The School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition

The School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition provides a world-class environment to be able to understand and develop the knowledge which is so vital in preventing disease from arising and to understand how to treat disease better and more effectively and more efficiently. Partnerships start here on this site we work very closely with NHS Grampian just so vital for us as we train our health care workers but also NHS Grampian takes part in our training of science students too. The School’s moving forward with its teaching programmes, with its research programmes and is providing some of the very best trained scientists, the very best trained clinicians, the very best trained health workers who are really going to make a positive impact on the way in which will deliver science, we deliver Healthcare across the world. The university has a really high international reputation which gives, I think, any of the students really great opportunities. Especially in Medical Sciences the university is participating in cutting edge research which also give you a really great insight in to the many, many opportunities which is waiting for you in the real world. Our courses are remarkably international so we have home students, so people from the UK, but mixed in with that currently we have students from the USA, we have students from the Middle East, we have students from Africa, so it’s a really big mix and they all come together and we support them to the best that we can as well to help them get through their studies. I’m in my second year of a 3 year PhD programme, I’ve done my masters here as well all part of the same big course of medical mycology and fungal immunology studies and so far it has been great. Our aim is to do high quality fundamental and applied research to improve patient care. What we hope to do is to understand the mechanisms of disease, to find the most effective ways of treating them, and find the best way to deliver that care to the patient. One of the big advantages is that the medical school, the Institute of Medical Sciences, the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health are co-located within the Foresterhill health campus which means that we have state-of-the-art imaging facilities, clinical facilities, teaching facilities all in the same place. It was just a fantastic opportunity to come to Scotland to a place where they are doing cutting edge research. There is a fantastic research community that allows me to interact with all the scientists, the researchers and with students on a different level and that makes Aberdeen quite attractive. All of our students are Ambassadors when they leave Aberdeen. They all have the University of Aberdeen on their CV and we want to make sure that they are the best students that we can make them. It’s just a great place to come and study, it’s really vibrant, it’s a really nice mix of people. The courses are being re-vamped all the time so that they are really up to date and the staff are really enthusiastic!

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