implants for almost 10 yrs and everything looks ok. Have a child and I breastfed him I was thinking to remove my gluteus implants and lift up my breast implantes possible change it as well

  54. Thank you so much for sharing your story Karissa this video will help many women. How long did you have your implants?

  55. If you're desperate for larger breasts work on self love first and foremost but if you've done alot of healing work and still desire this then try massage combined with noogleberry or bossom beauty first!!! Can actually be longterm growth from it if you use it for awhile-and no dangers!

  56. man dang implants , you came out with real truth about these implants, i wonder how these kardashian and jenners keep up with so much of silicone in their body.SMH!!!

  57. I’m going through the same thing. Need to get these implants out. I’ve also developed an autoimmune disease and can’t work now. 😔

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