The One Medical Experience

♪ ♪ ANNOUNCER: Imagine a doctor’s office that’s built on respect for you, your feelings,
and your needs. That’s what One Medical
is all about. Getting care suddenly
fits into your life, so you can book a same or next day appointment with our app when you need it most. And be greeted by a person,
not a pile of paperwork. We created waiting rooms
that make you feel at home, even though we won’t
keep you waiting, and replaced rushed appointments with quality time with providers who treat
you like a true partner, start to finish. We make it easy to message
our team between appointments, and actually get answers. And we know that your body doesn’t clock out when the work day ends,
or you go out of town. So we offer a variety of ways
to connect with us whenever you need it,
like 24/7 video visits, and appointments at One Medical offices in other cities that feel just like
you’re at home. With One Medical, you’ll get truly personalized care, designed around your life. It’s care for real life.

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