The New Script of Nursing

My skills, my heart, my voice, my brain. I’m
all in. Tell me what scares you, tell me your name. Because if scrimmage brings
him here I’m not playing games. Because each test tell the tale and bloods an
open book we can change the story if we take a closer look. Because she escapes
fracture and a black eye will hill that’s not a cure. For how frightened she
feels. Because you can’t change the rules by sitting on your hands. Sidelines have
never been where I stand. I turn data to breakthroughs. I chart a new course. When
there’s earthquake or outbreak I fly to the source. Aid giver, app maker, risk
taker, crossing borders. Voice of comfort voice of order this is the new script.
No time to rehearse so step up we got this. Because I am I am I am I am because
I am a nurse.

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