The Rooftop Farm at Boston Medical Center

well when I first heard we were getting
a rooftop farm for our demo kitchen and pantry I was so excited because I knew
that we would have access to use those products the vegetables in our classes
and it’s so important for our patients to have those fresh vegetables for us
here at BMC food is medicine and so to be able to grow that medicine here and have
it be accessible to patients is definitely a selling point for me of why
I would want to be in the part of the project I think it’s an amazing project
for BMC and it really highlights our focus on making Boston the healthiest
urban population in the world it’s harvested food we talked about farming
and they learn some of the basics and they took that food and then they
actually brought it to the demonstration kitchen and cooked meal together and got
to eat that food so it kind of got to see from seed all the way to plate of
what a meal looks like and then I’m hoping to have more volunteers next year
we have so many people who want to be engaged in the farm and so trying to get
creative with how we use and capture that energy and keeping people
enthusiastic I’ll actually see what people like talking about the farm which
makes me really happy that it’s like a point of conversation I’ve seen people
like pull it out on their phone and show photos to people and so it’s fun to be a
part of a project that so many people are excited about most organizations is
to go too many layers and take many years and the fact that we’re standing
here at the end near the end of the first harvest year and we’ve already
built it installed 2,300 planters on a roof BMC community is feeling the
effects of this in a positive light it’s truly amazing my favorite thing about
the whole project is when I tell people about it
we have a farm that we’re growing fresh vegetables we have a pantry that’s
giving these fresh vegetables to our patients throughout the community
we have vegetables that we’re using in the cafeterias and in the patients’
rooms and then we take those vegetables and we teach people how to cook with
them the whole combination of the program is just so unique and when I
bring up the vegetables and I and I have them all set up on the demo table and
people look and I said this all came from our farm and they’re just
astonished and then they get to taste those vegetables so it just makes for a
whole an awesome well rounded program that I am just so proud
to be a part of

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