The Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon | The Reason We Race

It was amazing. I don’t think there’s
anything like it and the energy here was just incredible. I’m a children’s
champion because I work for Children’s Hospital and I see these kids everyday
and one day of like really, really tough stuff is nothing. A lot of people
that have big hearts and really care. People get excited about seeing
superheroes. We get excited about seeing the kids who in and of themselves are
superheroes because they’ve overcome major difficulties. It was great to see
the kids on the miles. My oldest son turns 20 today and he is a NICU grad
of Nationwide Children’s Hospital and so I wanted to commemorate his miracle by
running in his honor. Leona was born and we didn’t know she had a heart defect
and we ended up on the transplant list and she got a new heart. She’s doing great. She’s five and she’s in preschool and I think this year she was really excited
to do the race and she really loves her team. As a dad I mean it just makes your
heart just jump for joy. From our kid being in hospital for months in to
being able to be out here on the course or just walk is just it’s unbelievable
it’s a miracle. I stopped at every patient champion on the way gave them a
high five so it’s really inspiring but it keeps you going. It’s really about
giving back to the mission of Nationwide Children’s so they can provide better a
better care every day.

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  1. I just want to tell you guys thank you. I had to get back surgery June 21st of this year. Dr. Klamar was my surgeon. You guys are amazing. Thank you so much for everything! Thanks to you my life has never been better.

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