100 thoughts on “The REAL Reason Apple Cider Vinegar Works for Losing Weight – MUST WATCH!

  1. i've tried the apple cider vinegar daily for 5 months now just once at the morning 45 mins before breakfast and without gym at all and sitting most of the time working on a computer i went from 116 kg to 95 kg now, i just decreased my normal food portion by 1/4 thats all, Thanks Dr. Berg

  2. Been on Pantaprazole for 10 years for acid reflux, been taking acv for 2 days, reflux gone! Unbelievable! Jump for joy!

  3. I just started my ACV 2 days ago. . It really help with my digestion, bloating 😊. Thank you so much Dr.Dr.Berg 😘

  4. This goes out to all those who have Candida overgrowth like me , may acid find a way to prevail in your stomach again . Amen 😂

  5. Dr. Berg, I am a ketogenic guy for entire year, and I lost a lot of extra weight. My questions are:

    1- Is it right if the one keeps taking apple cider vinegar will pervert the stomach's acid to work normally?

    2- If I am already losing weight, do I have to or I need to keep taking apple cider vinegar 3 times a day as a ketogenic person?

    3- Is the chremb juice allowed for the ketogenic people to drink it?

    4- Finally, how about taking the apple cider vinegar after meals, or especially after eating meat, by half an hour?

  6. Dr Berg
    I have been doing the 16 8 hour fasting for 24 days and have lost over 8 pounds
    I do have the left eye twitching
    I will start implementing 2 times a day.
    My question is I'm doing the 8 16 fasting
    When should I drink it?
    Does it matter on my fasting?
    Thank you so much
    Your videos help me so much

  7. After watching a vid by Thomas DeLauer I tried the Bragg's ACV Ginger Spice drink (they add stevia so it's not fast friendly) to help with digestion (Dr. recommended it too after my recent gallbladder surgery). It's helping me come to enjoy the taste of the ACV and I'm hoping to switch over to a drink similar to what Dr. Berg showed so that I can include it in my fasting regimen. I have muscle twitching all over my body and didn't realize that ACV would help that, so another bonus!

  8. You Drs are driving me crazy!!! I have hypothyroidism, metabolic syndrome. Autoimmune disease, AGI nephropathy, NAR liver disease, Osteoarthritis.
    Every single diet I look at eliminates everything from one that is recommended for another and vice versa.
    For Gods sake do something that is going to help your body and not
    Contradict everything. Aggggh!

  9. Dear Dr. Would you please confirm to me that no need to worry about Cholesterol in blood when follow keto system . For more details I am a man, 51 age, and I have start with keto system since the last 2 weeks… Thank so much

  10. It works. I made the mistake of not drinking my tonic for a whole week while on vacation and my body was miserable. I had low to no energy and felt sluggish all day. I will not make that mistake ever again.

  11. you got only about half the info correct. would benefit you to go back to school. but, I know you try… just getting too much wrong.


  13. So I bought ACV and lemon juice today to add to water. As per vid I drank a glass before meals. I didn't mind the taste. However, I have had acid reflux after both glasses. Not had that in a few years since gallbladder removed. Should I NOT be drinking ACV when I have no gallbladder?

  14. Dr Berg….If you eat a clean diet, are in very good physical shape and you have no physical issues is there any harm in drinking this drink with two meals each day?

  15. I have been watching your videos for 3 months now. I have learned so much. I have been doing Alternative Health Care for 10 years. And using ACV & Pure Maple Syrup. I got rid of the arthritis in my joints. No medical doctors, OTC drugs , or prescriptions. Keep up the good teaching. No medical doctor will tell anyone the things you do because they will loose patients & money. God Bless you Dr. Berg.

  16. Dr Berg. I love your self admission that you are spoilt. I am pretty spoilt too. That’s why I love you videos, they are very good. And I am going to Italy to get that lemon juice

  17. Ive tried many times to take acv but i always gag and cant end up taking it. I have seen acv capsules…are those ok to take?

  18. The recipe sounds like a really refreshing lemonade … one might enjoy it. I read somewhere that ancient Greeks used ACV to make similar summer refreshment drinks.

  19. Anyone who grows their own marijuana knows about how important PH is to the health of the plants. Makes perfect sense that OF COURSE the human body is like this! Plants can't absorb nutrients when the PH is off, neither can people!

  20. Hello Dr. Berg, your recipe is very close to mine! Nice to know I'm doing something right in my life on my own😉😊. I add blackstrap molasses & a couple of drops of neem LEAF extract for extra punch to 20 oz.. of water. Molasses is for extra minerals (watch your labels!!) & the neem is for added immune help.

  21. Wow! So glad I found your channel. You really simplify your stuff for easy comprehension. I drink the mixture most morning in addition to intermitent fasting and it has helped me loose a lot of weight.
    Much appreciation!

  22. Dear dr i am having 2 table spoon in morning and 2 table spoon in night is that harmful? And also i am doing one day meal (OMAD) by one day on and one day off its like 42 hrs of fasting i am doing it directly although i am not starving is it good can i loose fats fast by this or should i goo by regular 3 meals a day or 2 meals ??? PLZ DOO REPLY ITS A REQUEST 🤗

  23. I drink a glass of my first morning's urine, thrice daily. I'm sure to save a few drops too to dab on the wrist and behind the ear, for a clean and pleasant smell.

  24. This is stupid because naturopath doctors Dr David Williams state that ACV actually alkalizes the body not the acidifies it! Sure it helps your stomach acid but that's not the effect inside the body.

  25. I have eye twitches, leg cramps, joint pain, take potassium medication, ect, ect, , I’m going to try apple cider vinegar, but, I hate vinegar , don’t eat any food with vinegar , help! Is there a capsule??

  26. Dr. Berg, I would drink apple cider vinegar but I am afraid of destroying my tooth enamel. So I want to now take ACV tablets, but do the tabs have the same weight loss result as the drink?

  27. Can you drink that juice when breaking a 4 day fast ?
    Should you drink this first before eating other fast breaking foods ?

  28. I like vinegar but this apple cider stuff I tried it last year and didn’t see any change on body weight. I was
    Gaining not losing.

  29. “You need more acid as you age”. No truer words were ever spoken. I’ve been saying that since my first Grateful Dead show 45 years ago.

  30. It actually works so well that I hope ten years down the road that doctors still say it is good for you. I had bile reflux. It is now gone. I started at 169 and now weigh 132. Combined it with intermittent fasting, just 16/8. I am totally impressed.

  31. After lemon juice gets into our body, it becomes alkaline, that's what I've read. So what's the point of adding it with ACV?

  32. Thank you so much for making this video I thought I knew everything about the body being alkaline versus acidic and you touched on some points that I never even knew. I am definitely going to start making some Diet changes and make my body a little bit more acidic to try to see if I can counter some ailments that I have had in the past and see if that will work thank you for making this video.

  33. Thanks so much for this- Since it stimulates the thyroid, is it ok for me since I have a very overactive thyroid already?

  34. I tried the apple cider vinegar with lemon juice and it was okay. But I took it after my meal because I watched this after my lunch. I plan on trying this before each meal and see how it goes. Very interesting!

  35. From time to time I try to take dome ACV and a bit of lemon juice in the earm water in the morning, but then I start having problem with stiff upper body muscles and overall discimfort. It has to do something with my stomach. I just have to stop taking it.

  36. I’m 63, had arthritis in my hand very bad at the thumb joint, a big fat bump. Then it started to go to the other side of my hand. My knees started to bother me and my back went out. I never was really fat just a little over weight. I was getting sick for years. Being stubborn and trying my best to take a Holistic approach to everything. I tried changing my diet nothing worked till I stopped carbs and sugar Thank You for Keto. I started to notice changes right away. Feeling much better, I added exercise after the first 2 weeks like 5 of assorted things easy on my body. Then I started to fast up to 18 hours and it was easy for me, my appetite seems to be more satisfied on Keto. At 63 I have abs, strong arms, and better legs and knees, and overall strength. I have learned you cannot start to get better when you are feeling so bad. I’m like a little powerhouse getting stronger each day. I love my abs. Also by the way I can’t do all clean Keto but I’m still feeling better doing the best I can. There is a new report out stating Keto's don't work. Keep helping the world Dr. Berg.

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