The Region’s Leader in Robotic Surgery – Menorah Medical Center

(calm music) – Hey guys. So we just finished a
robotic colon cancer case with the Da Vinci XI system. It allows us to do minimally
invasive colorectal surgery. As you can see here I
sit here at the console, while over here arms are at the bedside, and they’re the ones that
are replicating my movement. It allows for maximally
minimally invasive procedures so the patients can recover quicker and have a better outcome. And today was a special day as we were very fortunate
to use the suction irrigator on the XI which was the
first in the country. We have the latest technology here at Menorah Medical Center. In fact, last week we unleashed, or unveiled the remote case ops where surgeons all over the country can watch me operate and learn. Last week we did a transatlantic, one of the first to Israel where they watched me do a case. We have two XI systems with
a total of three robots, and we do minimally invasive surgery. In fact at Mon Groove Surgical Associates we do the most colorectal
procedures in this area. So again, very fortunate
to be able to do that and allow patients the benefit from that.

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