The Role of Nurses in an Acute Rehabilitation Hospital

Hello! My name is John Webster. I’m the Clinical Admissions Manager here at
Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital. I’m a certified rehab registered nurse, and
I’m here today to talk to you a little bit about rehab nursing. The goal of rehab nursing is to help patients
who have had a stroke, or another chronic illness, that has left them in a debilitated
state to get back to that maximum function and quality of life. The rehab nurse works hand-in-hand with the
physical therapist, the occupational therapist, speech therapist and the doctor who specializes
in physical medicine and rehab to improve the patient’s life and overall function. The rehab nurse works with the patient to
adjust to many different environments to prepare them to discharge home safely, educates them
on medication and other needs they may have at their home. The rehabilitation nurse also works side-by-side
with a certified nursing assistant to help patients regain their functional ability,
doing daily tasks, getting dressed, going to the restroom, help with eating and other
functional activities while promoting independence. A nurse in a rehab setting cares for the patient
24/7 and deals a lot with strokes, brain injuries, and other forms of debilitating illnesses,
and also provides hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis in the acute care rehab setting to
help the patient stay near physical medicine and rehab docs and therapists, along with
getting their treatments during the week. It takes a special person to be a rehab nurse. It requires a lot of patience, determination,
and confidence dealing with patients and their families, getting them on the road back to
better. The American Heart Association and the Stroke
Association recommend in their guidelines that patients who have had a Cerebrovascular
accident go to a rehab facility to obtain intense rehab services.

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