The RITE Study, a survey-based research study at ORCATECH | OHSU

I’m Dr. Jeffrey Kaye, Director of ORCATECH,
the Oregon Center for Aging and Technology,
a research center at the Oregon Health
and Science University supported by the National
Institute on Aging. I’m speaking to you today to
ask you to join us as a research volunteer in a new landmark
project of our center called RITE. RITE is Research by Internet
Technology and Experience. Currently, there are
many claims and promises of how electronic medical
records, fitness bands, smartphone apps, telemedicine,
and many related technologies, will become mainstay
components of health care. Yet despite this promise,
there is a dramatic lack of knowledge of how such
innovations are or maybe used among the diverse
members of our community. Most importantly, we
don’t know when where or even whether they may work. The RITE project
seeks to transform the way we inform all
clinical research by providing real world timely health and
related life experience data from thousands of
people such as you. As a participant
in RITE, you will provide medical and
related information solely over the internet
during brief, usually five minutes or less, online
surveys delivered to you on your personal computer,
tablet, or phone. Unlike typical
clinical research where you travel to a clinic
or a doctor’s office, you’ll be informing
research directly from your home on a much
more regular real time basis. By being a member of the diverse
RITE community, whether you are young or old, a person
with multiple chronic medical conditions, a person
trying to remain healthy, or someone needing to support
a loved one who is ill, all of you are needed. You will all greatly
contribute to our understanding of how this rapidly evolving
potentially transformative area of health care is working. In joining the
RITE community, you will contribute
critical data that will create the
first ever long term picture of key health and
well-being in everyday life. I hope you will agree
with me that the time is right to join this effort. Please click on the box below
to find further information and the consent form necessary
to officially enroll. I thank you in advance for
your willingness to help. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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