The Speech and Language Therapy Program at Craig Hospital

(upbeat music) – My name is Kim Frey,
and I am the director of the Speech Language
Pathology department here at Craig Hospital. Speech language pathology,
as we like to call it, is a specialty that takes
a look at assessment and treatment of speech,
language, and cognitive communication disorders. – I think the Speech Pathology department really plays a crucial role at Craig, not only helping people with eating and swallowing and communication, but also just those life
skills to get back to work. – We have a group of therapists
that are amazingly skilled, compassionate, dedicated, all
of whom go above and beyond to really meet the needs
of all of our patients and our families with whom we work. – I often do co-treats with
occupational therapists, physical therapists,
and I do a lot with the therapeutic recreation specialist as well. We work a lot on our
goals in speech therapy which might be related to speech,
language, problem solving, and we kinda work on those
in these other settings with other therapists. – Oftentimes, people
have never thought about their swallowing abilities, and then suddenly they
aren’t able to swallow. And this once automatic
function of the body is something that they
have to relearn and so, being able to be encouraging
through that process is so rewarding and it far outweighs the emotionally challenging
parts of the job. – I think one of the
biggest goals that we try to achieve is making
a personalized, unique therapy program for each patient. So if we can find things
that they like to do and are passionate about, then we have the resources here at Craig to be able to do that,
which is absolutely awesome. – An ear, nose, and throat clinic, we have speech therapists that work
closely with pulmonary, with the respiratory therapists, and also with our
laryngologist, Dr. Clary. We’re doing swallow assessments, we’re seeing if people can
get their trach tubes out, trying to get better
voice, assessing airway to see what their breathing is like, pretty much just to give
them better quality of life. – I love my job and I feel so grateful to be able to work in this
setting, this context, and Craig specifically. – Thinking and language is 24 hours a day. It’s how you find your passion, it’s how you make relationships, it’s who you are. And so, I think bringing
people back to their life is huge, it’s everything. – We chat, we smile, we laugh,
we give each other a hug, and it’s just these bonds that you form with these patients that
you just don’t expect and it’s life-changing
for us and for them. (upbeat music)

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