The Private Clinic at Harley Street

The Harley Street clinic is our flagship
clinic and we offer a huge range of treatments here everything from
minimally invasive cosmetic treatments to aesthetic treatments for skin right
the way through to plastic surgery consultations which then lead to your
plastic surgery procedures. We are renowned for being in the industry for a
long time so we’ve been around for over 30 years we’ve got an excellent
reputation for our service we offer the very best in our knowledge and
expertise through our surgeons and consultants they many of them come are
the best a consultants, surgeons and doctors in
Europe and they bring with them a wealth of experience surrounding that is our
patient journey so how we look after our patients from the minute they walk in
the door to the minute they leave and also from the minute they contact a
company right the way through to the procedure and out the other side and
then return to their follow-up we pride ourselves in allocating a patient
advisor to every patient so they have a point of contact along the way and we
have a full nursing team to support in the after care of every procedure we
also have asthetic therapist so they’re here on hand to answer questions about
skin and hair transplant technicians you also help to answer questions about hair
transplants so we really do offer the best in service as well as our expertise and
practice. We would like our patients to feel
welcomed we’d like them to feel at ease and the fact that they can ask any
questions that they feel they want to ask so they can gain the information
they need to make the right choice for them that’s most important for us
because we’re not here to sell procedures we’re not here to advise
people on which direction they need to go in we’re here to understand what the
patients require and we’re here to offer that service in order to help them make
that choice and I think that’s most important because with surgery or
anything to do with aesthetics it’s very subjective and individual and
that’s what we like to cater for. Please feel free to get in contact with
us regarding any form of consultation advice and come and meet with us anytime
between Monday and Saturday here at The Private Clinic on Harley Street we will
be delighted to welcome you.

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