The Trauma Center at Regional Medical Center of San Jose

(upbeat music) – At Regional Medical Center we have one of the busiest trauma programs
in Santa Clara County. We have about 2,500 trauma
activations per year and we have an interdisciplinary
team of physicians to care for these trauma patients. These include general surgeons
who are trauma surgeons, we have orthopedic surgeons
who are trauma surgeons, we have neurosurgeons as well. What differentiates us
from other medical centers is that our orthopedic
surgeons are actually trained specifically for trauma called
orthopedic traumatologists. Orthopedic traumatologists
have the ability to take care of some of
the most complex fractures that general orthopedic surgeons
aren’t able to take care of and do that in conjunction
with some of our other surgeons so the patients have multiple injuries, the orthopedic surgeons
can work in conjunction with neurosurgeons who can take care of the spinal fractures
and spinal injuries. We can also address
traumatic brain injuries. And this is all done in
a coordinative fashion to provide patients with
the best care experience, not a serial care experience, but a comprehensive care
experience all at once. Here at Regional, we have some of the most advanced imaging
equipment in the country. We have a system called Brain Lab Airo which is actually a mobile CT scanner that allows us to bring advanced imaging to the operating room rather
than bringing the patient to the radiology suite. With the Brain Lab Airo, we’re able to get three
dimensional images immediately at the time that we’re
actually doing the operations. We are only one of five
medical centers in the country that have this advanced equipment. Regional actually has a regional reach. We serve as a referral
hospital for a number of outlying hospitals and
what makes that possible is that we have one of the largest and most durable helipads
here in the area. So we’re able to take
helicopters throughout Northern and Central California so that expertise with trauma and orthopedic traumatology is able to reach out into
a number of communities that would otherwise not
have the options to care for their patients. (uplifting music)

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