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  1. I have a question doctor Mike. What is your response if a doctor gave a medicine to a patient and say that the illness this medicine prevent is a lifetime sickness? The patient after a year or 2 has stopped taking the medication and has not gotten the illness after a year and a half. What would you say to the patient or the doctor prescribing the medicine?

  2. Dr Mike I am currently sick. I have a bit of cold. Btw, does mosquito coil cause throat pain or stuff like that? I am 14 yo. Plz reply.
    Illness haven't caught me fully until now.

  3. hello Dr. Mike and Dr. Dave! I am a pharmacist in a small town in Portugal and in my area there's a lot of patients that have respiratory symptoms of breathing allergy (coughing, sneezing or nasal blocked, etc). I usually recommend them to visit an allergologist if the problem is not solved with anti histaminic prescribed by the family doctor. I'm curious about how do the allergologist can detect with 100% sure the allergy/allergens without the oral challenge?

  4. Hey doc, how do I get rid of stress mainly caused from people I can't really get rid of… please help me, thanks 🤷🏽‍♀️🤔😬🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. Thank you for also talking about food intolerances. Whenever I have mushrooms or shellfish I get a super upset stomach, but many folks when we go out to eat don't quite know what an intolerance is.

  6. Hey Dr. Mike! Idk where to comment to be featured in your "Responding to your comments" series, but figured this is as good a place as any.

    What can't you do as a family medicine doctor? I wonder if there are any limitations or restrictions on the treatments/prescriptions you are able to offer your patients before referring them to specialists… Do you tend to refer your patients to specialists or treat them firsthand?

  7. If you taste a food for the first time and you don't like it, does your body have a reason you don't like it? I know there can be psychological bias at play here, but let's put that aside and say it isn't a "mental thing"…will the body direct you away from certain foods? I've heard that when woman are pregnant they get food cravings or get naucious with food smells…just wondering if we need to listen to our bodies more in this area?

    I was told I'd grow out of disliking certain foods…I haven't…not from lack of trying them again and again over the years.

  8. Dr. Mike, I tell every Dr I see that I have a sensitivity or overreaction to local anesthetics. I get disoriented like I was given a sedative. Is this a common reaction? And why does every Dr want to test a different one on me if I need something simple removed? I.e wisdom teeth or moles. I react the same!!

  9. I have an allergy to latex that was diagnosed when I was a child (I was born with spina bifida) and reading online if I'm allergic to latex I should avoid most fruit and veggies like strawberries, potatoes and kiwifruit to name a few. Kiwifruit makes my tongue itch so I dont eat it often but I'm not worried because my son says it does the same with him. I also read avocados should be avoided so I'm terrified to try them. I recently read Tapioca is a latex product and it seems to be in everything 😔. Not sure where I was going with my question and I apologize. I guess I would like to no if allergic to latex can I eat stuff with tapioca or should I stay away.

  10. I've always had a bad reaction to peanuts since I was 4. My lips get swollen, my throat is a sort of itchy burning sensation, and I get very nauseous and sometimes vomit. I got an allergy test when I was around 7 and it said I had no allergy (I don't know what kind of test but they pricked these things in my skin.) Because of this, my parents didn't believe me and whenever I refused something with peanut butter they made fun of me like I was crazy. I'm 15 now and recently my mom saw me throw up after accidentally eating peanuts and now she finally believes me. It sucks I got made fun of and invalidated because one allergy test said I wasn't allergic

  11. Hey Doctor Mike…just wanna know, have you ever heard about Ayurveda?
    P.S. I have recently subscribed your channel and love watching your videos. #PeeWhoop

  12. When i grow up i want to be a doctor and i watch you for knowlege and inspiration because to the world your a person but to a person you maybe the whole world

  13. So if you have a food sensitivity is there a specific symptom that everyone has in common or it differs from person to person?

  14. It took 27 years to diagnose my allergies, I used to have massive stomach and digestion issues (I would get so much nausea and vomiting that my teeth have suffered along with it), I wouldn’t put weight, I had anaemia, lack of a ton of vitamins and as a kid I looked malnourished, my immune system suffered along with it, along with my overall energy levels as a child and teen. It got to a point where I would be afraid of having a meal because I didn’t want to feel sick and eventually I realised (as a young adult) what type of food was “safe” for me to have.
    My doctor assumed I had a “lazy stomach” or lack of apetite due to anxiety or hormones (???), that I simply had a small stomach until I became older and my complaints maintained. I stopped having menstruation at all, I would rather not eat for a whole shift if I had to work because if I ate it would be terrible to get sick when I was all alone with customers.

    Aside from the usual upset stomach and nausea and other digestive symptoms I’d get rashes all over my body.

    My doctor assumed it was an allergy to the heat or the sun, never considering it could be related…

    27 years it took me to find someone who would listen to my symptoms and validate that I wasn’t a skinny girl with anxiety but that I would legitimately get sick after eating food I would cook for myself.
    Imagine living alone, as a functioning adult, having a job, and unknowingly “poisoning” yourself on a daily basis just by cooking a meal!

    They started exclusion trials, no fried food, then no red meats (because they went from What’s harder to digest as it wasn’t easy and obvious to pinpoint what was wrong), doctor requested I instead of having dinner had a light meal based on fruits and/or cereal to see if my nausea would calm down and allow me to sleep one full night, hoping I’d also wake up feeling hungry (which has never happened since I was a baby, as my mum would also complain it was impossible to nurse me or feeding me overall), I kept loosing more and more weight, and eventually she decided to see how I felt removing dairy, it improved but it didn’t fully make it better. I assumed it wasn’t what could be wrong with me since I still had rashes and I still vomited.

    They finally decided to take it to specialists, they sent my case to the city hospital rather than a family clinic where a bunch of tests were run. I did the tests they mentioned on the video (except actually eating the food that could cause an allergy) and even an endoscopy to see how my stomach and intestines were.

    After 27 long years they found out what it was and even the diagnose seemed iffy, because “if this test came negative but the symptoms are still happening, the only option is *this other diagnose*, but the exam is so torturous we’ll that assume this is your diagnose so you don’t have to go through it”.

  15. Question: he said that you will have a result of “highly reactive” to foods simply because you’ve eaten those foods recently. A memory test more so, right? But then said that he knows his own test was invalid because it said he was highly sensitive to something he DOESN’T regularly eat (cottage cheese). Could you help me understand how this isn’t a contradiction, I’m a little confused?

  16. What about a sudden allergic reaction to ibuprofen after years of taking it fine.

    I recently got an allergic reaction where my upper lip started swelling up a couple of hours after taking an ibuprofen. It felt weird but I didn't think too much of it. Then the other day I took another ibuprofen because I had ear pain and then my whole face swelled up. I had to get 2 injections but yet my parents dont believe its the ibuprofen that caused it because I've been taking for years and nothing like that has happened before.

  17. My symptoms – fatigue, muscle pain, lips peeling horribly with cracking and bleeding nonstop, skin around fingers peeling, bleeding, raw, breaking out in horrible, cystic, painful acne on jawline, neck, and hairline, having bad stomach pains, and itchy skin.
    Allergy test – no allergens
    Sensitivity test – sesame, salmon, tomatoes, chicken, soy, dairy, eggs, peanuts, pecans, watermelon, peaches, pears, and a ton more.
    I cut out all these foods and symptoms go completely away. Sounds like the test works just fine to me 🤷‍♀️
    And whenever I add any one of those foods back in, the symptoms return.

  18. Dear @Doctor Mike,

    For the past nine months I have noticed really bad abdominal pain, bloating, gas, and intense diarrhea when I eat greasy foods, anything with a lot of milk (ik I’m lactose intolerant), anything really sweet especially birthday cake, and some fruits and I don’t know what’s next. My pediatrician ordered an abdominal ultrasound and found absolutely nothing, and is recommending I see a pediatric gastroenterologist. What is wrong with me? It’s like every time I eat I’m just waiting to have to rush to the restroom or see what my stomach does.

  19. I am allergic to latex rubber and suffer latex fruit syndrome from it. I get red dots from tomato and latex gloves, latex mattress and semen XD oop

  20. Hey Doctor Mike love your content I learn a lot from it but I got a question, why did u decide to become a doctor?

  21. People in the comments section: Hey Dr. Mike, diagnose my condition sight-unseen based on vague description of symptoms with no medical history or physical exam.
    Me: Gaaaaaaaaaah!!!

  22. I am somewhat Lactose intolerant now. If I have a bit of dairy each day, maybe some ice cream, I can have more and more latter without issue. But if I go for a while, and say I have a shake or large cup, I know where I will be roughly two hours after that…. and people better get out of the way…

  23. At 52 ,I can say I was a victim of these unnecessary testing. My mother was told I had a "dairy allergy " . She locked down on ALL dairy ,chocolate and so on. I , as a kid, had to deal with coffee rich as a milk replacement and no kid friendly goodies ! I realized (as a 9 yr old) that I could have dairy bc every time I went to a friend's house I had it there and was FINE! I suffered in silence my entire childhood for no reason. Thanks Dr. Mike for doing this! And ,,,GO BUCKS !😁

  24. me and my husband are planning to go to an allergist at some point. We both get asthma, that gets worse at certain times of year, I get hayfever, and something is giving me welts on my skin and I am not sure what.
    My husband has an allergy to shrimp, it makes his throat and lips swell, and we have been avoiding all crustaceans, octopus, squid and shellfish just in case, so we would like to get that checked out too, to see if theres some things he actually can have.

  25. I swear, it gets me both so upset and so worried for people who have food allergies and don't carry an Epipen. My step sister, for example, is severely allergic to mangoes and doesn't carry an epipen and I've gotten on her as a 16 y/o and her mom for not getting on top of that, because when we travel, we don't know how well she'd get treated God forbid there's cross contamination with mangoes. Luckily I carry two (I had an incident where one got messed up, so now I carry two to play it safe).

  26. My grandma died of ovarian cancer because she found it in a late stage. She had all the classic symptoms of ovarian cancer, but for a few years she was going to a naturopath who specialized in allergies who thought finding a person's allergies would heal nearly everything and also he related every symptom to allergies. If she had gone to a more conventional doctor, he or she might have caught it earlier and not viewed everything through an allergy lens.

  27. I could write you a novel with my background concerning allergies. I've never been more "allergic" than I am right now. my recent allergy test shows high to medium (3+ to 5+) allergies to beef, pork, shrimp, potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, black pepper, cauliflower, rice, wheat, corn, green beans, beets, peas, and soybeans. It's ridiculous. Until this test I knew about peas and beets and some inhalants – lots of pollen etc. I don't understand how i suddenly have all these allergies and am really at a loss as to what to do now other than limit my foods to chicken and fish. Oh, i'm also allergic to turkey. A lot of the food allergies must be what causes me a lot of intestinal discomfort- bloating, etc.
    I enjoy your channel. thanks for listening.

  28. If you think a food is disgusting, think waaaaaay back did you get sick after eating it. Many many years back I got food poisoned by something. The main thing in the meal that stood out to me was the little "bay shrimp" in it. After the experience, I found shrimp disgusting. From a staying alive point of view this bit of wiring seems like something that could be evolved into the system. Not eating a thing that makes you sick is a good thing.

  29. I am so glad to see this video! I hope you see my comment as we having been dealing with food intolerances with my son for years causing extreme bloating and constipation and changes in mental state. We have not found anyone to really help us with this and I have found very limited literature on the subject. I would love to be in contact with someone who has experience with this and could give us a little direction. We have learned to manage a bit over the years but it is so frustrating to not have any medical advice on this.

  30. So what is it when I eat jalapenos, watermelon, and cinnamon my mouth becomes inflamed and the skin peels up and bleeds and it takes a few days to weeks for it to heal and I cant really eat anything but soft bland foods and only drink water my throat doesn't close and I dont get hives.

  31. Hey, I love u Dr. Mike. Also, I’ve been sick for a couple of days, and I’ve had a high fever, dizziness, foamy spit, coughing and sneezing. Wtf is wrong with me? Thank you :)))

  32. So we failed to mention the fact that EPI-PENS are extremely expensive and that the normal middle class family can barely afford it. Even with insurance it is priced extremely high smh…

  33. Very good video but as someone with a food allergy I wish you would’ve told that the epi pen is just a temporary solution. My allergist told me that the epi pen is just there to buy you time so you can go to the emergency room

  34. So, I'm curious… when I've gotten injections of steroids I end up with a full body itchy, puffy, miserable rash that puts me on the couch for more than a week. Last time this happened I finally went to the immediate care. The doctor tried a dose of epinephrine and it made me a little buzzy, but didn't seem to have much effect on my symptoms. Dare I ask, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I am fearful that someday I will be given a steroid for some reason without realizing it, either because I don't recognize the name of the drugs a steroid, or I'm not fully aware of the treatment I'm receiving.

  35. So my IGE level turned out to be >3000 and did an extra Comprehensive Allergy Test which costed me inr 16900 (usd 236.5) and after the result came out, doc told me to avoid chicken, shrimp and peanuts. As I couldn't visit the doc again I had to contact his assistant over phone. So, now my question is, can I take these again in small quantities so that eventually my body may go tolerant to them again?

  36. I don't understand why this doctor said if it's an allergy, you'll have a reaction every time. That's just not true. I've been to an allergist who told me what I'm allergic to, and I do usually have allergic reactions to those things, but not every time. Sometimes I don't react noticeably at all. I don't know why he'd say that. Maybe he's including reactions so mild one won't notice them, but otherwise I think he's just being inaccurate.

  37. I recently found out I’m allergic to shrimp. I’m not sure if it all shellfish. Sadly I grew up eating shrimp so it really sucks. Also a little worried i might be allergic to something that causes me to have a rash on my hand. Not sure what it is. So unless I know for sure m, is it hard to pinpoint?

  38. One of my children was seeing the dietetics department at the childrens' hospital in my state. We were told that a reaction within the 30min mark is an allergy, a reaction between 30mins and 4hrs is an intolerance. This was after being rushed to hospital twice to hospital with breathing difficulties after attempting dairy (tolerated breastmilk but dairy formula as a no-go), along with other symptoms. They done testing and such and said allergy to dairy and due to history (going forwards) that he had intolerances to other things (he was vomiting, having rashes, etc). Dietetics worked with us with doing food desensitization, which helped heaps. He can now tolerate dairy without breathing problems, however he is diagnosed with dairy intolerance now and so we try to avoid dairy and only small amounts of dairy so that he doesn't get really unwell, as he still does. He may also have celiac disease which Drs have wanted to test him for but I'm not sure about having him tested, although starting to think it is a good idea as he is really skinny, even though he eats reasonable amounts and does not have worms. By really skinny, I mean it is becoming concerning.

  39. A lot of people are “lactose intolerant” because humans are weird and are the only animals who consume milk after infancy. And we’re also the only animal who drinks other animals milk. Cows make milk to get their babies nice n fat in a short amount of time, and humans aren’t build well to handle that. Pretty sure “lactose intolerance” is like the #1 food sensitivity/allergy, etc.

  40. Plsss help!!! I have a really weird allergy when i panic or get excited over anything or even be sad or angry my whole body starts to itch so bad feels like neendle pricking mainly over my hands

    It starts even when i am warm aur feel warm like standing in direct sunlight even for 5 sec..my allergy starts and the red small spots appear when the allergy is slowly going away…
    My dermatologist said its chronic and heat urtecerio and they are not sure about it because it only happens during winters 😭😭 😭
    And recently my right hand fingers joints started to swell and hand became very stiff i got a ANA test done and it was negative.

    Right now i am taking anti histamine tablets on daily basis to prevent this allergy and I don't know why but this is also preventing the pain and swelling in my fingers can you please give some advice on this?? Would really appreciate your help…

  41. I have bad eczema on inner parts of my arms and legs. Unsure why. Doctor is unsure but given me some steroid cream for it. I wonder if I have an allergy to something

  42. 👋🙂💖👣
    ANTES que nada quiero agradecer mucho por los subtítulos Mike.
    Gracias por la información tengo familia y conocidos que tienen alergia a los mariscos, y los cacahuates.
    Bueno qué tengas buen inicio de semana.
    Te me cuidas mucho okey. Amore.

  43. Hey Dr Mike. I am anaphylactic to bee stings but before I became anaphylaxis I had been stung by bees before many times and never had an reaction. Then all of a sudden I get stung by this one Bee and had an anaphylactic shock. Why?
    And does this mean I will have anaphylaxis again if I were to get stung again in the future???

  44. I'm a 22 year old college student, I've noticed having hair fall problem since I've started working on my thesis and as it turns out, I'm slowly balding.. Is this generally caused by stress? also can you possible regrow hair even if balding is caused by genetics?

  45. My cousins lives in Columbus Ohio..and one of my cousins friend became very sick and was in the Nationwide Hospital and was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. Unfortunately when she got home, On Christmas Day, the parents found her dead in her bed and realized that she had a seizure

  46. So, how about MCAS, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. It's another histamine response condition and I'm expecting to hear something about looking further into it after a diagnosis that has MCAS as a related condition

  47. I went to many doctors with no help. Changed my diet after a food sensitivity test from a doctor and all my autoimmune diseases are gone. And I kept a food journal as well. I am healed and feel incredible. I also have done parasite cleanses, a gut protocol, and hormonal protocol. I am never bloated and feel like I am 18 again.

  48. I have a chronic illness called gastroparesis, I took ige test and came up that I was sensitive to gluten and dairy, it was done by my gastroenterologist. I feel like you should have gone in more depth about why people would need to test for allergies and how to do it properly.

  49. A lot of these "vague symptoms" could be attributed to dehydration. I'm not a health professional, but it's probably not going to harm you to take a look at how much water you drink and increase if necessary.

  50. Hey Dr. Mike, you've ranted and raved against vitamin supplements and the like, but what about diet pills like carb blockers (Garcinia Cambogia, kidney bean extract), or fat blockers (Raspberry Ketones)? There's a whole bunch of others, and I'm dying to know what you think about them.

  51. If someone regularly has a reaction to cow milk when they are younger but then as an adult they don't seem to have the lactose intolerant symptoms any more, what does that mean?

  52. Please I need help
    This has nothing to do with the video BUT 1-5 times every week I get really bad “cramps” in my legs. Like when you grow over night, that happens at day. If the normal growth pain is a 3/10 this is 8,5/10 (I have a kinda high pain tolerance) My doctor don’t seem to “care” about it, he just gives me some pills and I go home. i need help why does this happen?*. (I am 12, always had this, I am tall for my age). *PLEASE IF SOMEONE KNOWS ANYTHING PLEASE ANSWER

  53. Hey Doctor Mike, one day I woke up and discovered I couldn’t read with my left eye, the letters looked distorted also the colors looked pale. Went to ophthalmology and they said there is water behind my iris but no treatment, just some vitamins that didn’t help. Now I live with a “bad eye” and don’t know what to do.

  54. Hey Dr. Mike I have a question. If you remove certain foods from your died for a prolonged period of time (for me it was 90 days) and then reintroduce it to your diet, could you develop a sensitivity to any foods? That is what I observed. Foods that I never had a sensitivity to prior (dairy, onions, nuts, etc) I now feel sensitive towards. I just feel like if you take anything away from your diet for a long time and then start eating again your body might react to it since it is no longer used to it.

  55. I have a strange question. I've been through an accident a year ago and since then, my lower right rib keeps poping. Is that normal?

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