The Shocking Remark That Led Genie Francis to Quit General Hospital | Where Are They Now | OWN

MUSIC There was a time when I
thought, oh, no, please, let that go so I can continue
on, so I can be something new. Because, you know,
I was only 19. I wanted to keep growing and
developing as an actress, and I felt like
that held me back. So yeah, I felt that at times,
but now at my present age, I’m really proud of the
fact we hold a record. There aren’t too many
people who get to say that. I was very young. I was only 19. I was having trouble
with drugs and alcohol, and basically what
happened was I ended up one night in the hospital. The next day, the very next
day I was told geez, I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to come
back to work tomorrow morning, you know? So I got back to work, and then
somebody came up to my door and knocked, and it was an awful
moment in which I was told, you know what they
said about you? And I said, no,
what did they say? They said that it
didn’t matter if you lived or died, because
Tony was the whole show. And that hurt. So I just decided,
yeah, I don’t matter? I’m nothing? OK.
Watch this. I’m gone. I was angry. It was a hot-headed decision. I went a long distance
to prove a point. A very long distance. And it hurt me too. Why I’d moved one
soap to another? OK, because they were offering
me a job, and I needed one. It was hard sometimes
to be on those shows because often they just
wanted my celebrity, but wouldn’t write a real role. It took about six months
on “Days of Our Lives” to get them to get me an
actual role that worked. So, you know, I
wanted to work, and I took the work that was offered. When I came back to
“General Hospital” in ’93, it was really, really lovely. First of all, the place
had completely changed. You know, the crazy
’80s, they were over. I was now 31 years old. I felt that I had gained the
respect of my peers a bit.

59 thoughts on “The Shocking Remark That Led Genie Francis to Quit General Hospital | Where Are They Now | OWN

  1. LOVED the storyline when she came back in '93. I was in high school at the time & it was the "summer" story, perfect for kids.

  2. Her character is still one of my absolute favorite GH characters…I love her, she reminds me of my mom ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Seems to me that whoever told her she didn't matter in this soap, was trying to at least disturb her and at most wanting her to leave and that person got their way. I didn't watch General Hospital for the exception of their wedding since my sisters used to watch it and when I learned that Elizabeth Taylor was going to be on the show suddenly I was VERY interested. I thoroughly enjoyed it and looked it up on you-tube recently to relive the Helena Cassadine Scenes.

  4. Wait….Days of our lives was a real show?!? as a non American I'm shocked! I always assumed it was a made up show i friends

  5. Tony Geary was boring without Genie, they forget if it were not for her there would have been no Luke and no Tony Geary.

  6. It matters to me that you left the show you and Anthony Geary both made the show Genie Francis I missed you very much when you left God bless you Genie Francis

  7. Genie is back on GH and looks amazing. TPTB treated Genie terribly because she was a teenager. Gloria Monty loved Tony Geary. She gave him everything he asked for. Guza kept Genie off GH for almost a decade but Genie got the last laugh. Guza. Frons and Jill Phelps were all fired and Genie is right where she belongs on GH

  8. Tony has pull-in the audience great acting skill & swag.Would've bn boring w/o Luke. Ms AG in 2019 wish he'd combk!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘Jason, Sonny & Carly, Scotty, still there.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘

  9. I Loved Laura she is a amazing actress she and Luke was the reason I watched……we love you genie Francis

  10. Gossip can be a life changer. I remember when Christopher Cross wrote a song for the story line of when she died. โ€œHey Lauraโ€.

  11. Too bad she didn't sue them for mental distress. But that was the 80s not now. I loved Genie on Days.

  12. OH PLEASE, every interview she gave at that time was" I have to find myself" " I missed out on so much because I'm always acting". Some people memories!!!!! I always got the impression that she thought Fame was forever.

  13. Wow! It really did matter if Genie or Laura was on the show ! With out Laura.Tony was toast! And that why you lost viewers back in the day!

  14. I will never forget Genieโ€™s GH appearance in 1983 right after Luke was elected Mayor of PC. He was brutish and possessive with Holly but when Genie returned she brought him back to life. They were magic together.

  15. What a horrible thing to say about her but Iโ€™m not surprised. Iโ€™m glad she quit after hearing that. She was very popular on DAYS if I remember correctly

  16. Genie was on the show when he showed up and was already part of a popular couple Laura and Scotty. Without Laura, Luke would have been written out of the show as he was originally scheduled to be.

  17. SOOOO stunning when she was young! I always wanted to look like her growing up. She's holding up beautifully! Don't worry about that stupid comment…… It wasn't the truth! It always took both of you to be Luke& Laura!

  18. i didnt like still don't like the whole his character raping her then they fall in love and marry…i loved her with Scotty

  19. That wedding would not happen in this day. If i remember right wasn't she married to Scotty n Luke raped her? Did u all forget that?

  20. Gloria was ridiculously pro-Tony Geary. Soaps will always be an actresses medium, and she wasn't being respected. So good for her for leaving! But u know, she left, ended up in NY doing AMC and off bway plays, (i saw one play she was in, and she was self assured,sexy and great comedic timing). She also did prime time, (Matlock, Bare Essence, North &South). She actually succeeded in prime time whereas Geary not so much. She took a naive Laura at 15, and turned into a Mother lyon. Watch when she spoke to lucky about the night at the Disco, that's an actress. She still my favorite, no one has Genie's smile or way she can command a scene. Unfortunately, no one is writing for anyone at GH. It needs Wendy Riche as exec. producer, she killed off BJ, but I still cry when Felicia says "no,not Barbara Jean!"

  21. To me what really built the Luke and Laura story line was The Cassadine saga and that James Bondish adventure with Robert after that and the Luke and Laura wedding GH storyline started to fall also never liked how the show treated Amy poor girl never got a good storyline alway was Laura shadow Holly was good but not with Luke her and Robert work well together The Bill Story suck

  22. Tony is repulsive to look at which is why the audience clued in to his feelings for Laura. Sheโ€™s so beautiful that at times her tears seemed to scream โ€œ look at me โ€œ rather than being pulled in to the story.ine.

  23. I remember the summer of Like and Laura in the 70's. They were on an island .I stopped watching in the 80's But the the 70's I watched the whole line up. Ryan Hope ,All My Children , One Life to Live , General Hospital and The Edge of Night.

  24. I would never tell someone that. Whoever told her that didnt have her best interest. Also she was young n sensitive as u get older when ppl say things like that u just start to laugh.

  25. You are still beautiful. And I never understood the attraction concerning Tony.I miss the soaps the way they were.very seldom watch anymore.not as good and so tired of the mob stories on GF.

  26. How brutal …saying something like that to a young girl, fresh out of the hospital from struggles with drugs&alcohol.
    Some people suck.
    Glad to see she survived, thrived and recovered with flair!! Always loved her, in everything she did on screen.

  27. I'm sorry but I never understood why every said Luke and Laura we're the most amazing couple. Everyone seems to forget Luke raped Laura when she was married to Scotty then turned around & married Luke.

  28. We listen to to some stupid advice and dumb people when we were young. It can have long lasting negative effects on our lives. Genie was beautiful and not valued as much as she deserved.

  29. Tony needed someone to keep up with him in the acting. Genie could do that. So could Rogers as Scorpio. Jane Elliot was also great with him. Emma couldn't do that very well. In fact Emma sucked. I heard that Emma complained about Tony's ad-libbing. No one else complained. I blame TPTB for pairing him with so many weak people over the years. Because he is a very good actor. I have seen some plays he has done. Very good. He did this play where he did 7 different characters. He was excellent in that. And TPTB want him back on GH. His answer was never say never. He needs to be paired with Genie again.


  31. Bet Tony Geary didn't know that was said to her ! But what a hateful person, to Genie to help her with her get a handle on her problems!

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