The Top 3 Strength Training Exercises for Runners | Week 43 | Movement Fix Monday | Dr. Ryan DeBell

(Upbeat, driving music) – I’m Dr. Ryan DeBell
from The Movement Fix. This is Movement Fix Monday, and I am joined by Chris Johnson, PT and he is gonna show us
his recommendation of three strength training exercises for runners. To number one, get stronger
with the goal being, get better running by being stronger. So, I’m gonna hand over the mic, he’s gonna show us his top
three, and we’ll get going. – So, as a body of research
continues to emerge, one of the things that’s
coming to the forefront is the importance of strength
training for runners. And this is something that, historically, runners have shied away from strength training
for a number of reasons. The things that come to my mind are, afraid of putting on additional mass, that they are going to
have to perfuse with blood, perhaps just being intimidated by strength training. Or just not knowing where to begin. So, again, if you look at the research, there’s a wealth of benefits
from strength training from improved economy to … Eliciting neuro adaptation, so just improving comprehensive capacity. So, I’m gonna take you
through three simple strengthening exercises that
I like to use for runners. In no particular order. So, we’re gonna go through a
lateral toe-tap with a barbell, we’re gonna do a step-up with a barbell, and then we’re going to
do a single-leg deadlift. Alright, so, we’ll go through
the lateral toe-tap first. So, what this is going to look like is, similar to the lateral
toe-tap with a mini-band, we are just loading it up now. So, I’m gonna be on the
right lower extremity. So, get a little bit of bend in the knee. Keep the knee roughly
centered over the foot, and then we are just going
to at out to the side, right? Make sure not to excessively grip with the toes on the right side, and keep your shoulders and pelvis square. Okay, now we usually do three sets of eight to ten with that. We’ll go and do the step up next. So, again, simple platform, and … Slow and controlled. And you can do three sets of eight to ten alternating between sides. So, the last one is just
a single leg deadlift. Deceptively challenging exercise. So, again, just holding the barbell here. And again, I’ll do three sets
of six to eight, roughly. So, hopefully that gives you a window into some sample strengthening exercises that you can incorporate
if you’re a runner, a triathlete, or running athlete. So, give those a shot,
and there’s a huge payoff. – Alright, so that’s some … Three really great strength
training exercises for runners. And I gotta say, a two-time
Kona Iron Man athlete moving a barbell around like that looks pretty good in my eyes. One thing about the step up, too, though. You can see that the height
of the box here is pretty low. One of the things that I see at least, as an issue, is people do a
step up that is way too high. – Mm-hmm. – Right, like it’ll be above 90 degrees, their back is rounded for them to like get their leg up there. And so, you want to make
sure you put the box, or the step, at a height so that you can keep good mechanics
in the low back and hip, so you don’t do rounded
low back step ups, so … – Yeah, I think that’s a great point. Also, de-emphasizes momentum, so … – Exactly, yeah. Because, if the box is too high, then people will kind of jump with the lower leg to get up there, and it’s all about the top leg, right? – Correct. – So, we manna make sure we think about that a little bit, too. And yeah, so that’s what we got. If you’re a runner or looking to increase your running,
three great exercises. Thanks again to Chris Johnson for swinging by the Movement Fix clinic
and filming some videos and sharing his wealth of knowledge. Make sure to check out, that’s his website. And also, link to his stuff in
the description of the video, and if you don’t already follow the Movement Fix on Facebook, make sure to go to, and check out the
Instagram @themovementfix. I’ll see you guys next week. (energetic rock music)

10 thoughts on “The Top 3 Strength Training Exercises for Runners | Week 43 | Movement Fix Monday | Dr. Ryan DeBell

  1. It makes quite a LOT of difference that type of running – Sprint 60-200m – medium endurance (up to ~10km) – long endurance (marathon etc).
    At least for sprint I'd definitively would have choosen other exercises – a type of deep squat (sprint-start) that one co do savely even if if done explosively and near max strength – explosive trap/hex bar squat on a stable box for better ROM (fast up, normal to slow downwards/excentric) with around 3-5reps per set. Additionally unilateral FrontShoulderPress with Oblique twist + and RearDeltoid and/or Lat-exercise with each around 12-16reps in fast done (gain more upper body momentum for running fast), and maybe a little bit of assistive/compensating direkt hamstring resp. knee-flexor work

  2. Nice. That single legged dead lift is money. You can do it on an inflatable balance disc and incorporate proprio. If the wobble disc is on a vibration platform it is even better.

  3. I have spent months investigating exercises for the elderly and discovered a great resource at Seniorcises (check it out on google)

  4. Jane Fonda leg raises for the glute medius and reverse calf raises for the anterior tibialis are the best things you can do to prevent injuries.

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