The Rehabilitation Center at Central Florida Regional Hospital

– [Narrator] I was bowling,
it was a Sunday night and I just felt, a little
off balance really. – [Narrator] At 47, Steve
Sanches had no reason to think that little dizzy spell
while bowling meant anything. He simply finished bowling,
went to work his night shift and then went home to his wife. – He just sat right next
to me and I just noticed a slur in his voice and I asked him are you feeling all right? And when I looked at him, I
said you’re having a stroke! – [Narrator] A trip to the ER confirmed Steve had suffered a stroke. Further tests revealed
a blockage in his heart. He was transferred to Central
Florida Regional Hospital for a cardiac catheterization procedure. That night, he suffered a
second, more significant stroke. He was left completely
paralyzed on one side. – I think it’s extremely scary when a healthy young man wakes up and faces a very devastating situation. – Those first few hours were probably the most terrifying thing of my life. – [Narrator] Stroke patients
require intensive therapy to regain their independence
and quality of life. So Steve was moved to Central
Florida Regional Hospital’s new Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Center. – Fortunately, we had just
opened the Rehab Center at this facility and we really recognized that this would be the appropriate place for him to maximize his
functional capacity. – I couldn’t even move my leg yesterday, just one day I can move
it, in and out also. – [Maribel] That’s good baby. – So it’s getting there,
getting a little better. – I was very surprised
that within that week, he was able to get out of the chair and do that stuff and he was
already taking his own bath. I was really optimistic about it. – His motivation just made all of us want to work that much harder. He was so anxious to
work and worked so hard that it challenged us
as therapists as well. – And they were so positive and happy when things happened to me, I can do things. I remember riding a
bike and was like that, I couldn’t even grip it the
first few days with this hand. I had to hold it down and then one day, all of
a sudden, I could do it. I didn’t need their help,
didn’t need anything and they were just clapping and cheering. It just… – They even cried with
us and that was amazing because you know, this is their job, they must see it every day but it kind of touched their heart and that really was personal to me. – [Narrator] The goal for
Steve and his therapist was to get him back home, back to independence, back to his life. – [Steve] From going to
nothing to where I am now, to me is amazing. I have them to thank, I owe them my life. – [Narrator] The Rehabilitation Center at Central Florida Regional Hospital, a 13 bed acute inpatient facility, is the only program of
it’s kind in Seminole and West Volusia counties. Our center is designed for patients recovering from any medical condition that requires the rehabilitation process to achieve the highest
level of independence. – We can take care of sicker patients, who are just moved from major procedures. – [Narrator] The Rehabilitation Center’s inter-disciplinary team
offers a comprehensive range of individual care including
physical, occupational and speech therapy. – We have the privilege of being able to touch someone’s life. And I do that every single
day when I come to work. – [Narrator] Our location
puts family members within reach because their involvement in rehabilitation is so important. – I just feel that this
community is extremely lucky to have an inpatient rehab center at this facility, where we have
very highly qualified staff, both in cardio and respiratory
and general surgery. – [Narrator] The Rehabilitation Center at Central Florida Regional Hospital, Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation,
designed to help patients achieve their highest
level of independence.

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