The Medical Center of Aurora

– [Narrator] Perhaps
it’s your granddaughter’s wedding next year. Or the new four-legged
addition to the family. Maybe it’s the family
reunion you’ve been planning. Or the trip to Hawaii in the spring. ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ – [Narrator] A good life is a collection of moments well lived. – After riding a hundred
miles last summer, I’m living for the moment when I ride 200 hundred in the Courage Classic. (joyful music) – The moment I’m living for is to make that little difference
in a patient’s life. – [Narrator] Whatever
moment you’re living for, The Medical Center of Aurora is here to make sure you don’t miss it. (joyful music) – Mark.
(click) – The moment I’m living for is family, the future, raising kids. – [Narrator] Specializing
in brain, spine, cancer, heart, and women’s care,
The Medical Center of Aurora combines today’s brightest medical minds with the most advanced
technology, so you can experience world-class care right here in Aurora. – When a patient comes into our hospital we have a variety of
physicians that will attend to that particular patient,
and they will confer one with another whether
it be a medicine physician or a surgeon or another specialist that might provide a
different type of treatment. They all conference and discuss together the appropriate treatment
for that patient. When you have a variety
of physicians consulting on a patient’s condition, what we find is more efficiency, better
communication, better understanding for the patient, and ultimately
a better hospital stay, getting them back to their
homes and their lives in a quicker manner. (click) – The moment I’m living for is watching my boys succeed in life. (electronic music) – The Medical Center of Aurora specialists also have access to the most
advanced technology possible, like the da Vinci System, a minimally invasive surgical system that results in less
discomfort and recovery time. – I think the da Vinci is
part of a bigger platform in what we call minimally
invasive surgery. And the idea is you can
do the same operation through smaller incisions,
thereby doing less tissue damage and allowing the patient to
return to activity sooner. – Okay. – The moment I live for is the pleasure of watching our four
grandchildren grow up. (joyful music) – The Medical Center of
Aurora is the only hospital in Denver that has a bed tower dedicated to the treatment of
cardiovascular diseases. (joyful music) – Our cardiac catheterization
lab is really one of the most advanced
cardiac catheterization labs in the state with it’s equipment, and certainly one of
the busiest facilities. – [Director] Mark it. – Mark.
(click) – The moment that I’m
really look forward to is spending the rest of my
life with my beautiful wife. – [Narrator] With three campuses serving the Denver metro area, including
Centennial Medical Plaza, The Medical Center of Aurora
has long been recognized as a destination for
top-notch medical care. We’re the first community
hospital in Colorado to earn magnet status
for nursing excellence. A distinction awarded to only
5% of hospitals nationwide. We’re one of just seven
Colorado hospitals to earn primary stroke certification. We’ve earned level 2 trauma certification. We’re accredited by the
American College of Surgeons on cancer, the standard
setters in cancer care. We’re accredited by the
Society of Chest Pain Centers for providing superior
care, quality, and safety. Our time-saving cardiac alert program has been adopted as the national standard for hospitals across the country. And while we’re proud of these moments, it’s those of our patients
we’re most excited about. – [Director] Are you ready? – Mhmm. The moment I live for is to
see my daughters graduate and to walk each one
of them down the aisle when they get married. – To wake up each day and spend time with my wife and my family. – To be her soccer coach. – Soccer mom. (laughing) – The moment that I live
for is to take my grandson to Lambeau Field for a Packer game. (joyful music) – [Narrator] Take a moment to learn more about The Medical Center of Aurora. Call 303-695-2600 or visit

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