The Nemeth NICU Follow-Up Clinic at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women & Newborns

My name is Shauna Nuzzo. I’m a
pediatric nurse practitioner and the program
coordinator for the Nemeth NICU Follow-Up Clinic. So the Nemeth Clinic is a high-
risk infant follow-up clinic. We’ve been here at
Sharp Mary Birch for two years. So our job is to
identify any neurodevelopmental delay that they possibly could
have because of their risk factors of being
born premature. The goals for our patients are
that they are on track and ready to go to kindergarten and
go to preschool and be all caught up. We know that
premature babies and babies that are born with any kind of
high-risk diagnoses are more at risk for being delayed. So our job here at the clinic
is to identify those risks, get them set up with
any sort of therapy that they would need, and make sure
that they are all caught up by the time they’re 2. Well, he actually was
a little surprise. I was expecting him in October two
years ago now but he decided to pop up a little bit earlier and
I ended up giving birth at 32 weeks. So what we do at the clinic is
they come in and they will see one of the nurse practitioners
that are here, there are two of us. And we do a full neuro
developmental follow-up on their cognitive functioning,
how their brain is working; their fine and
gross motor skills, how they’re using their hands and their
body to move; and their speech development. And then that also
involves doing a neuro exam and a physical exam. Coming to the NICU
Follow-Up Clinic, doing the E vowels and, I
think has helped because he’s had support, some help and
they’ve helped him keep up to his milestones. I think it’s
not an easy journey. I’m not gonna lie, but I think
everything pays off. I have a very positive experience.
The nurses are very knowledgeable,
everybody was really kind. You have a lot of people in the
journey that are definitely gonna be there for you.

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