The Total Joint Program at Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center

(light piano music) – Our Orthopedic Center here at Los Robles Hospital Medical Center is very community-focused
and patient-centric. – The joint and spine program here is an up and coming program
that has been in place for several years now
that has a dedicated team of nurses, physicians, physical
and occupational therapists that have a common interest
in seeing these patients through this process, a total knee or a total hip replacement, and getting them back
on their feet and home as soon as possible. – Our patients are active
members of our community they are weekend warriors, they lead an active, healthy lifestyle, but as the patient population ages, sometimes things with hips and
knees, and maybe shoulders, get a little wear and tear. Essentially what our patients
do is make the decision with their surgeon to have the procedure. They come to the hospital
on an education day and that’s kind of a one-stop shop where the patient is able to pre-register for surgery in advance, they’re able to get their pre-operative
assessment completed, they take a total joint or
a spine educational class. – [Paul] People are invited to come and just hear about these
surgeries and what’s involved and what to expect during
and after the surgeries. – What differentiates us is the fact that we have a lot of
experienced surgeons on staff. We have a fantastic interdisciplinary team that are a part of these programs. – [Paul] There is a
dedicated team of nurses and physical and occupation therapists. – [Carrie] We have a state of the art rehabilitation onsite gym, so patients are able to
do their therapy here and then they continue
that physical therapy once they return home. – These surgeries now are
so dialed in these days that they are commonly up
and walking the same day or the afternoon after their surgery was performed that morning. – Here at Los Robles
Hospital and Medical Center our Orthopedic Program is
with you every step of the way to ensure not only a successful surgery but a successful recovery.

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