“The Most Important Job in the World” | ROBIN LIM by Human Postcards

I’m Ibu Robin Lim I’m a grandmother, I’m a mother and I’m a midwife. So often, we devalue the role of mother in society, I often hear young mothers say: “I wish I had a job and I could make money because, I don’t want to be a burden.” But they’re full time mothers, this is the most important job in the world. They should be honoured for this. Wouldn’t it be nice if society gave these mothers the message that, “you’re honoured and that your job is of the most value. Your a world peace executive taking care of these children, and its on your lap that the child learns peace.

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  1. sick teachers will never promote agriculture as the most important ' job' . They will always show agriculture as a low paying type of work and promote some useless engineering or some doctors degrees which in turn benefits the bankers . The day when children tell that they want to become a successful organic farmer when they grow up is the day the world will start getting wiser

    All should watch this video and spread it to many people as possible .


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